327. Chapter 327 collision 3 (Thank you for the bell little alliance lord)

Chapter 327 collision 3 (Thank you for the bell little alliance lord)

Margaret felt his tears blew out, stayed and watched Lin Sheng.

Well, for a while, she didn't do it to cry or laugh to climb up from the ground. Without red pressure, she's still standing up with strength.

Just spirit slowly recovers, and she reacted again, and Demonic Ability just blew two of Samia's life?


Margaret jumped up and died staring at Lin Sheng.

The two main servants of SaMiga have just shown powerful power at the level of domination. So, what is the strength of Lin Sheng, who can fly two people in an instant?

As soon as this idea rises, she feels like she's slowing her mind up.

Soon, not just she thought about it.

Mira, not far away, had the same idea.

Mira's colour, but his heart is already yelling at all kinds of roaring.

She was determined before that, as long as Grandfather assigned her to this Lin Sheng, she was looking for Lin Sheng to be confronted.

And then he beat this guy in front of everyone, humiliated him, and then refused to marry!

But now…

“Voban Tiira, you pitch! If it weren't for today, I would have challenged it. That's courting death!

My goal is to find the most powerful demonic Ability Users! Like this…Quality…Quality… ”

“I think it's good…”

Mira suddenly couldn't stop laughing with the inspiration of a strong sense of security and a sense of reconciliation.

Lin Sheng was no good at looking at a ticket who fell on the ground before Castle Manor Hall, and looking at two people who just appeared to have flew.

He just came back and found out that the entrance was blocked by something, stabbed with gravity, and the result seemed to be a little awkward, and he used more energy.

Now it looks like it's a little too hot…

“Aaaaaahh! I'm gonna kill you! ”

In the field, a bunch of red light lasts, blinks up half empty, and the center builds up a lion triangle shield.

The Door Red threw out of the shield, and a brake erupted into a hundred wires.

densely packed's wire hiding the sky and covering the earth moved towards Lin Sheng bees.

“Be careful! That's a demon! It's not like Demonic Ability! "Margaret was busy screaming.

“A demon?"Lin Sheng heard the sound, the Demonic Ability crystal on his own has already been in touch with the red.

in densely packed's Tink, hundreds of red stars hit the Green Demonic Ability crystal.

Each second consumes Demonic Ability values of sea volume.

Soon, Demonic Ability Crystal defense in Lin Sheng was slow. Some of the defensive horns are being infiltrated by the red wire because they are not perfect enough to compensate for the slow pace of filling.

Lin Sheng's face is also showing a glimpse of color.

“Great! This Demonic Ability, for the first time I've seen, red, so high…If I hadn't seen it myself, I wouldn't believe Demonic Ability had red! "

He picked up his eyes.

“These strong demonic Ability lines, even Demonic Ability crystals, are too threatening to me…No, we have to get back to the research! ”

He stretched his hand and harassed a red wire and pulled back.


In the faraway fields, the red dress maid, who is raging, has not yet been able to respond, and has felt a great deal of air strikes.

The great force pulled her straight off, and the rocket collided into Lin Sheng.

Demonic Ability in Lin Sheng's hand is crazingly cutting off his skin, but it's not good that terrifying's dragon skin has no white marks.

A giant red silk was pinned in his hand, like a shrimp, and there was no struggle except shaking its head and wagging its tail.

Looking at the flying red dress maid, Lin Sheng stretched his hand and squeezed her neck.

“You are too dangerous, and such a force, if not accidentally, endangers the lives of others and must be controlled.”

kaka, ka…

The red dress maid opens his mouth, his neck is stuck, and it only makes the same bubbles.

She's got a red face, a big red silk behind her, crazy fog, and that Triangle shield once tried to get red light together, and it seems like she wants to pop it up.

But Lin Sheng was just a squeeze, red light was scattered.

“Let go of Red Ling! You piece of shit! ”

It's not far away, but it's a tattoo red light.

In this red light, there was a golden bend like the moon.

The knife's tattoos on the stars' sun, and the knife is surrounded by a path of vague white souls.

SaMiga was perfectly exposed to red blood tubes, stepped on the ground and moved towards Lin Sheng.

Lin Sheng's face is getting stronger.

‘This is where two high-hands come out, Demonic Ability cultivation base exceeds me, and now even the Demonic Ability of this High-Level.'

The more his heart starts, the more careful wings respond.

Although his Demonic Ability was just the weakest ring, it was more than the Rock Dragon Bloodline behind it.

Rock Dragon Bloodline was more weak than Saint Force behind it.

But his Demonic Ability is more geographically than anyone else, and that's the real fact.

“Looks like we can't hide anymore…"

Lin Sheng's face is serious. Raise right hand.

“Since it's more geological than it is, it's a lot of talking!”


A big circle of green Demonic Ability, spreading from him.

Bottoms are growing, turning around to ten meters diameters. Make a big circle of ten meters wide.

The circle quickly floats densely packed like wave tattoos, and Demonic Ability fainted. Every beam of light blew out, representing a hundred centuries of Demonic Ability springs.

And in this circle, there are more than 200 lights that continue to explode.

And in this case, what it means is…

“Twenty thousand…Count it…

Margaret was staring at the front scene, and she didn't send a scream from her throat.

Twenty grand worth, what is this concept?

This means Lin Sheng has stepped on the four-Wings Suppression Level threshold!

And how many people dream about, but they can't enter the stage. Even if it were her, so far the largest Demonic Ability total was more than a thousand.

If you want to reach four Wings Suppression Level, that'll take at least two decades.

And this is the whole Benne University, and it's a midway swim.

Even Mira, it is estimated that it is only two thousand forehead values. Compared to the huge Demonic Ability circle before it, it is a gap between giants and infants.

A number of participants on Castle Manor's front lawn, as well as an individual, were shocked by an autonomous voice.

Even some people don't even know how to go, they can only stay there looking at that big green circle.

Melissa is one of them.

A few people in Sikadi, like a dream parade, live on the railway door and look forward to Lin Sheng and Samia dealing.

They were just worried about it.

And now…


The green circle and the golden bend in Samia are on the right side.

The two high-intensity Demonic Ability clusters, like two giant fantastic giants, tore each other up.

And swallowed each other and struck each other, and tore each other apart.

Just two seconds.

We have not yet waited for the two to win.

A green silhouette was shot out of the entrance and exit.

The precision is like a surgery knife stabbed between the two, cutting off two large demonic Ability. Two colors of red green into two.

“That's it!”

Professor Voban Tiira's voice is running out.

(This chapter is over)

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