337. Chapter 337 Attacks on battles 1

Chapter 337 Attacks on battles 1

black smoke floats from the lake outside Benne University.

On the lawn of the lake, a path of silhouette, surrounded by a triangle of transparency shields, is swiftly dealing with a group of mysterious men wearing black nails.

a The path of Demonic Ability collided with an explosion, with a tremendous impact, as was the case with a mine.

Growing green light and black smoke are spreading, and green grasslands on the ground are sometimes brutally blown out of large and small deep pits.


A silhouette flies into the lake and explodes large flowers. He hasn't been waiting for him to turn up and fly a little silver cold on the shore, like Lake straight thrust like a laser, in the middle of silhouette's chest.

On the shore, the blue tail picked back the right arm, pinned the blue hair on the side of the face, with a slight tail.

He was strong in the body of the polar spot, wearing a blue woman's tight shirt, with his lips on the chimpanzee's lips, with a strong red eye under his eyes.

Magic, strong, weird.

That's what anyone sees first.

“See? That's the end of unyielding. ”The blue tail slips his hand in the waist, takes the steps of the demon, slows the moving towards Benne University gate.

The three men who were close to him were the big men and women who were wearing white nails.

Three people were sent by the Church of Van Eun to help the tall men, whales, madsheep, black lions.

The whale is actually the strong woman of Lin Sheng, who once saw the black skin white, Fia.

The other two are men, and one looks like a rich family brother in a mirror.


“Lord Blue Devil, are we so direct to Benjamin's site? There's no detailed plan? ”The rich brother's crazy sheep can't stop asking questions.

“Plan?”The blue tail is smiling. "Are you talking to me? ”He turned back, slowly stared at crazy sheep, and hidden in his eyes the blood and the craziness.

“Don't dare. But this trip was launched by the Seven Locks Tower and my Van Jon Church, and in any event we don't want to move on a fluctuation, if it's better. "Crazy sheep is serious.

“Better? That means you don't think my plan is good? How about your good? ”The blue tail stretched his fingers lightly and erased his lips, and his fingers blew red at the end of the day.

Crazy sheep looks quiet, but people can't stand to be tight.

The blue tail, this guy, even in 7 Locks Tower, is famous crazy. If it was not a personality problem, he would not be sent out of the first wave.

As you know, the highest disability rate is generally the pioneer.

“You know I don't mean that, but we teach Van Jon a small career, and we dare not transfer your hand as you wish. So, if we do not endorse the plan, the Van 'an team will not follow the army. "Crazy sheep continues to insist.

“hehe…What a pity…Poor caution… ”The blue tail opens up and reveals an exaggerated anarchy on his face.

“So you're still threatening me?"He suddenly changed his face, the shadow.

Crazy sheep.

“I don't have this…”

Suddenly a huge blue tail flies through his eyes.

The tail is more than ten metres long, swelling, and it's like a train head with a tremendous noise, hitting his body on the right side.

Crazy sheep screams and floats around the back three metres of green sheep, sheep and he's one of them. His body has grown dramatically, and his head has a goat corner, and his head is down to the top.


Crazy sheep exploded out of a large piece of glass and cracked the sound.

He flew out of his body, far from spreading blood in the middle of the sky, falling into the lake.

The lake once again struck the white water column of seven or eight metres. Large sludges continue to spread under the lake.

blue tail lightning back behind the blue demon.

He smiled and squeezed his lips.

“Now, who else wants to object?”

Van Jon taught the rest of them not to speak, nor to speak again.

Crazy sheep is their leader, and one of the three of them is the strongest, dignified suppression Level, who has been squeezed to the bottom of the lake as easily as garbage cleaning.

The whale and the blacklion won't be able to say anything.

“I don't think you guys have a problem. Come on. ”The blue tail moves towards Benne University gate.

Every time he walks out of the distance, he reaches a 10-metre long half-transparent blue tail.

A demon swept everything around, and almost a few school students flew out and died unknown.

But soon, the school doors, an old man with cold blue light, a crutcher, and a slow walk out of the railway door.

“Blue tail, it was you."The old man's eyes spin white stripes like snow flowers, and it looks weird.

“For more than 30 years, you're getting older, Campos.”The blue tail stopped foot, 20 metres apart, staring at the elderly.

Old man showed a smile:"You couldn't beat me 30 years ago, so now, too."

He raised the crutches, lightly to the next.

Oh, yeah.

The crutches fall on the ground, spinning a circle of soft and hidden fluid tattoos.

The rapid spread of wave tattoos encompasses all the cults within the scope of five ten meters, as well as the blue tails.

“The frost is broken!"

The snowflowers in the old man's eyes shine up the blue light.

Hey, Chi!

Brakes, just in a minute of zero.

A large amount of white cream spreads from his feet, and it's covered by the entire wave capsule.

The cream climbed on the shoes of the cult, the heels, the legs, and then frozen quickly, grew up and cracked.

bang bang bang bang bang bang!

In one second, there are countless blood color flowers in the range of five ten meters.



In the dark city before dawn.

And between the tight and complex high stairs, a silhouette like the same gray cat, a very small, fast jump between the building and the universe.

A building was flown near silhouette.

He didn't have any parking, and the clouds flew across a single urban area.

Grand supermarket, mall, neighborhood, park.

No landscape can prevent him from halfway.

Soon, silhouette stopped, from a very quick stop to extreme silence, standing on a large advertising plate for a hundred shops.

The yellow light of the advertising plate shows his white jaw from the bottom.

silhouette was wearing a deep gray coat with a half-intercepted green crystal mask. Just reveal the white jaw. It's Lin Sheng from the basement.

He hides himself in the corner of the lights, far ahead of a spirit Heart Castle Manor entrance.

There's a cold one, and only two drunken people sit on the shouting stage.

Most of the platoons are not open, and it is clear that they have not yet reached the dawn.

Or it's too late, just because the master doesn't dare open the door.

“It seems that this side is not the main goal and should be safe.”

Lin Sheng Step stopped, people rise up in the sky, and there's a way out of the dark green wire.

These wires, like touches, are constantly pulling around and jumping with him at a speed.

Soon he left Spirit Heart Castle Manor's entrance behind.

In just a few minutes, there is a huge black shadow of four metres above a fountain square, and there is a constant struggle with two green giant wolf.

(This chapter is over)

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