339. Chapter 339 Attack battle 3 (Happy Friday, hey)

Chapter 339 Attack battle 3 (Happy Friday, hey)

Benne University's surrounding lawn, the real area is full of several square kilometres.

On this sophisticated grass.

a The path of green light continues to collide with explosions. A head of Demonic Ability simulation, even a living imaging, is fighting each other.

Scholars and counsellors who remain in school, using the major factories as Units, form groups of combat and fight each other.

And more than 1st Level's mentors, almost all of them have the strength of the suppression Level. For their part, they are strong in support of this battle.

7 Locks Tower and Van Eun Church regrouped at least 60 cadres, all of which were placed in this narrow area in very short notice.

It is possible to serve as cadres in seven Locks Tower and the cult of Van Wan, the first of all four Wings Suppression Level. These people are out there, almost every one of them is famous and tough bandits.

This operation, 7 Locks Tower, in his capacity as his own cult leader, ordered at least half of Miga's cult superiors to be divided into three forces, while attacking three sealed sites.

Benne University is just one of the weakest.

Throughout this operation, it is essentially seen as a small battle by 7 Locks Tower formally against White Paper's secrets.

This is a war predominantly predominantly, much stronger than the war of Redwing's invasion of Xiling.

Despite the absence of warships' artillery fighters, the destructive power is no different or even worse.

Those hands crossed near chest, standing on the ground. He was behind a path of blue giant tails like giant wolf teeth, and once a hammer was on the white ice balloon.

A little bit of calm in the perimeters of several dozen meters.

No one dares to be close to the two areas of war, because those who dared to be close have just died.

“You're old. It's not just stronger, it's even weaker than it was. "The tail of the blue demon is calm, even with a compassion.

“And I'm still so beautiful and stronger…”He stretched right hand out of a tiny blue Demonic Ability squirrel.

He was supposed to be a little cute squirrel, but he was completely different in his heart.

The rest of the squirrel is normal, it's just the surface, with eight green eyes, and the tail is quite surprising.

It climbed several circles on the tail of the blue demon, and suddenly stopped, standing on his shoulder, staring at the gate of Benne University.

“Feel it? My vibrant Demonic Ability has already contacted the installation of an intrusive mechanic. No one can come in here to support you. All entrances and entrances have been locked up. ”

He stepped up moving towards old man in front of the school door.

“Campus, 50 years ago was your age, and now, it's my age!”

He opened his arms and left behind dozens of giant tails with heavy Remnant Shadow, and landed on the ice balloon like a giant artillery.

bang bang bang bang bang bang!

white ice balloons had been hit by hard life, where old man had been stabbed by two mentors, whistling blood, but still released a lot of silk wires, Demonic Ability.

Demonic Ability Users is the most basic operating pattern, and many of the capacity to follow up, most of which are based on the wire.

At this point, his cold ice was even smashed apart by enormous forces and became the most basic form of silk.

“Hahahahahahaha! Go to hell! Go to hell!The blue tail laughs, the arms open, behind a path of giant tail bombardment.

The three Locks Tower cadres, who were not far behind him, had quickly constructed a simple portable transmission device.

At the same time, the three will take the black backpack with them and open it from which a black metal tank with a layer frozen in the separations will be removed.

With the opening of a layer of metal boxes, the three were cautious to take a fist with a nuclear-peach form, the size of the white crystal.

Three people put the crystal on the top of the device. The lighter switch device down the button.

Oh, yeah.

The slight electric flow sounds like flowers, opens black metal petals, and then slows up and grabs crystals lightly.

“We can start now. Spirit transmission, collusion with the city's crust plate. "

“Start the hidden model.”

“What about disturbance?”

“Just a little bit of remote control, no reaction, maybe Demonic Ability is too volatile to influence signals. Leave it alone, start it. ”

“All right!”

Three people quickly operated, while releasing themselves, Demonic Ability, began to be translated into tools and activated devices.

Just when three people focused on operating devices.

Another white silhouette slowed up at the entrance point of the Far Far Far Farm.

“Soul Artifact!”

Lin Sheng just came in and saw the whereabouts of Soul Artifact.

And he blinded his eyes, and he couldn't wait for it, and he went that way.

Yo, Chi!

a The path of Saint Light, as sophisticated as he was, was placed at the centre of moved towards the vicinity of the cult.

In a short moment, more than 10 evils were stabbed in the chest by Saint Light and killed.

The ground is surrounded by corpse flesh fragments, and Benne University's retention school students, who have been fighting for more than 80 people so far.

Scholars who had originally come out of school, forming a simple escort, totalled more than 300, fighting over more than 200 cults, and now more than half the cults, who died and were seriously wounded.

The experience of fighting, which had been handled by both sides, was not comparable. Most of the participants were first on the battlefield. Plus seven Locks Tower is ready. The heavy casualties are inevitable results.

And then Lin Sheng broke the jamming device, and it was time to come in. The pressure on the part of the school community has been eased.

“Who is it?”

Two of the seven Locks Tower cadres with a high demonic Ability are on the road to Lin Sheng.

“The extremes are dying!”Lin Sheng shouted, grabbed his hand, swept out of Saint Force like a tide, blacked into a white light, drowning two dry cadets.

Until Lin Sheng was plundered, the two were present only with pieces of weaponry and all the rest were tempered.

Lin Sheng is watching Soul Artifact on the device. Targeted, straight.

He's not close enough to yell.

“How dare you steal my sanctuary? courting death! ”

More than 10 metres later, he left Saint Force remotely and rolled towards White Soul Artifact at the top of the device.

“What the hell! Isn't that Soul Artifact we made of Boss? "Three guards in Soul Artifact are a little dry.

“The extremes are dying!”Lin Sheng was also in the middle of the air, releasing sunrays of light and landing into Soul Artifact devices.

“You courting death!”

The blue tail of nowhere is angry, turning its head out, and a huge blue tail is crumbling on Lin Sheng.


They crashed in the middle of the sky, like two meteors, blue and blast simultaneously.

white Saint Force rays and blue needles explode.

“Take my sacred machine! Dead me! ”Lin Sheng was surrounded by Saint Force bombing a circle of white wave shocks.

His mouth shouted, and his hands just hung up the small Saint Light light ball of his head, threw it at the blue tail and turned away from slightest hesitation towards Soul Artifact.

The blue tail thought he was really going to explode, and he was doing everything to cover the whole body.

As a result, Lin Sheng just lost a light team and turned around and robbed Soul Artifact. His chest was bored, almost bleeding.

“Aaaaaahh! I'm gonna kill you! ”

He floats behind him, densely packed hundreds of eight eyebrows of squirrels, all of which have a huge blue tail.

Bang bang bang bang bang!

A bunch of squirrels hiding the sky and covering the earth hit Lin Sheng, exploded in half an air like missiles and erupted a sharp syringe.

All the needle haircut brings together a giant triangular cone, hitting Lin Sheng hard.

Six Wings!

Lin Sheng was on his back to capture Soul Artifact and suddenly felt that the imminent threat was coming from behind.

Under the clouds, he turned on the right side, and all Saint Force was united into a giant hammer, blowing up into the triple cone.

Bombling loud.

Lin Sheng was hit by a huge shock and flew away several dozen meters, embedded in the ground lawn.

While he was sick, the blue tail fell from half an empty plane, again floating densely packed eight eyebrows of squirrels, and the second triangle came together again.

He was hit with all his power, and he was definitely hurt, and again, he was killed!

Wherever this guy came from, he robbed Soul Artifact, and that was…Hmm?

The tail of the blue demon is a sudden stagnation in the eyes of killing intent.

That tough guy who eats him, wearing white armor, is climbing up from the grass, with no shit on his body, and then shouting at him again.

“Give it back to me!”

Bombling in the Great Bang.

The two people collided again.

(This chapter is over)

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