331. Chapter 331 entered 1 (thanks for the snow-covered alliance lord)

Chapter 331 entered 1 (thanks for the snow-covered alliance lord)

This dragon crystal, a special treasure that Lin Sheng had unintentionally acquired before, could not be lost in any event. It'll always be in Lin Sheng's best position.

“Unfortunately, if it is possible to cut this thing with a tool instrument, it may be possible to know what secrets are hidden in it.”

Lin Sheng recalled the process of forming a rock nail, and if it was possible to figure out the rationale for that meat, it might be more helpful in the analysis of the dragon crystal.

He was careful to take the meat out of his wing and put it in the freezer. Then pack everything on the table.

“Time, almost there.”Lin Sheng looked at the black white clock on the eye wall.

He walked out of the basement, spiritual force realized that in the yard near the next door, two people were waiting for the door to be calmly low.

These two, one of them, are Margaret. The other person is old fogey, the old fogey with a pale skin hair.

“Is it early?”Lin Sheng recovered attention.

He did not have the first time to go, but first to determine the next time, two minutes to the agreed moment.

He went to another room and changed the clothes that had been prepared in advance, and summon put out the magic clothing, and he would be completely wrapped up.

The reintroduction of this magic at dawn is concealed, but only a small half of the resilience will be reduced.

But in this way, there is no constant light pillar on your head, and the whole armor is like a sophisticated set of ancient armoured armaments, just packed around.


Lin Sheng reflected his image in the dressing mirror.

The root of the mirror is a Silver White full of heavy armor's knight.

That heavy deck slides like mirrors, and there's no trace. Looks like the highest kind of heavy bond.

The rear knights in the mirror are not just packed in their hands and feet, but even the whole head is completely wrapped in the helmet.

Only the slightest black hair goes out behind. Spread on the shoulder.

Lin Sheng was satisfied with a pure white ventilation, held on his shoulder, with a light golden flower tattoo. That's a great golden sun like a soccer ball.

Wear the winds, he shakes and walks out of the room. The body flashes, and suddenly disappears.

This is too fast, leading to total unaccountability of the general human eye and the emergence of visual instant phenomena.

Just a bubble jump, and Lin Sheng crossed two houses and landed in a courtyard with whom he was promised.

Stand in the middle of the courtyard, and he walks in the living room and flies his hand lightly.

A pure Saint Force was transformed into a light spot and slowly flew to all around the entire courtyard. With Saint Force's dispersion, it's all filthy, cold, all cleaned up.

The courtyard air seems to have risen more than one stage.

“Almost.”Lin Sheng looks almost ready, with a light bullet on the door to the entrance to the courtyard.


The door automatically opens the lock, slowly opens to the inside.

The door was standing, and it was originally planned to leave Margaret today.

A golden hair spreads away, wearing a normal black shirt and white pants, and looks like a nice English posture and a very high body. At this point, there are some doubts about watching inside the courtyard.

Next to her, it's another person, Madlain Ice Bell.

This year's old age, the old professor, who is weak, is at a time when he is on his back and looks forward to opening the courtyard. The color doesn't move.

If Margaret can still see a slight glimpse on him, then he's got calm, patience, and strength like lake water.

This old man is going to go to the limit, dressed with a silly, grey suit, leather shoes, and his hair is being swept up and backwards, giving people a very simple and dry quality.

Neither of them interacted with each other, but simply put their eyes in the courtyard.


The door is slowly open to the largest.

“Please come in. Two. ”A boring voice is passed out of it with a clear voice.

It's just a little touching for two people, which seems to be directly appearing in the ears of both. It's like there's no communication media at all.

Margaret was also in a slight hesitation, and Madlain, beside him, had taken a slow and determined step in the door and moved towards the living room.

Margaret's face, his eyes are shining, and he finally follows up and goes across the courtyard.

Just as soon as she also entered the courtyard, the door was slowed down and the door was closed together.

She took a slight stop, looked back at the eye door, and finally stopped hesitating to follow in the living room.

In the living room, the light is somewhat bleak, but as can be seen, a tall man in white full armor is standing in the hall of peace.

There is a sophisticated golden scratch on the back of men, and white winds fall on the ground. Looks like the sun.

“Are you the one who sent letters to old man?”Madlain's not in a hurry. Open up and ask.

Men are tall, shoulder wide, like a wall, standing there quietly. Steady, strong, unshakeable.

Both have a clear sense from men that a huge amount of energy like volcanoes is slowing down mobility.

This power, pure, hegemonic, excluding all other energy, repress all other capabilities.

Even the Demonic Ability of the body of two people, to some extent, is being suppressed to leave the body.

in Kächā's armor collision, men slowly turned around, looking for both.

His skull is packed in white helmets full of thorny teeth, and the whole look like a dragon who opens his mouth and reveals his teeth.

It's just that the eyes touch, Margaret, and the eyes feel a little painkiller of needles.

“My name, Holy God."

Men slow down, low answer.

He stopped talking, and suddenly he lifted his hand.


A blast blasts out of his hand and his heart.

The pure, soft Saint Force is like a wave of waves, sweeping out, and the two are completely surrounded.

A significant amount of Saint Force, far more than two resistance forces, began to pack two people, from skin, respiratory, and flew into their bodies.

At the same time, a fantastic feeling of warming and comfort, surrounded by two people, left them alone to relax their vigilance and wanted to sink into this comfort.

“Feel it? That is the power that can regain hope. ”A red silhouette, slowly coming out of the shadow of the wall.

Margaret, this is how it reacted, and found out that the man who called himself the Holy Divine didn't know when it disappeared.

In turn, it's a red armor man who just walked out of the shadow.

The other side is packed in the armor, with only two fresh green eyes.

“Who are you?”Margaret quickly asked.

At the same time, Saint Force, around her, was rapidly diluted and disappeared. If the body wasn't really comfortable enough, she would even wonder if it was a miracle.

Many Demonic Ability Users, who are longer than illusions, are also capable of such a degree of sensory fraud.

“Not hallucinations.”Madlain on the side responded with a very complex tone to her doubts.

“My body, at least three years old!”He operates with his arm, feels like he's a perplexed vibrant, adding it to this bitter shell.

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