341. Chapter 341 Sources 2

Chapter 341 Sources 2

The remaining five devices have been fully operational, and the energy savings here are the last.

Now there is no interference by Benne University's strong men, and as long as it is truly successful, the entire circle of hundreds of kilometres, all ordinary things outside the community, will be drained by a huge ceremony.

This vast force of life will become a food for the Lord summon.

That's their real plan.

As for the attack on Benne University?

Universities with SET defense systems, with no repetition of six Wings, do not want to open them lightly.

From the outset, the goal of 7 Locks Tower was to be the ordinary people around.

Blood ceremony, the best material, naturally a large mass of ordinary people.

Just as he struggles to start the device.


His chest highlighted gray-black thorns.


Men are trying to turn their heads on the attackers.

Unfortunately, the thorns in front of the chest are very hard to mention.


His brain was ripped up with a hard life, with a chest tear, showing white bones and a lot of red flesh.

Blood spilled over the ground, white fell down all around with bleeding fat like a water bag.

The whale tail and the black lion came out of the back, the black lion recovered the scratch on his hand and dumped the blood on the side.

They looked at Soul Artifact on the eye device.

“Do it! It looks like the blue tail is hopeless. We're moving right now! "Blacklion said solemnly.

The whale ends quickly, down, down, out of the back waist bag, takes out a black package.

She's going to go black, and it's a mirror like Soul Artifact.

In the absence of attention from others, she moved quickly, and lightning typically replaced the large Soul Artifact and the imitation products on the devices.

pā tà.

She stretched her hand on the footprint and pushed the next button.

It's like the same spiritual fluctuations as Soul Artifact.

“Let's go! This fake thing supports five minutes! ”The whale rush.

They don't look at anyone else.

The big Soul Artifact, which contains treasure with sea-based souls, is capable of reverting to the ceremony whenever anyone uses it, as long as the sacrifices are sufficient.

The existence of such a treasury level, even in 7 Locks Tower, is not an ordinary cargo.

From the outset, Van Jon taught these cults to work only temporarily with 7 Locks Tower.

Now the benefits are ahead, and they can be perfect for Benne University's strong. So profiting from somebody's misfortune, robbing the treasure, and as it should be by rights.

They finally looked at the blue tail and Lin Sheng in the fierce war. Black lion put the big Soul Artifact in his hand carefully into a black metal box.

This box can cover all spiritual fluctuations, big Soul Artifact goes in and loses any soul immediately, and it looks like it's almost like ordinary artificial crystal works.

“It's just the white power of the hegemony…What the hell… ”The whale tail looks at a path of Saint Light that broke out of Lin Sheng, and the eyebrows slip up.

“should be the strength of the Temple.”Blacklion cried out, "I've seen in the Intelligence Service that there was an organization called the Temple in Xilun. The people in it are good at using this purely hegemonic purification power. "

“Holy Temple…”The whales shake their heads. Don't even think about it.

It's not at all the level they can interfere with.

“Go!”The two men, with big Soul Artifact, ran without being in love.

There are no more people killed on the grass, only a dozen pieces of pieces. Most of the rest have been withdrawn from the school defence system.

No one can stop them anymore. Either a cult or a schoolteacher.

SET is not a completely isolated defence system, and even after its inception, participants outside are allowed to enter.

However, those who have not registered in the school database will be completely isolated.

The whale tail black lion is fast and soon reaches out of the lake, with the big Soul Artifact crossing the battlefield, jumping out of the entrance and disappearing.

“Wait for me!”The blue tail was shot on the shoulder, and people rolled over and crashed, and smashed a turtle.

He didn't hesitate to climb up and turn around. A large number of Demonic Ability has been transformed into eight eyes squirrels, and continues to hit Lin Sheng behind him. Stop him from chasing.

Lin Sheng was smoking in the upper half, and that was a lot of heat flowing sweatwater, which formed a freshness.

He unfortunately failed to kill his opponent, and, after all, what he now lacked is the means of attack.

His defensive capability, Demonic Ability, was defended by crystal, Saint Force was rebuilt at dawn, and Rock Dragon Bloodline was the best type of defense.

As far as the defence is concerned, he has gone far beyond the power class he has stayed there.

We can attack…

Look at the blue tail and run.

Lin Sheng is so hard to fight each other, with water harvesting and hard life draining Demonic Ability from the blue demonic tail and seriously injured.

If that's how he gets away, that's the real loss.

“Try it…If it doesn't die, it's your life! ”

Lin Sheng raised his hand, in the body's remaining 30 per cent of Saint Force, and quickly gathered together, and he came out of his hand.

All of the influx of Saint Force flew fast to compress and formed three pieces of single-handedness disks.

This is the inspiration he just got in the fight, and he will win as much as he can, and finally, when the bullet explodes out.

It is simple, but formidable power is not the same. The only trouble is to consume a little bit.


He shakes his hand.

Three rounds of dishes exploded at the time of Downton, giving a sharp ear blast.

The underneath blue tail has run out of 100 metres, and the heart's a little relaxed to think it's going to be safe.

I didn't think it would be steep behind the tsunami.

He went back, his eyes tightened.

chi Chi Chi!

Three light sound.

The last thin Demonic Ability defense was stabbed by three round dishes without delay.

He's stuck on the ground, and he's not moving.

A few seconds later.


The top half of the blue demon's tail slowed up with three knives. His whole body was cut into four uneven blood meat, then slipped apart and fell on the grass.

“I…I don't like to… ”The blue tail struggles, and finally squeezes out a word. I can't die!

He really shouldn't be upset.

As a strong fighter of six Wings, when Lin Sheng did not have a highly explosive homicide, he wanted to leave and no one could leave him.

Unfortunately, he first leveraged with Campus, and Lin Sheng had been tortured for half a day, taking Demonic Ability clean.

The end is that he felt behind the disk raid, but he was unable to resist and evade.

“Dead…The blue tail is dead! "

all around the world has been watching, waiting for the evil men of the war, a man who can't believe in it.

7 The team leader of Locks Tower withdrew quickly with alarm.

In this case, the operation has completely failed, and not only the people who planted Soul Artifact are dead, but the main commanders of the convoy are dead.

One of the votes is unbelievable. Turn around and pull your legs.

Even the trainers in their struggle ignored them, and they ran away with their eyes.

Lin Sheng slowed down a little bit, and the shape fell from half the sky.

He won't fly, just because of the resilience of energy explosions, a short floating air and a handover that’s all.

There's no fighting now, and he doesn't have to continue to float.

The blue tail is his first positive killer.

Lin Sheng's feelings are accompanied by a clear identification of his shortcomings.

That's the defense, but the attack is too weak.

“My strength, three rd-layer, is shattered up. While a few more recruits are useless, actual forces, that is, a little stronger than this guy.

This time, we have to figure out how to play a stronger mystery. ”

Lin Sheng went to the blue tail body on the ground and was about to touch the body and see what could be harvested.

Suddenly, a little blue light came out of the tail of the blue demon in order to move faster than lightning, cross more than 20 metres and hit Lin Sheng's chest hard.

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