329. Chapter 329 temptation 2

Chapter 329 temptation 2

“I get it.”Lin Sheng's head.

It doesn't matter for him to go anywhere, but this visit exposed his Demonic Ability cultivation base, and because he felt he could almost expose himself. Just do it.

He's been repressing his demonic Ability development.

It can be said that, starting with the awakening of Demonic Ability, he's been practicing Demonic Ability for most of his time for three days fishing for two days.

The reason is to wait until Saint Force and Rock Dragon Bloodline strengthens their bodies.

As long as there is enough time, enough souls, his strength will rise dramatically.

These Voban Tiira are naturally unclear.

He only knows that he himself excavated a talent at the Japanese crown level! So he's happy to go and report it to the principal.

Also, with Lin Sheng's consent, he and Samia were sent a combat surveillance video to a high school.

In the case of the high Miga level, a large number of school forces have been drawn up.

Today, 80 per cent of the top powerful, including the head of the school, are not in school and can only be communicated remotely.

As a result, in extraordinary times, in the presence of Deputy Rector Sunali, schools are beginning to significantly promote young mentors, young aids, and a group of top elites from among the participants to serve in certain school positions.

At this time, Lin Sheng's information footage, passed on, and the name Lin Sheng was placed on the school rank soon after the authenticity had been identified.



The next morning.

Lin Sheng had breakfast, left Castle Manor, found a lawn and lay down.

Then take out the phone and start brushing it.

Benne University's alumni were posted, so yesterday's battle was exposed.

Put it on three of the top of it, all about him.

‘Spirit Heart Castle Manor's strongest Margaret? Mira? I'll tell you the truth! "

The wording of this invitation is still Park.

These are much more intense down there.

‘Historically strong war, Benne University's strongest trainer! No one! "

"The human heart Lin Sheng!" Spirit Heart Castle Manor concealed boss, Benne University, no enemy elite third person? "

Lin Sheng has nothing to say.

“The human heart? Who did he take the ghost name? Why don't you call a human heart? ”He's got balls in the pain, and he's got a third invitation.

The first surveillance video he handled with Samia.

Because Spirit Heart Castle Manor's surveillance system is all the most sophisticated equipment, the video is quite clear.

The next is a row full of licking on your knees. He claimed that he was the king of the devil, and that the two men of the Lord of Samia were desperate and the wolves fled.

There were occasionally discussions between him and the other two non-enemies who were weak, but soon drowned by the Wang Water Army without a trace.

Because Lin Sheng's power is obvious, with a little eyesight, he can see that he's almost at the threshold of the Suppression Level.

And the remaining two elites did not really show the strength of this grade. So the results are not known.

“I Spirit Heart Castle Manor Wei!"

“I Spirit Heart Castle Manor Wei!"

The next team pattern is rapidly changing, and it is clear that Spirit Heart Castle Manor came out with a bubble.

Lin Sheng looked at the invitation, and the fresh feeling passed, and turned it off and looked at the rest.

In addition to the wind wave of his war, the subject of the high school leaving the war was discussed. That is the core of the real concern of all.

After all, he was stronger and only at the level of trainees, and the top professors over five Wings had been drawn up, which was the most central and urgent problem.

It's just that Lin Sheng didn't think that he was registered with the account number, which was dug out by a powerful school crowd.

Less than an hour, the name of his account was added. Be the same name hall as several other listed participants.

Then the effect will come soon. Not for a while, there's really someone else.

Lin Sheng's curious in ‘my trail', point @ content.

This is a fact-finding mission being carried out by school participants in collaboration with Star Mang. @ He is one of the logistical investigators who was also from Spirit Heart Castle Manor.

Spirit Heart Castle Manor is in fact not a very small student, including a number of students who have been phased out, who, although phased out, continue to be the top player in other factories after leaving.

Voban Tiira, while he was very strong and differentiated, taught students that they were real selfish.

So the students he taught, even if they were phased out, could be called elite.

Lin Sheng opened this invitation, and the trainees in it were forced to go unpleasant.

They're not just @ Lin Sheng, but also @ all the top 20 trainees in the top row. The reason is simple.

Because of their mission, when they're about to be done, they're coming out of the team of other universities, and they're about to be robbed!

Then the two sides were leveraged, and you pulled people, and I pulled people.

Because all students fought, they all agreed not to call their parents a teacher. Whoever calls it is that he doesn't have it, and he'll be overlooked.

As for Lin Sheng et al., these learners hold @ @ @ @ don't have a lot of meat in their minds, what if they're really interested? Then they made a big deal.

Lin Sheng, take a closer look at the contents.

The mission of the trainee inside is simply to hunt down a group of dark fruits, such as the body's infertility, Demonic Ability wild beast.

These wild beast beast were affected by the radiation isolated by Black Tide, physical variation, spiritual mutation, becoming a monster like Demonic Ability Users.

As a result of the deaths and injuries of civilians, the stars began to surround under the siege of the armed forces of the army. Benne University, as a nearby Demonic Ability institution, is naturally justified by sending participants.

Lin Sheng is really not interested in what kind of dark fruit he saw in Professor Spirit Heart Castle Manor's lab, which is contaminating Demonic Ability's ordinary wild beast heart.

It's gonna be a little bit of demonic Ability in it because of structure, which can be used to absorb cultivation.

But it doesn't work for him.

He's not refining it now, because Demonic Ability grew too fast, leading to Saint Force's exploding explosion, and he's not physically sustainable.

He was interested in a refugee camp from Xiling referred to in the invitation.

“Turn around and take a minute and check it out."He's got some thoughts on Xiling.

After all, it was where he lived for more than a decade, and because the Xiling people, in fact, were the closest to his past life in China.

He didn't feel it, and there were some who treated it as their own home.

When he came back to God, Lin Sheng suddenly felt something. Raise your head and look at Castle Manor gate.

There, a group of Castle Manor participants gathered all the way to the gate and seemed to be sending someone.

Lin Sheng looked to the top of the crowd.

It's Margaret.

“Yes, she really should go back.”

Lin Sheng has a heart. Yesterday's turbulence, actually rooted in Margaret.

The guy named Samia, came here for the fundamental purpose, actually for Margaret.

“I hear the family behind Margaret, in the fire of Oro, has a very background…"Lin Sheng's heart slipped a part of the information.

In a very contextual context, it means having the right to have the money, and it means having more resources.

Lin Sheng thought about it, looking at Margaret being evacuated by a lot of participants. Slow down the entrance and exit.

He lightly smiled, stood up, stepped forward. Lightning in the body, flying away in the land.

(This chapter is over)

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