330. Chapter 330 temptation 3

Chapter 330 temptation 3

Demonic Ability was said to have reached a certain stage and would formally launch the corresponding technology in all its aspects.

Steps, defense, side by side, three parts have very precise branches. In this way, there is a high mobility technique called Black.

This technique enables a significant increase in the pace of movement and the pace of response as long as it is covered by its own Demonic Ability. formidable power is very terrifying.

Lin Sheng is still in a very rough position with Demonic Ability, which is simply manipulating Demonic Ability with the most basic skills. I can't feel the gap.

Even so, his pace of movement is far beyond the reach of the general skills.

All because he's too strong to use demonic Ability as a jet to drive the explosion behind him can generate exaggerated speed of movement.

A few seconds later, Spirit Heart Castle Manor was outside the Secret.

He followed Margaret, who was preparing to get out of the car.

Without the previous conversation, Lin Sheng just put it in his hand, putting a note he had written long ago, unlocked the windows and flew to Margaret's eyes.

Then he turned around and left.

On that note, it was clear what kind of opportunity could be given to her, so she wouldn't come and look at herself.

He's Lin Sheng's not missing experiments, and he's best not to come, and he can totally find someone else to try.

In the window.

Margaret watched through the window and flew to white paper before himself.

A normal white note, which is hard to live through a bulletproof window, is still silent in front of her.

This strength is definitely not what she can do.

She fixed the gods, stretched her hand to open the note, and it looked fine.

‘If you don't want to accept your destiny, come here. Maybe you'll have the chance to get rid of everything. "

Next is an address.

"188 Avenue Street."

Margaret, pick up the note, sneered, is ready to throw it away.

But she can't stand to squeeze the note lightly and hold it in her heart.

Silence for a long time.

She's slight, close her eyes.

“Maybe, go ahead and try and give yourself a chance?”She does not have autonomy in her heart to raise such a concept.

What if there's really a way to reverse it? That address is not a remote place, or a city area, safe.

Such a fortunate psychology will never fall down once it rises.



Lin Sheng's real target is not actually Margaret.

It's someone else.

This man's name is Madlain Ice Bell.

The position is an invisible old professor in the logistics sector of Benne University.

As a professor, he was one of the strong five Wings squad in the school. But unfortunately, it was a long time ago.

Now he's over a hundred and ninety years old. The serious wounds of the years before the fighting led to a significant reduction in his physical lifespan. The power has fallen too much.

From five Wings, hardnuts fell to three Wings.

Every other period, he must go to Star Mang Hospital, regularly maintain the internal organs and monitor the physical indicators.

Three meals a day, one big piece of pill capsules he can't count himself.

He's too old, he's too weak.

Maybe for a few more years, he, like other Demonic Ability Users, suddenly died at home, silent, and no one was buried.

Without children, it may be comfortable to be young, but by the end of the year, no one truly trusted. It's gonna get cold.

On that day, he used to end up bringing food from the cafeteria and return to the teacher's dormitory. Close the door, and we're going to sit down for dinner.

On his table, where he eats on a regular basis, he does not know when a white note is added.

“Paper?"Madlain's confused stretches, trembling squeezes, moving on.

‘If you don't want to accept your destiny, come here. Maybe you'll have the chance to get rid of everything. "

The address below is his very stranger location.

“Whose prank? hehe. ”Madlain sneered, leave the note alone.

He's too old and too tired to have a young curiosity.

It's just that he just threw out the note, and suddenly it was flammy, and the light of the fresh red light.

Less than a second, the whole piece of paper has become ashes, the ashes are naturally dispersed, disappear without a trace.

Madlain reacted quickly and saw the scene, with a slight heart.

He just didn't feel any Demonic Ability reaction. Even though he now fell to three Wings in total Demonic Ability, the realm and technology of five Wings were still in place.

If you want to be around him, so close to playing games, the powerful at this level will never be bored with one of his dead old fogey.

Silence for a long time.

He slowly picked up the spoon and started eating.

“Maybe…Why don't you go and see? ”

His heart suddenly remembered that address, and it was somehow curious and expecting to rise.

He really, really doesn't want to die.

I don't want to.



Night time.

Lin Sheng was careful to take a bunch of twisted flesh from the lab, put it in the energy field reactor, then shut down and start smoking out of the air.

“To change the environment and continue to monitor indicators.”

He's studying the blood he took from himself.

Rock Dragon Bloodline's enhanced blood meat, whose vitality has reached a point of thought.

He is testing the resilience and dynamism of his blood meat in different settings, a harsh environment in which he can survive and adapt himself.

Focusing on its own flesh, which is entering the vacuum environment, Lin Sheng is also aware of his current state of physical condition.

A lot of Saint Force's moments are full of money, and these holy power, the madness of the hegemony, strengthens every inch of his flesh and organs.

The same is true of Rock Dragon Bloodline, which is also rapidly transformed into the body structure at the source of the continuum of bone marrow. Making the whole fit for Rock Dragon Bloodline to play formidable power.

“The physical intensity will soon be on the stage, and in two days it will be possible to upgrade Demonic Ability and increase Saint Force. But my Demonic Ability technique should be kept up, and this time, Demonic Ability will not be dedicated to the total. The main exercise techniques are mysterious. "

Lin Sheng's heart has been planned in advance. Four Wings Demonic Ability Users, with basic wire skills?

In addition, Saint Force should officially break through 10 1st Level.

Ten 1st Level is a watershed, which is the lowest level of parliamentarians for Black Feather City and must be reached.

“In comparison with King of Steel, the physical intensity has escalated again, and when I arrived at Rock Dragon Bloodline, the defense should have reached the five-Wings level.

While there will be no other innate talent capacity, the defense is stronger than any other capacity. "

the bloodline is about five Wings, Demonic Ability Four Wings, Saint Force, who doesn't count because he doesn't know how strong Templar Knight in 10 1st Level is.

Black Feather City has no memory of this hierarchy.

Three major systems, he was thinking about how to combine and form a unique system of fighting.


And suddenly, the flesh in the vacuum began to spill out a fresh yellow hard rock, wrapped it up completely.

Lin Sheng swiftly opened the radio-visual machine, in conjunction with his foresight, and soon saw the changes in it.

“Yeah? Where does this absorb energy? So much intensity? ”He's got a bit of a crunch, looking at the higher values shown on the detector.

It was just over 50 or so, and then it jumped to more than 300, equivalent to six times the same!

The point is, the stone shell formed by the energy absorbed by that meat, even Lin Sheng, is not clear where it came from.

“This ability…”Lin Sheng conceived to feel that that's what he had, Rock Dragon Bloodline, really deserves the power.

Just he didn't pass, he couldn't control that’s all.

“Pass…”And suddenly he stretched his hand and touched a seven colored crystal from the white coat.

It's that mysterious rock dragon crystal.

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