345. Chapter 345

Chapter 345

“That's not ranker, the power of the sealer is irresponsible. We can only provide simple guidance, and once we lose control, the consequences are unpredictable. ”green-haired man is serious.

“Don't worry. Next, as long as the focus is on removing all the markings, hanging these powerful people who threaten us most. Our task is done. ”Men still calmly said.

“What are you gonna do?”

“Not what I do, but what the Tatar will do. It's probably the same as before, and we'll take the team, close to a kilometre range, and pass it directly to the head.

Time should be half a month later, ranker, with lightning raids, the vast majority of journalists without special vigilance, will die. "

“Blitzkrieg…I still disagree with this plan. Forget it, boss. I'm not going to take part in this operation. ”green-haired man rise straight, turn around and leave.

“Yena.”He's coming back and screaming.

green-haired man, stop his feet and wait for the words of his companion.

“Go and be careful. Wait for the peace we want. ”

green-haired man was silent, no more talk and walked far away.

He did not endorse the dominant unity of the world's meditation, and he joined 7 Locks Tower, just because the Moon saved him.




Oh, yeah.

At the bottom of the tower, two broken metal gates were crushed by enormous gravity, falling down the ground and flowing up a lot of dust.

Lin Sheng walked out of the tower and watched all around.

The broken streets, the empty stores, the windows, are all over the size and size of the building.

The air spreads the smell of freshness.

“Since the total number of memories is to be enriched, it is now ready.”

Lin Sheng moved down his neck.

“It's been a long time since the fire broke out in the dream. Just try to kill, have fun. "

He smelled his nose, looked to the right side of the street.

“Pick this way.”


Lin Sheng's feet collapsed in a instant manner, detonating a strong counterproductive force. The shredded stones flown, and his body exploded out, moved towards the right street and ran away.

the air of Wu Wu has become a strong wind, and it's ringing at Lin Sheng's ear. All immediate changes in the flow and looting back.

The streets turned through a number of pieces, and the ground became increasingly flawed, spreading holes.

gu gu!

A hole in the front is suddenly drilling out of a green giant monster.

These monsters have frogs, but the back has a tumor. These tumors are a living head and still smile.

Lin Sheng's speed remained unchanged and dozens of green wires erupted around him, like a knife cutting over the past.

– Oh, my God.

All frog monsters have been cut into large pieces of meat without resistance.

Lin Sheng slipped out of the middle, absorbing the black soul line floating.

A frog monster is constantly drilling out and is being cut off by Demonic Ability. Just as Lin Sheng moves faster, the drilling of frog monsters has become more powerful and more slippery.

The incremental Demonic Ability line has not been able to kill.

Lin Sheng Sophisticated eruption Saint Force.

The white spectacle spreads out of him, and all Saint Force units are assembled into a circuit of the round disk, and a bunch of bursts are coming out.

The extent to which the newly drilled frog monster has recovered again to withstand a single blow. Continued mass killings.

As time passes, Lin Sheng killed more frog monsters and soon passed.

Suddenly, the earth was tremendous, and he slowed down a little bit, slight, and the body came out like an arrow, fell outside the wall on the right side of the building, and borrowed it.


The ground just blew a big piece of mud, a giant frog of pure-white colored, opened its mouth, three metres wide mouth, and suddenly fired a red tongue, scrambled towards Lin Sheng.

Lin Sheng borrowed power, he flew away from his tongue, and his arm shined white, as if there were sword's edge.

He's going down.


A gentle knife falls down.

white frog's long tongue is cut off, and it cries and falls into pain.

It hasn't waited for it to return to God from pain, Lin Sheng, a landing, blinking right arm, whispering out the white light and stuck hard into the frog's head.

pu chi, put your arm in it.

Lin Sheng has a little power, a lot of Saint Force has grown from his heart, spreading fast.


in the first half of the white frog, the body was blown up, and the body was flowing into the black soul wire, flying into Lin Sheng's chest.

He does not think that these monsters, Memory Fragments, have very little content, and the gap is enormous compared to people. It doesn't matter if you absorb another point.

white frog body fell down.

Lin Sheng accelerates the wild run.

Beyond a 8-Layer stone building down the road, the ground and the building ahead are beginning to float the fresh cream.

His heart moves, seems to feel something, slowly, from running to walking, moving forward.

After walking through a crossroads, the frozen phenomenon ahead is becoming more serious.

There was ice under the roof, there was ice on the ground, and air was freshly white.

Lin Sheng is completely slowing down and moving slowly.

The dramatic changes in the environment have made him more vigilant and not too fast.

Yono's gone. Two hundred meters. Lin Sheng suddenly stopped and looked up carefully to the front.

In the middle of the road, a red hairdresser silhouette is sitting on his knee.

silhouette is a woman, black eyes, hair is as beautiful as a flame as it's burning.

She's not fat, she's stubborn, she's stuck, she's got a red mark, and it's hard to forget.

Lin Sheng was the most noticed woman sitting on the floor, putting a silver giant sword that spreads the cold.

“Liver?”Lin Sheng Town, stay on foot and ask.

The woman sitting on the ground has no change in her face, slight hair, dark eyes staring at Lin Sheng.

The brake, she got her sword up, went forward.


A pure-white colored snow crash, densely packed almost full of snowpowder on the streets, accompanied by a tremendous cloning impact, the insane moved towards Lin Sheng.

The giant snowfall of more than 10 metres, like the real snow collapse, ranges from false to real, less than a second, and hits three metres before him.

Great snowstorm shocks, like white giants, even steel creatures, can't afford to hit it once, and they can crush.

If it was Lin Sheng before, it would not be possible to face it. But it's different now.

After a giant dragon yelling, Lin Sheng floats all over his body, with muscles spreading into a big circle, shining white, beating hard, moving towards the snow.


The fist is deep into snowpowder, tremendous shock and shock, and stops the whole snow for a moment.

Immediately, it was a terrifying explosion.

The result of the two giant collisions was the fragmentation of the snow field.

The snowpowder fell, and the red woman took the sword out of the snow powder, and a sword was slashed at Lin Sheng's head.

Lin Sheng's arms together, grabbing cold giant sword.


Far more than Lin Sheng imagined, he jumped out of giant sword. He's just halfway his arms, and he's bleeding under the tablet.

The intensity of this collision has outweighed the limits that he could have endured.

In silent rooms, Lin Sheng exploded under his feet over 10 metres wide and over 20 metres deep.

There is only a crude stone pillar with a tight arm that supports Lin Sheng's position.

“This strength? What the hell! ”Lin Sheng's heart stopped.

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