338. Chapter 338 Attacks on battles 2

Chapter 338 Attacks on battles 2


The big black shadow on the square yells, one punch falls, right in the head of giant wolf. Put giant wolf on the ground.

It's just going to fill the foot, and it's going to fall down by another giant wolf.

The three are crazy to fight together. Get the square ground everywhere is a pit.

Lin Sheng looks far away.

Those two giant wolf people were naturalized in Benne University uniforms.

And that big black shadow, it's two heads, and there's a lot of big monsters on the back that twist the black wing.

“Good souls…”Lin Sheng smoked his nose and showed an interest in his face.

“This guy has at least a hundred souls in his body, and Demonic Ability and a few other kinds of energy and material mix, which is a wonderful design…"

Lin Sheng praised and lamented, but still moved.

He walked around, and his body lightened out of the shadow of a synthetic monster.


Two pure Saint Light descended from the sky, and the exact passage of the shadows was combined with two strange heads, then blew up into their bodies and tore away from a path of tremendous gravity.


Symphony is screaming, and it's going to be tough to grab giant wolf's arm.

Not a long time, it's swiftly turned into grey sand, with the wind spreading.

A four-metre tall monster, blinking, disappearing on the springs square, left no more remains.

Two heads of giant wolf slipped down, rapidly narrowed and translated into two middle-aged men.

“Just now…What's that? ”One person stays waiting for the souls to be a strange place, some of which is unknown.

“Close to the ghost of PurLevel…Just a moment… ”The other man was a bad face.

Not far.

Lin Sheng moved quickly, moved towards Benne University's largest entrance.

As the distance approached, he had concealed that he could feel great spiritual fluctuations.

“Soul Artifact! And more soul Artifact than I did before! Only such a large Soul Artifact can put such a huge wave of spiritual fluctuation! "

Lin Sheng absorbed so many memories that Soul Artifact's research was not so well known.

When he was able to use Soul Artifact, he generated a spiritual wave, which in turn inferred from the calculation of Soul Artifact's location.

It is also possible to calculate the strength and release power of Soul Artifact through formulas and laws.

Lin Sheng flies between the building and the universe.

The closer, the more he felt that Soul Artifact was different.

This one is more than double the sum of those soul Artifact he got last time.

“Once I get my hand, I'm afraid I'll be able to break through 1 Level Saint Force in a short time! To ten 2nd Level! Steady and firmly staffed at the level of parliamentarians! ”

Soon, Benne University's biggest import and export, Brigade Park, finally arrived.

Lin Sheng Step stopped, instantly, in front of the park gate.

The whole park is dark, with all the lighting equipment extinguished.

No one's voice, no vibration, no birds and bugs.

Even Benne University's secret entrance, there was no flu.

“Closed?”Lin Sheng, stretch a little bit.

There should have been no movement at this point as Demonic Ability automatically opened his imports and exports.

He was able to feel that Benne University's import and export were surrounded by clouds like glass.

“What's interfering with my feelings.”Lin Sheng's eyes are sweeping around all around. Fresh golden eyes light up slightly.

Soon, two and a half transparent personality guard, a hockey device, was printed into his curtains.

These two are in the depths of the park, moving around, spreading a strong and strange fluctuation, interfering with all the sentiments around Demonic Ability.

“So here?”Lin Sheng's heart moves, he can't show up with his physical personality and change his identity.

He laughed and walked that way.

Just walk out of two steps, get into the park.

In the shadow of the park, a path of invisible evils in black clothed was silent.

“Who are you? No entry here! ”

Two orange flames were burned on the shoulders of one of the first.

The green crystal mask on Lin Sheng's face began to distort fluctuations, highlighting a distorted mask of crying.

He walked slowly towards the crowd, and right hand had a mask of Saint Light.

“I smell evil…"

Saint Light in his hand is getting brighter and bigger.

“Kill him!"The invisible men are determined to do it.

a The path of green demonic Ability exploded cold and dizzy and turned into a wire and flame coming from the tripartite seats.

The green light is integrated into a flood with a flame of extreme red fire that hits Lin Sheng.

This is the full force of a minimum of two or more Demonic Ability Users, who could have launched all demonic Ability in the face of a threat.

Lin Sheng doesn't turn back, he sleeps in his mouth, and his right arm climbs into a lot of blood tubes like Saint Light.

Raise your arms, go ahead, boxing!

“The dawn refits!”

And he suddenly fell down his head, and there was a layer of heavy snownails on his head.

“Repeat, dissent!"

Lin Sheng yelled at a punch.

hong long!

Cleaner Saint Force exploded to rays of light like the sun, and suddenly shined through all green demonic Ability.

As it rains through the sky, the sun passes through the clouds.

rays of light dispersed.

On the surface of the gates of the park, all the cults have only a few clothing left.

Under the burning of high concentrations of Saint Light, they were even burned alive as ashes. The bones are gone.

“The extremes deserve to die!”

Lin Sheng retrieved his hand, coldly snorted, moving forward, moving into darkness, moving towards the depths of the park.

Just after he disappeared.

In the corner of the streets around the park, a number of bright spots were slowed down.

“The power…It's just… ”A Benne University mentor with a face ache.

“It's only 10 per cent to get rid of the demonic Ability Users, the unknown man with ten times the power of the explosion…That's exaggerating… "

“It's good that the one looks jealous and seems to be on our side. Must be some strong man who wants to live quietly. ”Another person speculated.

Such speculation is not justified, and in the Demonic Ability community there are a number of such strong people who, after awakening Demonic Ability, learn silently and still live in peace.

This is how one of the current Miga White Paper ranker was born.

“That temper, I don't feel like someone who wants to live in peace…"That man's embarrassing up ahead.

They would also like to speak, suddenly, to see the depths of the park, a pound of white light exploded, soon a circle of intangible fluctuations spreading and moving towards the entire park.

“The disturbance device was destroyed? Don't you think so? There are two lasLevel drys. ”

The two people were stuck in the face of rays of light, and they couldn't talk for long.

Interference has vanished, and the entrance of Benne University will soon be repeated and normalized.

“Get in support of the school!”They wake up as soon as they dream and rush to the entrance.

But there's a silhouette that's faster than them, and white light flies, and Lin Sheng has slipped out of the entrance and exit.

(This chapter is over)

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