343. Chapter 343

Chapter 343


all around conveying passengers screaming.

People fear moving towards safe places to flee. Some run to places where there are obstacles, sneak up and sneak at them.

There are people who can't see silhouette in a few moments, not everyone has a lot of curiosity, curious to even ignore their own security.

Far away, airport security officers are pulling out the gun moved towards the side.

As soon as the whale sees this white nail man in front of his eyes, it will be known that the robbery escaped.

If she hadn't seen each other and the blue tail kill before, she might still want to struggle, but now.

She raised her hands.

“We surrender."

Lin Sheng was about to crush the necks of two people in his hand, and suddenly heard that, slight startled.

I've never seen such a fear of death.

He didn't do it yet, and he confessed to losing.

He used Demonic Ability to pack himself up here in order not to draw the attention of others to the fastest possible solution to the fighting. And when their hearts are broken, they will be subjected to three.

The results were very successful, and he solved both crazy sheep and black lions in the instant. The remaining third whale, he didn't think he was old friends.

The last time this whale hit him all over, the walls of the building hit several floors.

“surrender?"Lin Sheng is laughing. "If you surrender, then all of you should be mine, Soul Artifact? "

The whales don't say, take out the big Soul Artifact from the handbag and lose the past.

Soul Artifact, though good, has to be killed.


Lin Sheng was careful to pick up metal boxes, open the switches, open the shells, and there was a white object in a crystal stone.

This object is placed in a box and spreads a long and thin soundness tattoo.

“so many souls!”Lin Sheng had a hot heart. Finally got it, this thing. For this thing, he even killed a great six-Wings rival.

Maybe for King of Night, six Wings is just a little bit troubled. But for him now, six Wings Demonic Ability, representing his limit.

He's all power, that's the level.

“Since surrender, let's go."Lin Sheng moved to the whale tail lightly smiled, shattered in shape, suddenly appeared behind the whale tail and slapped his hand.


The whale only felt spinning, and then the brain came to tear up the pain. And then I don't know anything.

“Well…The skull broke up like… "Lin Sheng's voice is concealed.



Xilun, Second Metropolitan —— Dipéra.

A very special motorcycle hotel.

The equivalent of a ninety square metres suite is hanging on a giant black wheel, slowing the swing with a strong shift.

In the kit, three mysterious men, white robes, a sophisticated circle of silver in front of the chest, standing silently in the middle of the suite, looking at five people standing opposite.

Five people are performing in the suit, one with a tea glass, with a fold of documents in their hands, and expression is serious.

“7 Locks Tower penetrated and black liquids erupted more frequently. In comparison with the rest of the world, we, Xilun, can say one of the five most serious areas.

So this time, please come and hope you can do your best to suppress the spread of black liquids. ”

Lead white robe nodded.

“It's our pleasure. That is precisely why the Temple is standing. ”

“It's hard for you guys.”The glasses man said resolutely. “His Excellency the Chief of the Super Ford Battalion has officially launched the assassination of several leaders of the major cult groups that have invaded the border. I don't know. The temple… "

The leading white robe lifts his head and shows a handsome and young face, and that's exactly the direct disciple Adolf of Lin Sheng.

“Palace Lord has redeployed a group of clergy personnel to the agreed sites to conduct black liquid screening. Parliamentarians are also requested to be assured. Xilun, it's also our home. "Adolf's serious answer.

“That's good. Today, seven Locks Tower is alive, three Secrets are fully prepared to fight, and others are unable to touch and depend only on us. ”

“That's right.”Adolf said solemnly.

The Temple now has this bottom breath.

In particular, following the transmission of Demonic Ability's refining methods, as well as Saint Force's learning methods, the official dissemination of universal access within the Temple has begun.

The unity leader, headed by Cardula King of Night King of Steel, has once again welcomed the dramatic increase in the power of inflation.

Demonic Ability is fine. Saint Force is really tough. With the support of the Saint Force pool, the three Presidents received the strength of the Saint Force pool, and Saint Force cultivation base escalated rapidly.

The strength of Saint Force, not just in treatment, but also in amplification, and in other energies, is highly exclusive.

The three presidents, as well as the hundreds of decentralized priests recorded below, have slowed down growth with the help of the Saint Force pool.

The power of the Temple, also due to good relations with the Government of Xilun, has begun to expand rapidly.

As a special presence of the Shadow Temple, the power of the Holy Mosque is more inclined to slaughter and regulate, and this transaction is highly calculated for the Xilun Government, which is seriously understaffed by mid and low rank.

And in other regions. The three major Secrets have drawn a large number of top hands to the unknown regions in preparation for a centralized effort to build core positions.



In the basement.

A sacred earth spreads fresh light in the dark.

The soft and thin Saint Force particles are increasing the air content of the basement at an extremely slow pace.

In isolated rooms, there are some abandoned silhouette on three routes, being tied up by a long white chain.

The whale tail, the black lion, the madsheep, and the demonic Ability of the three people were completely repressed by Saint Force. In this space completely occupied by Saint Force particles.

Their strength is not just the inability to leave, but even amplification itself is hard to do.

“Do we, now, just stay here and wait for death?”Crazy sheep emotional fluctuations are somewhat large, and the remaining two understand that, after all, this was repaired the worst.

“What else can I do? This white force, too much exclusion. My strength has been suppressed by at least 50 per cent. ”Blacklion said solemnly. "Besides, that man's still here. Once we struggle… "

“Keep your eyes on it, and since that man didn't kill us right away, that would mean that we were useful to him.”The whale said coldy. "In addition, the elders in the church should also find us trapped. ”

“And then what? How dare they come to save us? Or they can't even find us anywhere. ”Crazy sheep pressure stretches in the hair.

Three people are not allowed to look at the corner of the basement without autonomy.

While there is a wall full of glass, there is a small window in the corner that can be communicated outside.

“I just don't know when that man will remember us…”The whale helplessly said.


It is at this point that a low wave of shocks continues to be transmitted from outside the isolated room.

“What's going on? Earthquake?Blacklion suddenly.

Three people get up quickly and go to that only window.

A loud voice.

A white light came in from the window, shaking three eyes and flowering.

Immediately, it was a tremendous low breath, accompanied by a vibration.

Three people have to stop their feet, stretch their hands in front of their eyes and prevent them from being tampered with white light.

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