340. Chapter 340 Sources 1

Chapter 340 Sources 1

The white light and blue needles form a path of light around blue and continue to explode around the grass.

Evil men and Benne University teachers have had to stay away from this place.

At the school entrance, a few scholars and mentors around the triangle of transparency shields, quickly escorted the elderly, Campas, slowly stepping back.

One of the most visible among the participants is a very strong sister-in-law similar to 70 per cent of Melissa.

The woman's waist fibres, her chest is filled with almost black shirts, a golden hair spreads on her shoulder, with a black assault rifle of more than one metre, and continues to fire a path of green scratch bullet.

This is one of the weapons in the energy gun, Demonic Ability technique.

“Isabel Senior Sister, the teacher is seriously injured, and we have to find the deodorant immediately, Peak Master bleeding inside! Otherwise… ”The young man next door is fast said solemnly.

“What about Al's mentor who's good at treating them?"

“The isolation isn't coming in yet!”

“Damn it!”

Isabel Kadoro's face is calm, but there's still a blindfold in his eyes.

She just came back from the field to carry out her mission, and she didn't expect to encounter a violent attack immediately.

“I've never seen anything in years, and I've been back and met…”Isabel is upset.

This is no longer a level that can be touched upon at the level of participants.

As one of the three most powerful rankings among the participants, she is now able to help with logistics only on the edge of the battlefield.

Premier Level, three Wings at the top, even five Wings, a tall hand like no money, and crazy shocks the school's defense line.

demonic Ability Users, at the top of the third Wings, is also a very rare strong man. Now these guys, who can claim to be hegemonic cities, can only become soldiers.


At this juncture, a dozen metres of shock wave tattoos are rapidly spreading.


A white light pillar, surrounded by blue needles, came from a distance and wiped through Isabel.

She was deadly, she was afraid not to move, and she swept out.

On her left cheek, a red wound slowed out of blood pearls.

“Almost…Almost! ”

“Be careful…That's five Wings above the level of dealer. ”Send back to Miss Campus some cough. "I didn't think that guy really breakthrough the blue tail… "

He coughed again.

After a large number of students quickly withdrew from school, the ground was quickly demarcated as a gateway, slowing up a transparent screen of the bent map.


With this defensive field, people have a little bit of sense of security.

But at this point, people have left their eyes on the tough body of two dealers far away.

“Which side is that man, the Rescue Army?”Isabel watched the clouds of that group blew out, with horror and a low voice.

“Not the Rescue Army, a strong man who wants to rob seven Locks Tower of important items. But if it wasn't for him, we wouldn't be able to retreat. ”One professor has given the glasses a loud answer.

“Ready?”Campus looking towards this professor.

“Well. Moon Pool has half an hour left. The Deputy Rector is also on his way back, and time is about half an hour. ”

“Then wait.”Campus sighed, “If I guess well, the goal of the blue tail is not to break the school. THERE IS A SET DEFENSE SYSTEM, ALL OF WHICH WORK TOGETHER, AND AT LEAST THREE DAYS TO BREAK THE BARRIER. "

“So what do they pay so much for?”A mentor has a creative arm to ask.

“I don't know…Maybe…Spread it! ”Canpas suddenly changed his face.


Large energy flows, like lava, explode, spill and disperse.

White Saint Force of liquid and temperature, with blue scratches, with enormous energy, struck a solid defensive meningredient.

A lot of people are scared to jump in the head and spread around. Just to see that the defense system has not collapsed, so that it can be slight down.

“It's gonna be a victory!”Campus said solemnly.



“Burning eyes!"

There are hundreds of eight squirrels flowing behind the blue tail, all squirrels open eight eyes, and densely packed all eyes staring at Lin Sheng.

Yo, Chi!

a The path of blue rays is as radical as it is, with a cone coming to the area where Lin Sheng is located.

“Different!"Lin Sheng's right hand rises, stops in front of him, spreads a whole circle of pure dizziness, just like the white wheel, and blocks all the lights.

He's got a knife in his left hand, and he's going straight ahead.

Demonic Ability and Saint Force were intertwined, pushing the explosion under the great power of Rock Dragon Bloodline.

The knife just took off, and it was the simplest balcony disk, like the wings, that shoots the blue tail.

The speed of the round disk is fast, driven by huge outbreaks, almost instantly flies out of the back of the blue demon.


Demonic Ability, who is thick on the disk and blue demonic tail, defends the death of the meningredient and strips the blue defense of the other.

The blue tail broke out for half a day, already sweatwater wet, and demonic Ability consumed most of it.

At this time, the CD-ROM was cut out quickly, and Demonic Ability on the body was more rapidly consuming than the flow of water.

He was in a rush to increase demonic Ability's output again, with dozens of giant tails spreading fast, starting a little blue fluorescent.

“At the end!”He shouted down, and all the tails behind him were merged into a fibre, with only a rough arm.

“The hunting ring!”

The long tail is torn into circles, spinning around, and suddenly disappearing.

Once again, it has arrived around Lin Sheng and surrounded his group.


The long tail was tightened and Lin Sheng was tied in the right direction.

Lin Sheng's entire Saint Force exploded with sunshine beauty, and death will be sustained and will not be allowed to shrink.

At the same time, his arms cut out nineteen knives in an instant direction, each with three forces amplification surrounded and falling on the perimeter.

Unfortunately, his attack was stretched from the six-Wings level to a shortfall in the blue tail.

In the end, the blue tail was tied to the thickness of the clothing in the dawn, giving a slight voice to the teeth.

Too bad.

Lin Sheng never has a particularly powerful secret, because his strongest place is never an attack, but a defense!

The blue tail has been tightened, and the thick dawn armor has formed a sawhale battle. The two were stalled for a while.

On the lower grass, the installation of Soul Artifact's device position, three of whom were originally guarded, was swept out of the remaining wave column, combated in the ground and died unknown.

The remaining one, with his arms turning into two carbons, is the end of a Saint Light light pillar that he has just fought with his hands.

“Last…Start… ”He's hard to support the body, half kneel next to the device, stretching his hand and trying to keep trying the trigger.

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