335. Chapter 335 Attack 2 (Thank you for the flour of the wolf dog alliance lord)

Chapter 335 Attack 2 (Thank you for the flour of the wolf dog alliance lord)

in blue sky, Lin Sheng, like a real bubble, slowly falls.

He looks up and sees the door he came in, slowly joins, closes.

“What the hell.”He looks down again.

The earth is vast and cannot be seen. The place of entry is full of ruins, grey white ruins.

His bottom is a huge city. The area is large to the high sky, and the Great Town on the edge cannot be seen.

Only at this time, more than 90 per cent of the buildings collapsed. Far away, like a giant dump.

It's like a giant grave.

Dead, dry, silent.

“Not even birds and bugs?"Lin Sheng slightly frowned, except for the cold bone, the city has no active voice.

He took the bubbles slowly down, down the road, down soon on the top of a skeleton tower.

Oh, yeah.

Lin Sheng's feet stepped on the top of the tower, stepping on a few white stones. The bubble on your body went apart. The candles on your hands are also extinguished.

He threw the candles behind his belt, then he fell down and grabbed the sharp edge of the tower.

The top of this tower is the slope to 70 degrees, and there's a sealed glass on the top.

Lin Sheng, be careful to climb on the light glass and smash it down.


The glass of light has been broken out of a gap.

Lin Sheng broke a couple more glasses, and until he was able to accommodate him, he jumped in a jump and jumped in from a gap.

The shortfall is a small observation room. The room has an instrument like astronomical telescopes, with thick ashes on the ground.

The corner of the wall is sitting on a white skull that pulls his head. There was a silver bowl and fork on the ground.

“Poor.”Lin Sheng swept an eye bone. "Seems to be starving alive. ”

He walked into the corner of the room, where there was a long, locked metal sheet on the floor.

“This should be the way down.”

Lin Sheng stretched his hand off the lock, threw it on the side, and then pulled it off.

Next is another big, big, open room.

Lin Sheng jumped down on a rotten couch.

The one that hit a lot of dust fragments.

“Damn it.”

Lin Sheng runs up Demonic Ability, and countless Demonic Ability particles float, turning all around dust spills into a window open from the right.

Everything was clean at the end of the day.

He cleaned up this layer.

A desk, a chair, an embedded bookshelf, and a brown little bed.

That's all here.

“There's a bunch of bones up there, and there's nothing in this place? Then why are you locking this place? ”

Lin Sheng was distracted, did not relax and scrutinized all around.

There's no clue. It seems that this place has been abandoned long ago.

He walked slowly to the desk in front of the window, and he put a sand leak on the table, which was small and small.

The sand of silver in the leaf has long fallen from above to the bottom.

He stretched his hand, touched the sand.

Oh, shit!

A strong black smoke floats out of the sand, and builds into a face of a whisper.

“I curse you! Curse you! The curse… "bang!

The sand slide blew off.

Lin Sheng just saw people talking in his face, and felt there was a silk of unusual energy that was hidden like a bug, trying to get into him.

Regrettably, today Saint Force is ravaged and shattered, the more energy comes near his skin, the more it is under enormous pressure.

By the end, it can't be sustained, and the sand leaks completely exploded.

Lin Sheng didn't care, Saint Force cultivation base of 10 1st Level, and he felt that the general evil monster ghost was almost automatically immune.

He pulled the desk with only one drawer.

It's some messy and disorderly notes, precious stones, crystals, gold coins and cigarettes.

Lin Sheng picked up a gold coin, and the sculpture had a flower tattoo of three dragons, and the north was the image of a long-hailed Mu woman. The head looks like there's a little sign down there.

“Don't know language. Not Demonic Spirits…Is that a new place? ”

Lin Sheng left the gold coin back in the drawer and looked up carefully.

Soon the whole drawer was turned over to the bottom of the day. Finally, in a corner, find something different.

A scroll.

The yellow, an old scroll made of a black stick and yellow leather.

A transparent ribbon is carefully tied in the middle of the scroll, centred on the ribbon, with a partial cover-up of black flowers and a large densely packed language.

Lin Sheng was curious.

This city is clearly also a ruin that has been completely destroyed, and there is a scroll that is found, and there is no knowledge of what is in it.

He first picked up the scroll and realized that there was only a freshness of variable energy fluctuations up there. Up to the level of two, three Wings.

So he doesn't have slightest hesitation with a string ribbon, and he'll take the scroll lightly.


The scroll was steep out of a yellow radar.

The lightning landed on the ground, turning your eyes into a two-metre radar shape.

This human expressionless is floating in half the air.

He's the first half of his body, like the Quentin, and the second half is a cloud of Ukrainian clouds, and there's always a yellow arch in it.

“Thunder summon?"Lin Sheng Minutely, speculated.

The radar electrodes expressionless, the eyes are not wise, just floating quietly in the air, waiting for his instructions.


“Can you talk?”

“Will you communicate?”

Lin Sheng has switched several languages continuously, and the radar personality has not reacted.

This guy, in addition to the simple directive that he's going to publish in his heart, ignores the rest.


Lin Sheng has a little bit of a word in his heart.

He looked at the scrolls in his eyes, which had already been used, but most of the flowers and maps on the top were still there, just because the power contained in it had disappeared.

You can take it back to the research.

Li Sheng carefully studied the thunderbolts for a while, but unfortunately, he didn't wait until he studied it. Less than two minutes, this guy automatically vanished and turned into countless archs.

Find a scroll, though wasted by him, but this harvest has significantly increased the momentum Lin Sheng continues to explore.

He looked down in this room, sure he didn't find anything else, and he went on to open the next floor and jumped.

This time, just jumped, the Lin Sheng people were still in the middle of the air and heard a sharp blanket attack around them.

All four sides!

He didn't think about it. Demonic Ability suddenly exploded, like countless ink green tickles, precisely looking at all the sharps of the attack.

dng Dng Dng Dng Dng Dng!

In intensive collisions, Lin Sheng stabilized, halfway to the ground, standing up.

This layer is a big ring hall.

The lobby is surrounded by grey spiders, a black monster with bat wings, and is constantly screaming and again pointing at him after demonic Ability's wire.

These monsters have a broad black bat wing, and their bodies are wearing simple grey brooms, all of them men and women, but no older children.

They look a little like an eagle wolf, but wings are not wings, but bats. And members are not just women, but men.

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