342. Chapter 342 Sources 3

Chapter 342 Sources 3

Lin Sheng was surrounded by cannabis, slowing up on his chest armor, with a 10-dimensional silver picture.

“A little bad…”He concealed that this thing seemed to be a distance mark.

A powerful organization capable of sending six Wings is absolutely beyond imagination.

Lin Sheng inspired a slight restoration of a little Saint Force and Demonic Ability, flowing towards the mark of the chest and trying to strip it off.

Unfortunately, if there was nothing, as if it didn't exist, he brushed it several times, and he couldn't do it.

“Trouble!”Lin Sheng's eyebrowing tight.

He's still in such trouble for the first time. On the mark of this thing, he has a sense of urgency in his heart.

“Forget it, get Soul Artifact first!”

Lin Sheng quickly touched the body, went to hand over a wallet, a metal hardware thing.

“If not this guy's Demonic Ability is almost consumed, it's probably gonna have to fight."He now remembers that there were many of the high-ranking demonic Ability Users that had previously met, and that there had been a return to a scary presence.

After the settlement, Lin Sheng quickly moved to Soul Artifact's position.

Now, no one dares to rob him.


There's basically one Lin Sheng on the grass outside.

He was standing in front of Soul Artifact, stretching his hand. Take Soul Artifact off the device.

“Good thing!”Lin Sheng is quite satisfied to hold the big Soul Artifact of crystal type. Run away quickly from the entrance and exit.

He was not injured at all, and Saint Force was consumed very much, almost to the extent that he could hardly maintain the clothing at dawn.

Just restored a little Saint Force, and it's on the clock of dawn. As a result of this cycle, Lin Sheng in the body has not responded much now, Saint Force.

Steps out of Benne University secrets, Lin Sheng grabbed Soul Artifact and jumped up in shape, like electricity, and swiftly flew across the building with Demonic Ability wire.

“It is important to return as soon as possible and to use devices to suppress the spiritual breath. Don't be exposed. ”

Run on one side, Lin Sheng meets to pick up Soul Artifact, and be careful.

This big Soul Artifact is surrounded by strong spiritual fluctuations, which are spreading from strength to weakness and gradually from a growing source.

“Yeah? The fluctuations are getting weak! ”Lin Sheng's face startled, and suddenly look closely at Soul Artifact in his hand.

He stopped stepping, standing at the top of a lofty building, detailing Soul Artifact carefully.

“The fruit is getting weak!"

Lin Sheng's got a little panic. This Soul Artifact doesn't have any special taboos, does it? You didn't notice yourself, so you committed a taboo?

He kept looking at Soul Artifact, trying to find the key to a weak soul first.

Finally, after a slide of dilapidation, Lin Sheng used Demonic Ability to identify what was called the big Soul Artifact.

This big Soul Artifact, apart from fluctuating souls, has a central position in the air.


Lin Sheng crushed Soul Artifact and took a note from the centre.

It says, ‘Maybe it's not found, it's better for you. Really big Soul Artifact we'll take care of, don't forget. "And finally painted a card smile face.

Upstairs, the wind blows, and the sky is slowing up to light.

That was the first sun that was climbing slowly.

Lin Sheng raised his head, a piece of paper crushed, expressionless.


He had previously deliberately led the remaining waves to the location of Soul Artifact in order to prevent leakage.

It was so easy to resolve the two violators. At the same time, a piece of Saint Force will surround the edge of the big Soul Artifact.

At that time, he also saw the tail of the whale close to the past. That's why he ignored those two because of the fluctuations.

I didn't think…

“Do you dare rob me of Lin Sheng, you're dead!"

One wind blows, and there's no one on the roof again.

The one who did it…

The one who did it…

Henrikara International Airport.

The whale tail and the black lion pushed crazy sheep on the wheelchair, and all three people changed their faces and clothing, pretended to be three siblings, and the quiet line was waiting for security checks in the area.

“Why don't you let something go?”Crazy lamb said solemnly.

“Let it go.”Black Lion Point. "This test, 7 Locks Tower, is so fast and unbelievable. "

“7 Locks Tower would have been able to complete the plan if it were not to come out on a temporary basis. Bring down the gods.

The blue tail they send is completely capable of sweeping the old and weak group left behind by Benne University. "The whale sighs.

“The remaining two have been successful, and this is the only way.”Crazy lamb.

“It's good that Soul Artifact is still in our hands, and the next summon comes to our gods and can save a lot of resources."Black lion's face is celebrating.

Three people are chatting and moving on one side.

Soon, they passed the security check, dragged the luggage to the entrance. Then, like other passengers, the crew was boarded on board.

“It's a triumph day."The whale tail is sitting on the windows, looking out for a bright and wide airfield outside, with a heavy breath of heart.

Finally, we're leaving. This task is also a perfect end.

Soon, the last passenger was on the plane. The hatch closes and the plane starts slipping.

The broadcast of the crew began. Let's take the seat belt, pull the light board, move the seat back and pick up the little table.

After slipping, the plane stopped suddenly.

‘Attention is drawn to the temporary crash of the aircraft, which requires repair. The aircraft was temporarily malfunction and needed to be repaired, inviting everyone to take another Blue Air Flight. "

Broadcasting continues to repeat.

One of the passengers was foolish, and it was not expected that that would happen.

Employees' air sisters continue to apologize for their commitment to compensatory incentives.

Soon, the plane stopped slipping, opened the hatch, and a team of passengers quickly drove off in complaints.

The three black lions are under control, and the luggage follows the plane.

It's just that they just got off the plane, and they saw it on the side of the plane, and they were looking at them with a white armor, and they were looking at them very calmly.

Lin Sheng, step up, move towards three.

He slighted up with a mask's jaw and came up with a little smile.

Crazy sheep is fine. I didn't see Lin Sheng do it.

But black lions and whale tails are completely different, and once they see Lin Sheng, they're in a stalemate.

“Split up!"Blacklion yelled down and ran to the left leg.

The whale is over. Run right fast.

Unfortunately, without ten meters, there had been silhouette in Lin Sheng before her.

Lin Sheng is in the hands of two human throats each.

It's black lions and crazy sheep.

“Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you.”Lin Sheng Wing.

“My name is Sacred, just looking outside for the sanctuary of my temple to fall out of the sanctuary for years."

He laughed.

“Don't worry, even if you don't hand over the jewellery, I won't kill you because of your anger.”

Lin Sheng's hand has gradually increased, scratching two neck bones. It could be broken at any time.

It's all right to read the book. It's okay. We can turn over the new book of the Bear Wolf Dog.

(This chapter is over)

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