334. Chapter 334 Attack 1 (Thank you for the flour of the wolf dog alliance lord)

Chapter 334 Attack 1 (Thank you for the flour of the wolf dog alliance lord)

“Try it.”

Lin Sheng couldn't wait to test the capacity of the Holy Land.

He thought about it, stretch his hand, isolate the ground under his feet, lightly push.

The silent room, a gentle white light with golden light, was sprayed from his hand.

The white light fell on the ground and quickly infiltrated into the stone.

The original grey rocks began to become pure-white colored at a visible pace.

At the same time, a slight but pure Saint Force breath started spreading from the rocks on the ground.

The stone is concealed to absorb all energy around it and transform it into pure Saint Force.

“Great!”Lin Sheng looked carefully.

Ten per cent of Saint Force cultivation base was released and the altered holy land was close to one square metre.

He just stopped stuck at a square metre in order to calculate the total amount of holy land he could make.

“Which means that I once consume Saint Force and make 10 square metres of holy land.

However, once the holy land itself is created, it can absorb other energy around it, transform it into Saint Force and release it to the air. It's like a permanent motive… ”

And he fell down and touched with his hand as a holy land.

The original floor hand was rough and cold.

Now the floor, the hand-headed temperature, is like the heating of the ground.

“In a recession…But the range is weak. ”Lin Sheng was very careful to know that finding the holy land was not, in fact, completely permanent.

“In line with this trend, the beginning of some 300 years will lead to a complete decline and become a general stone.”

He stood up and then walked himself into this little sacred land.

He just stood up and felt weird, his muscles, bones, blood, skin, all started to heat up.

It's like there's some kind of strange radiation that's constantly stimulating everywhere.

He lifted his hand and looked at the shrinking flesh of his arm, and the skin became more white, with a slice of fresh gold. Like a solid, irreversible metal.

“It works! I can feel strength strengthened. There is no comparative reference test in other areas, and it is not clear. But there should also be amplification. ”

Lin Sheng stretched his hand to pinch muscles, and the quality was like tenacious old tree skins. Even he felt tough.

The holy land was established, Lin Sheng quickly came down and began to convert the entire apartments into holy lands.

Since it has been planned to use it as a base of Miga's operations, naturally, it can be transformed in its entirety.

More intensive experiments will be facilitated by that time.

On the holy soil, his strength will be substantially amplification, while other non-Saint Force organisms will be subject to coercion. In particular, demonic Spirits, a pure energy life, must be seriously targeted.

Lin Sheng was planning to establish the door to Demonic Spirits and open the way to Demonic Spirit World. The Holy Land will certainly play a great role by then.

It took one night, and Lin Sheng chose some key places in the basement to convert the holy land.

As long as he stores important items or has some key hubs, he has been transformed to expel unusual energy.

He also found one of the advantages of the holy land.

That's the function of expelling all energy, which is actually the best ability to isolate the detective.

Other types of unusual energy, close to being connected, were purifyed by Saint Force, which had been dispersed from the Holy Land.

Even in the holy land area, it would be difficult to take steps, let alone to detect.

One night Lin Sheng consumed all Saint Force, and he replied, making holy land on the one hand.

This has been discontinued, eventually transforming the entire critical area of the basement into a holy land area.

After the transformation was completed, the time was more than 12:00 p.m., and Lin Sheng sent a text to Mira in Spirit Heart Castle Manor. Leave a message to yourself not to go to rest.

Sophistication is in the basement looking for the bedroom to sleep.

Tonight is a very expensive night, even with his 10 1st Level Saint Force cultivation base, there are some things that can't be sustained, feeling tired and stubborn.

It was just because Rock Dragon Bloodline had been strengthened, and it had not been entered Dreamland for a long time.

Lin Sheng Sophisticated also sleeps in peace and intends to test the strength of the promotion in the dream.



familiar second needle jumps in the sound.

Lin Sheng slowly opened his eyes from the darkness.

He's standing in the middle of the dark spiral. There are decayed dark bodies around densely packed. A candle with a bright yellow flame in his hand.

The soft candles are centred on him, and moved towards spreading around.

It's weird that this candle is shining, and there's no shadow at all. Even after Lin Sheng, there was no silhouette shooting at him.


Lin Sheng, on the candle, continues down.

In the dark, the spiral corridor stretched down to 12th-layer.

This time, quiet, there were no more monsters like that coming to the attack.

Under yellow candles, Lin Sheng will soon reach the bottom.

The underground is a giant yellow bronze door.

There's a human monster sculpture on the door.

This monster's chest has been split from the middle, with blood in it and white ribs. The head looks like a giant goat, but the top is like countless roots, densely packed up.

The hands of the monsters are open and nailed on both sides of the door, respectively. The second half of the body has no legs, and only densely packed countless metal flowers, like sophisticated circuit plates, spread to the end of the wall.

“Ah…Nobody's been here for too long. ”The monsters, like the leopard, are slowly opening up their teeth, issuing echo with a strong nose.

The voices are used in the long run of Demonic Spirits.

Lin Sheng stood by it and saw this guy look at it.

“Who are you?”He said hello. The same applies to Demonic Spirits.

“Answer the question. Wrong will be punished. ”

The monster pressure on the door didn't ignore him, take care of his own way.

Lin Sheng asked again.

The monsters still answer that.

So many times after that, Lin Sheng was so famous that he felt a cold and lonely feeling.

A world that has been destroyed, he may not have the guts to find a magical monster at all.

For too long, too long, too long to struggle to make all life here, there is only a little bit of consciousness left.

They can speak, but I'm afraid they have lost their ability to communicate.

“What's the problem?”Lin Sheng Sophistication opens the subject.

“What happens to black wooden roots, with snake saliva?"The doorman monster said something about it.

“There's a tragedy.”

Lin Sheng's going up against the monster is a foot.


Strong Saint Force packages on his right leg, and they're going down.

The giant white light and the heavy dark smoke exchange exploded. The sharp laser stabbed the black fog and stabbed a path of focus on the black wall surrounding the building.

The door monster is so miserable that the whole face is stuck in a limb, drying up and smoking. Not later, it's completely from a sculpture to a two-dimensional tattoo.

Everything is calm, and there is nothing but white light and black fog, and a large amount of dust flowing out of it.


The gates of the earth were slowed down, and there was a blue, quiet sky.

Lin Sheng jumped in light from the door sewer.

Oh, yeah.

The brake was like the whole man was wearing a piece of soft and blanket. The candles in his hand immediately released the bright light and packed him all in it, as if a soap bubble in a circle.

(This chapter is over)

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