336. Chapter 336 Attack 3 (Thank you for the flour of the wolf dog alliance lord)

Chapter 336 Attack 3 (Thank you for the flour of the wolf dog alliance lord)

Lin Sheng also intended to communicate with one or two, just after seeing these monsters' noses start spreading black fog, and blood red's eyes are all chaos and killing intent, he can only give up.

“Since the bat wings grow, call you the bat."Lin Sheng was thinking about it all the time.

There are hundreds of demonic Ability wires on the sidelines, stabbed in the body of the bat's crowd and stabbed their wings and limbs.

Bang bang bang bang!

These bats have very poor personal strength, that is, just reaching the spectacular level. Not even Lin Sheng's Demonic Ability line.

Except occasionally, they will be blocked by metal sharp claw, the rest of the time without exception, with a total of 13 bat wings being fully captured.

Lin Sheng's gonna try it.

Look at these completely corrupted creatures, there's no chance of saving.

He doesn't care about these monsters in the dream world, and what he cares about is, if someone who cares about himself is eroded by the dark fog, can there be a way to reverse it?

To manipulate the Demonic Ability wire, to tie all bat wings to all around the wall, Lin Sheng to the first strongest male bat.

He stretched his hand, lightly pushed on the bat shoulder.

A silk Demonic Ability, like a wire bug, stabbed into a batwing shoulder, and then walked around the flesh and started swimming in the body.

Lin Sheng is afraid to use Saint Force, Saint Force's exclusivity is too strong, and it seems that these black fog are the same as the mute attribute, and the degree of restraint is even stronger than Demonic Ability and Saint Force.

He was very close to understanding and censorship.

Not for a while, this bat-wing man suddenly opens his mouth, and in his throat he spreads a mechanical sound.

His eyeballs started bleeding, and his nose's ears were constantly bleeding out of black smoke.

The chest is slowing up a giant tumor, like balloons, getting bigger and more drummed.


The tumor exploded.

Lin Sheng has automatically defended the Demonic Ability crystal on the occasion of his death, completely isolating all explosive blood fragments.

He's back, expressionless.

“These bat wings, they're dead. Most of their bodies in the body have died long ago, but only with the black fog, it's a little bit of an instinct… "

The brain has been disrupted, and even a large amount of money is missing, and this level of treatment is not possible at all.

“Too bad.”

Lin Sheng turned around and checked the other bats again.

Unfortunately, their situation is the same.

All bat-wing people, even memory storage, have no brain marrow and no treatment at all.

“Forget it.”Lin Sheng shakes his head, controls Demonic Ability's wire and stabbs all the bats.

With a wave of noise, more than ten bats fell into the ground and were completely impatient.

Lin Sheng, wait a minute. Soon, a path of the black line brings together into his chest.

Thousands of soul residues flowing into his mind, lots of images, voices, memories, accompanied by strong emotions, like tidal water, into his vast memories.

After the countless other memories of the soul, Lin Sheng, the spirit of the soul, is like a star system.

The central flasher white golden light is his own soul.

The body's soul has released a tremendous lead to all around densely packed scratch.

During the spinning process, these souls are being absorbed slowly.

This is Lin Sheng's internal process of absorbing soul debris.

This time too. After absorbing the souls of more than 10 batons, Lin Sheng has not yet been able to look carefully, and it feels like a slight second needle has grown from a small one.

“Time is coming…”He jumped again, jumped back to the top, and then covered the metal, and jumped up a layer, and again covered the metal.

So far back to the top.

And finally on top of the metal cover, Lin Sheng's ass sat on the lid. The more blurred the eyes, and the landscapes began to distort.

Soon, he was dark and completely lost consciousness.

In less than two seconds, however, consciousness has been restored, and Lin Sheng again has the right to physical control.

The sound of a second needle in the ear has a rhythm going far away.

Soon, until all the voices become intangible, only Lin Sheng's own breath and heartbeat.

He slowly wakes up from the darkness.

They're sleeping in a temporary bedroom in the basement, without lights, and only the ventilation source keeps moving.

Just lie down for a while.

Oh, yeah.

Suddenly, there was a slight call from outside the ground.

Lin Sheng's spiritual vibration has felt a strong demonic Ability wave of looting. And more than one.

“Demonic Ability Users is fighting!"He now knows how sensitive he is, just a little more judgment, and he comes to an answer.

“This time…”He looked at the clock on the wall. “Five o'clock. How dare you do it in the streets, without fear that the Star Mang authorities will arrest people? "

The villa that Adolf purchased for him is the most populous city of choice.

Not far away is the highest building in the city – Miga Agricultural Bank.

The level of security here is as high as that of the municipalities.

Now, someone dared to do it around here.

Lin Sheng's heart moves, quickly rises, switches up the dark coat pants, and Demonic Ability crystals sink into a green fog on their face, covering the face.


He opened the basement door, turned his hands off, walked around and disappeared in the land.



Before dawn, Hindrikara was caught in a crazy riot and attack.

There is no one on the street, cold and clear, and a police car's siren is constantly from far to close and from close to far.

Cases are occurring everywhere.

Star Mang, in cooperation with Police Department, is sending manpower everywhere, but it is irrelevant.

At the same time, there were more than 10 cases of indiscriminate outbreaks, many of which resulted in murder, together with the escape of prisoners. Such a situation makes it possible for local directors to focus on their heads.

Lin Sheng just walked out and saw two silhouette swiftly in front of a convenience door outside 100 metres.

Two of them were wearing black uniforms, and the other was on top, and the belt was wearing fresh red light.

It seems that both forces are hostile, but Lin Sheng sees that the star police officer is dying.

Not just him, but a few demonic Ability fights far away, Demonic Ability, who belonged to Star Mans, is slowing down.

“Seems to be a complete trap."

Lin Sheng picked up two people outside 100 metres.


A sharp Demonic Ability is fascinating the man's chest through his wreck.

He screamed loudly, and he fell in the face. Turn your eyes all black, spit white foam, and people don't save themselves.

The Star Mang police officer was very happy, far away from moving towards Lin Sheng.

“It's terrifying the 7 Locks Tower! They went to the school while Benne University was at the top of the battle! If you want, you can go to Benne University rescue! "

“7 Locks Tower?”Lin Sheng.

“The team is dry, burner Karotalya! I just saw him fly through. Benne University's campus is blocked by no name. It must be the ghost they did! "

The Star Mang police officer once again began joining the path of support to others, as soon as he had done everything.

“dry? 7 Locks Tower? ”Lin Sheng came to interest.

This force is bold to attack Benne University.

Even though most of the high ranks in schools have left, a small number of five Wings remain.

“But…Maybe there's something good about Soul Artifact or something. ”He moved his heart, left the man and rushed towards Benne University.

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