332. Chapter 332 Enter 2 (thanks for the snow-covered alliance lord)

Chapter 332 Enter 2 (thanks for the snow-covered alliance lord)

The red man walked slowly to two men.

“His Majesty chosen you. This is your chance and the beginning of your reversal. ”

He picked up two people carefully, and he seemed to be sighing why they could get the love of God.

“I don't know what your Majesty looks like."

He sighs.

“Now, choose. Have you taken a different path from Demonic Ability, or turn around and leave immediately and go back to the original destiny? "

That doesn't really have to be asked.

Both Margaret and Madlain, since they have chosen to walk here, have already taken decisions in their hearts.

Madlain, step forward.

“It is clear that you are not an organization of the devil system, and that old man will not easily return since he has come here.”

His face is calm and his eyes are not shaking:“The power that can make me stay alive, I want to!”

Margaret took a deep breath too, silent.

“My qualities are not surprising, and I will not regret it if I can find another way on another road, no matter what choice."

The Remembrance of the two has already been fixed before they arrive.

The red man made a slight smile when he was on the roof.

“I think I have some idea why His Majesty chose you. Such a strong will, so tenacious's soul… "

He turned around and walked to the left door.

“Please come with me, gentlemen. Accession to temples like me requires adherence to several norms.

We will not force members to do anything, believe in Saint Light and abide by our deep will, which is the root cause of our strength. ”

“Are there absolutely no binding denominations?”Madlain microscorpion.

“No…It should not be said that it is completely non-binding. ”The Red Man has come down and said, "All members, every other time, need to pray to Ash Seal everywhere to rebuild their hearts, which may be the only limit."

“So, what's your purpose?”Margaret's a good question.

“Purpose?”Red man laughed. "The world is getting dark, and if we really have a purpose, I think, is to expel the darkness. "

“Expulsion of darkness…”

Margaret and Madlain, the hearts of both people have some senseless impulse.

Soon, they also received a special manual on how to meditate and learn about Saint Force.

Because they've all been hit by Lin Sheng in Saint Force Seed, they can grow up as long as they work in line, thinking Ash Seal, or cultivation Saint Force.

For the general population, it is true that those who are reminded of Saint Force achievements in 3rd Level are the bodies that need to be thoroughly refined.

But this precondition is not necessary for both of them who are themselves extraordinary.

Their own bodies, under amplification of Demonic Ability, are far more powerful than the required conditions for awakening Saint Force.

So what they need, just a traitor.

Now, Saint Force Seed has it, and so does the cultivation method. Everything's gonna look at them now.

From the beginning to the end, the other side did not make any demands on them. But the language record on the brochure is to make them understand what the sanctuary organization, the core of its members, is.

Get out of the door, Margaret, look at the brochure in hand, and the line up there is clear and unusual.

‘Saint Force can purify Black Tide's heterogeneity, prolong lifespan, cultivation base, and lifespan, while stimulating significant rapid growth in Demonic Ability. Improving integrated strength.

It is recalled, however, that every other period of time, it is necessary to travel to various branches of the Temple and to recall Ash Seal again.

Those who give up Saint Light will also give up everything they themselves. Saint Force brought everything to you will be recovered at the moment you give up. "

“Is that what it's called" easy to get in? ”Margaret was so dumb.

Such restrictions are indeed terrifying.

But what is it to give up Saint Light? Are you betraying the temple?

She suddenly thought of the mysterious man who called himself the Holy Divine.

Perhaps the so-called abandonment of Saint Light is a betrayal of that person.

“It's a powerful and lethal temptation…Unfortunately, I can't refuse. ”Margaret laughed, picked up the roster, and walked away.

Behind her, Madlain seems to be young for years, with a smile coming out of the courtyard.

More than Margaret, he's too determined about the spirit of the Temple.

Fear of death has made him almost unconditionally killed to capture Saint Light, and the collapse of his heart has become part of the sanctuary.

In particular, there is no demand for them at all in the Temple, just to let them help each other. Such conditions basically amount to no.

That makes Madlain to be wild with joy.

Wait till he drives his own limo, slow down. The doors of the courtyard are automatically connected, closed.

The red man smiled lightly, and the body suddenly turned into black smoke and disappeared.

Not far in the basement.

Lin Sheng opened his eyes and showed a smile.

“Very well. Good, that's the first step. ”

Introducing Saint Force Seed is a powerful temptation for the superiors of the Demonic Ability community.

Because Saint Force could not only prolong life, but also heal the wounds, but also serve as a catalyst to stimulate the rapid growth of Demonic Ability.

It's just a universal, super efficient drug.

Unfortunately, they did not know that Lin Sheng had spread Saint Force Seed this time because, following the last two subordinates' betrayal, all of these Saint Force Seed had been completely branded by Lin Sheng.

As long as they do not betray the temple and do not betray him, Saint Light on his body will not be a problem.

And once they betray, then their hard-working Saint Force will be turned out to be empty.

And one day after day's prayer for meditation, Saint Light, will make people completely dependent on Saint Force.

For a long time, it would be too hard to think about going back before being used to Saint Force's stimulus of Demonic Ability.

“Two more people are planted. For the time being, one or two will have to be observed. ”Lin Sheng switched the deck and continued the way forward.

He went back to the lab, touched that colored dragon crystal, put it on the plate.

He didn't do any tests, and he tried many times before.

The dragon crystal will be tested like nothing, completely non-existent.

Tattoo, sampling, radiation, shooting, bombardment, etc., has no effect on them. Like this dragon crystal pressure doesn't exist.

“Since this dragon crystal is famous, it's been following me. According to that old dragon, it means that this thing can be used for me, just because I don't find a way. ”

Lin Sheng's fingers are lightly touched on the surface of the dragon crystal.

And suddenly, he started to slow down into the dragon crystal, injecting Saint Force.

Saint Force, like being scattered into the air, has not touched the entity at all.

This is in his projections.

Lin Sheng was then swiftly converted into Demonic Ability, with the same injection.

Demonic Ability, too, did not touch the entity at all.

Just because of the rapid release of Saint Force and Demonic Ability.

A small part of the region where the dragon crystals are located has begun to emerge with intense energy conflicts. The two forces are stimulating each other, shaking and, under Lin Sheng's control, dying quickly.

“If it was in my body in the body, I wouldn't have done it, not only wasted it, but also destroyed the body's blood. But it doesn't matter now. ”

He strives to control two power confrontations, and in a small area over the dragon crystal, he spreads a great deal of heavy explosions.

That caused a tremendous shock in that small area.

He had long found that Demonic Ability and Saint Force, in confronting the conflict, could trigger a small spatial fluctuation that could trigger a similar phenomenon in black Tide.

It's just that the explosion was packed with his larger Saint Force death package, and the shock was not going to spread out.

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