344. Chapter 344

Chapter 344

Another corner in the basement.

Lin Sheng slowed down the big Soul Artifact, with white clouds flowing from a circle like light rings.

A large number of white clouds are scattered around, integrated into the air, into a strong Saint Force particle.

Thousands of souls were integrated into his soul and formed a vortex around the core.

While souls grow, Saint Force and Demonic Ability have grown rapidly, as if they had been stimulated.


A large number of Demonic Ability wires flew from behind Lin Sheng, chained around, and made up a high-profile silhouette, standing on the left.

The twisted white Saint Light is like the sun, like the turbulence, which brings together a tall silhouette of the dragon's head, standing on the right.

The pressure has been reduced to the extreme Saint Force, again surrounded by three silhouette.

Time slows down.

More than half an hour later, Lin Sheng's eyes were closed. The two silhouette bystanders at the same time twisted. all around Saint Force rushed into him at the body as fast as a rainbow.

“…"Lin Sheng, get your hands up, watch your fingers carefully.

tenacious, like metal skins, has a path of clear handprints, and in such a complete state of physical condition, skin shifts across the white fluorescent from time to time.

“Am I still there? Not out? ”He's got a little bit of a tight hands.

In this big Soul Artifact, there is too much memory of the soul. More than 30,000 people have a huge memory fragment, even if he is already used to absorbing memory, there is some support.

A large number of memories that cannot be dignified in a timely manner, which are buried in his mind and translated into a real impact, are drastic headaches.

The headaches of all times, like needles, continue to stimulate his emotional wisdom.

Even more troubling, the most dangerous after-effects that absorb a large number of memories are finally becoming apparent.

Lin Sheng's own memory experience is too little, many memories are beginning to be mixed and many emotional clips overlap.

Many carnal soul memories are beginning to cover the normal daily memory of Lin Sheng's original.

“It's finally begun…”Lin Sheng sighed. "Memory content interferes with one another and even threatens to affect my independent personality. ”

Long ago, he had considered the possibility of such a problem. So long ago, he was not proactive, and he started preparing for this moment, leading to a perfect solution.

“The only way to stabilize its own memory is to add its own total memory or strength.

Strengths need experience and occasional accumulation and cannot be achieved in a short period of time. But the capacity can be done. ”

“To increase the capacity, the only way is to dream…"Lin Sheng has been trying to circumvent this problem only by categorizing memory fragments to a movie, but when other memories are too much. This approach has also begun to be useless.

So he needs time to digest adaptation.

And in a dream, the dead body is completely capable of trying to fight crazy and kill and experiencing more quickly.

This has resulted in a rapid expansion of memory content. The point is that there is time for a poor flow in the dream.

“According to the spirit of the Temple, the capacity of memory focuses on the variables that have been experienced, the more new things have been encountered and the more memories are.”

Lin Sheng felt his own Saint Force level.

In a massive influx of souls, his Demonic Ability and Saint Force were promoted at the same time.

Demonic Ability has at least breakthrough to 40,000 levels. Saint Force, he guess it's almost time to go to ten 2nd Level.

“Too soon…I need to sink. Let the body adapt to this power. It's just the next dream. ”

Lin Sheng looked at the direction of the Eye Separation Room, where three people were dedicated to the sacrifice he had prepared for the future door of Demonic Spirits.

It's not gonna work now.

“Furthermore, in Miga, I need more absolute loyalty and reliance on those who have been seduced is not sufficient to stabilize and expand.”

Now the three big Secrets seem to be confronting a great deal of power, and the beginning of the riot, Lin Sheng thinks this is the best time to expand the Temple.

In the holy land, it is only necessary to recruit more people, and then summon from the dream is a powerful leader, and the Temple expansion of Miga can grow rapidly.

“Just to solve headaches.”

The programme was established, Lin Sheng was again closed, empty and emotional.

7 Locks Tower's major raid led Benne University to lose a large number of elite trainees as well as nurses.

However, it is equally true that a small number of participants have officially experienced blood and fire and are rapidly mature and can grow on their own.

More than Bene's side, one of the two remaining raids came with reluctance.

However, another place, known as the Vietnamese Academy, declared a failure.

The entire school was completely disrupted, with more than 30,000 people being sacrificed in blood under the role of a huge ceremony, and the gods did not come, but the seal was lifted.

In the universe of the Vietnamese Academy, the sealed giant monster, known as the ecstasy, disappeared mysteriously.

Within two days. The three major earthquakes have shocked, and Governments around the world are at risk.

7 Locks Tower's big hand makes it come back to life, giving people fear, strength, bloody image.

7 Locks Tower, headed by the Chief Representative, is the seven locked sons, the seven super ranker.

Even if the tower is not in the middle of the month, the seven people are sufficient for terrifying forces that pose a strong threat to the three major contexts.

The war began to erupt simultaneously throughout Miga. Not just Miga, Xilun, Xiling, Redwing, almost where people are, there are occasionally seven Locks Tower attacks.

Their touch and strength are all over the world, unprecedented.

Benne University was attacked, and the head of the school returned to look at it and said nothing, and soon after he returned to the territory, a change document was issued.

Large factories enter the wartime system. A patrol team has been set up, and the Ministry of Students has integrated planning.

The cruelty of the loss, let all those who were a little safer before, wake up and be alert again.




In the dark space, a giant silver circle rotated, building densely packed large numbers of black buildings like mushrooms.

A pyramid in the centre is generally high in the building.

Broadly spinning the white round table, two men in white tight clothing, one standing, one hand on the back of the chair at the table.

The table, which lasted more than 10 metres, was moving, but both remained static.

“The Oro operation lost three major cadres. Miga five, Redwing two. The rest of the area was computed and seven people were lost. In so many cases, the recovery pool cannot be fully restored for a short period of time. ”

The man on the right, said solemnly, had a short green hair, a tall body repair, and there seemed to be nothing different from the face of the public everywhere on the street.

“But we changed three sealers. Three ranker. ”The man facing the table calmly said. “And marked more than 10 threats to kill our cadres. ”

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