333. Chapter 333 entered 3 (thanks for the snow-covered alliance lord)

Chapter 333 entered 3 (thanks for the snow-covered alliance lord)

As the two forces explode intensively and intensively.

The dragon crystal is in space, and the clock slows down. And the whole dragon crystal is beginning to grow up soft and yellow.

“It works!”Lin Sheng's spiritual revival.

With energy reactions, that means that the dragon crystal is now in a state that can be used.

He said he quickly picked up the dragon crystal and switched his soul to one corner to convert the ceremony law.

The FBI is now in place, and he puts the dragons in a fixed position.

While it has not fully restored the state of normalcy, it is now beginning to read the ceremony activation.

Spirit translating ceremony, he's got mysterious ceremony from the hawk dream.

This set of ceremony, he's got the first two, one purified, one grown-up, all very pragmatic.

Now, what he uses is to transform his soul into bloodline development ceremony.

Soon, ceremony came out of the road with yellow light.

Lots of delicate yellow dust floating out of ignorance, surrounding Lin Sheng and the Dragon Corps.

Front radar clouds are spreading from within the ceremony chart.

the dragon crystal in ceremony has finally begun to shrink, disperse, turn into a lot of yellow light spots and fly towards Lin Sheng.

The light has formed a small vertical fibre, the source of which continues unabated into Lin Sheng's forehead.

a The path of the brain of Lin Sheng, a source of constant influx of power in the body, on how rocks can be used by power in the body.

He finally knew what it was.

This dragon crystal is his memory of his own bloodline abilities!

Dragon crystals are becoming smaller and spreading lights are becoming weaker. Ten minutes later.

The last light slowed into Lin Sheng's forehead, and the entire dragon crystal was left with no traces.


Lin Sheng opened his eyes and two yellow lights came out of his eyes and flew more than 10 centimetres to slow down.

“It's finally over…”

The history of the dragon crystal, whether it was a gift from the old dragon or his own cohesion, is no longer exaggerated.

Lin Sheng doesn't care about its history, he only cares about what he gets.

From the blood of the dragon to the Lord of the Rock.

“When the proportion of dragon blood reaches the 60% limit, a bloodline innate talent can be chosen as a inheritance capacity from the sea capacity. A bloodline innate talent capability can be selected after the crystal is frozen. "

In Lin Sheng's inheritance, every stage of growth can awaken a bloodline innate talent.

He's not a real dragon, so the stage of growth is completely divided according to this body's bloodline intensity.

As long as he continues to translate into more bloodline, he can grow very quickly beyond common knowledge and enter a new phase, thus acquiring a bloodline innate talent.

“Let me see…I am about to reach the 60% limit of the bloodline, and as long as I reach it, I can choose a bloodline innate talent. "

Lin Sheng walked down the ceremony formula and walked into a separate room and sat on the chair inside.

Separation is slowly automatically connected. Put it in there.

This room was dedicated to independent study. The lock can also be opened from inside, just a little bit more cumbersome.

It also prevents him from breaking out of the basement if he loses his mind.

“Let's go.”

Lin Sheng was sitting on the chair, slowing down.

He came from the legend of the bloodline and told him that, after absorbing the dragon crystal, he would succeed in reaching the 60% limit of the human bloodline.

Just one moment Lin Sheng closed his eyes.

A loud, deaf, low-lying dragon yells, as if it came from a far distant place, and it struck his whole bloodline.

His vision was like a sudden crash, a breakdown and infiltration into the depths of his own bloodline.


It's just like the same scream in the water.

Lin Sheng looked forward to a flower like he entered the depths of a red ocean.

He keeps sinking, sinking, sinking.

in the blood color ocean, the light is full of light, and it can only be seen within a dozen metres.

There will also be a series of bubbles floating out of the bottom and flying towards the sea.

Just keep sinking, I don't know how long it took.

Lin Sheng suddenly looked forward to two blurred yellow light groups like crystal balls, floating from the bottom and slowing down before him.

Within the two brigades, there is a yellow language of different forms.

Lin Sheng looked closely. In the depth of this capacity, information on the two languages has been flowing from the first time.

‘Rock earth manipulation’, 'stone skin'.

There's nothing to hesitate that Lin Sheng, after a little clarity comprehension, took the first time to manipulate rocks.

Such a broad range of capabilities would be much more useful to him than one more defence capacity.


When his hands were lightly exposed to the mission, an intangible information flow into his mind.

"Are you integrated into Saint Force?- Is it integrated into Demonic Ability?

“Uh-huh?”Lin Sheng is dead.

Is this a trend towards the active integration of the bloodline capacity into Saint Force and Demonic Ability?

Just a rock manipulation, integration into Saint Force and integration into Demonic Ability, what can change?

Saint Force is characterized by healing the wounds and purifying all other energy.

Demonic Ability is characterized by erosion, pollution, corrosion bioSpirit Heart, which eventually mutates into monsters.

But since it was chosen, it would not be possible to regret it.

Lin Sheng thought for a moment, and the first time was chosen. Determine to be integrated into Saint Force.

After the selection, he saw another flower, and that vast red ocean disappeared.

He returned to the cellar's separate room.

Sit on the chair, Lin Sheng.

And slowly, his body in the body began to pass a slight scream, as if there was something growing, sweeping and getting stronger.

And at the same time, between his chest and his chest, he started releasing soft and white light, which seemed to have a huge source of stimulation, from which he was shot in the body.

He didn't move.

This was further strengthened by Saint Force's instinct, the limit before breakthrough.

Almost at the same time, Rock Dragon Bloodline is deep, a natural and natural manipulation of rocks, and continues to flow like a tip into Lin Sheng's mind.

But it's not over, Saint Force breakthrough's limits, and it's starting to go into 10 1st Level, and it's also beginning to bring together the new innate talent mythology.

A wonderful new freshgolden symbol, starting to float Chenchen in the amount of Saint Force between the chest and chest.


Rock manipulation and golden symbols, both of which started natural and sudden shocks to a frequency, like echo.

This kind of resonance comes fast and goes fast.

But a few minutes later.

Lin Sheng, open your eyes. in the body's Saint Force is fine, the bloodline is fine, all of which is calm.

A whole new capacity, deep integration into his bloodline.

‘The Holy Land – the creation of a sacred soil that is eternal, possessed of Saint Force and endorsed by the Lord of the Holy Land – will benefit greatly when standing on it.'

‘Efficiency:strength +1, speed +1, neural reaction +4, resilience +4, confrontation of variable energy +4’.

“…"Lin Sheng looks at the added effect of transmission of information, without saying anything.

Plus 1, according to the memory criterion, that means doubling.

And add four, that's four times more.

“It is regrettable that Ten 1st Level Saint Force's innate talent magic is combined with Rock Dragon Bloodline's bloodline innate talent."

The most terrifying thing is, it works for himself.

(This chapter is over)

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