346. Chapter 346 mutation 1

Chapter 346 mutation 1

Bombling loud.

A distorted building suddenly split into two and exploded.

A lot of white snowpowder is flowing out of the noodle.


Snow powder exploded again, two silhouette shots out of it, and swiftly handed over in the air.

Lin Sheng's arms have been turned into sword weapons, with the most rapid defense, but there are still densely packed wounds on his body.

His means of attack are too single to rely entirely on sword skills and wrestling techniques that were practised in low realm.

Even in a large number of memories that were absorbed back there was a lack of stronger wrestling.

King of Night is fine, King of Steel. It's all more dependent on his own bloodline, as a suicide technique.

And what Lin Sheng lacks is this kind of suicide.

So now he looks like he's got a hot fire on the other side, but in fact, he's just being beaten unilaterally.

The brakes exploded into a huge snowpowder, snow pollen, into a giant White Eagle with a win-win wings, whispering in the face of God and pointing next.


In the sharp ear of the eagle, the giant hawk claws of up to eight metres were brutally captured by Lin Sheng, which weighed heavily on the ground.

Snow powder exploded in the boom. Buildings on both sides of the streets collapsed, spreading large amounts of smoke dust.

The red woman slowed down the cold giant sword, stepping down from the air.

The big snowpowder automatically builds under her feet, turns into a long refrigerator, connects the ground, supports balance.

cough cough…

Lin Sheng was lying in the snow pit, full of blood, coughing.

He had demonic Ability and Saint Light as much as he had just hit, consumed. Now just on Rock Dragon Bloodline in a state of strength.

Whatever Demonic Ability is, Saint Light, and Rock Dragon Bloodline is just like fake in front of these pale snow powder.

Both formidable power and the speed of the outbreak, or defense, are weak like paper.

It's like…It's been weakened. More than a raise!

“With my power now, it's impossible to get out of the way, and it's broken…"Lin Sheng is moving his mind quickly, and it feels kind of weird.

“Must have been somewhere to recruit. The power has been weakened! ”

He watched the redheaded woman walk a step. There's no fear in the heart.

Too many dead, and that's what it is.

“But you can still struggle…"

Lin Sheng barely supports the body.

“The dawn refits!”He quickly started the innate talent mythology.

A white beacon fell straight from the top, covering him all.

In that brake, Lin Sheng's former depleted force Saint resumed quickly by about 5 per cent, while the situation of internal and external injuries was rapidly healed and the eye returned half.

The rendezvous of this innate talent magic requires Saint Force to be very little for Lin Sheng now.

It can be said that the sex price is very high.

“This is the real way the dawn refits!”Lin Sheng resumed his energies, a vertical backward leap away.

Not yet waiting for him to really run away.


The redheaded woman raised giant sword, and the top of her head blew up a small group of silent circle maps.

The chart slowed the swing, with no digital matching light flow. The center has a tunnel golden chains like a snake swim around, as if it was releasing something that was held hostage for a long time.

“Ten square brakes forever!"

Red woman groans. The top circle center, a little blue light, from the sky, did not enter the clouds.

Lin Sheng's heart is cold, and there's a creepy sense of warehouse, as if he was caught by an enemy of some kind, and wanted to be caught and swallowed at any time.

He said no. Turn around and run.

He's just six Wings now, but the big guy in the dream is normal. There's no second person here to see, and there's no shame about running!

Under his feet, he struck the streets, like arrows.

Turn around and run out of several hundred meters.

Look behind that woman, she's getting far, and it doesn't seem to be any more quiet around. It seems to have been removed from each other's attack.

But Lin Sheng's creepy heart is getting stronger.

He keeps going crazy on the ground, stepping on the stretch, accelerating speed.

Rock Dragon Bloodline's strong tenacious defense, allowing him to step completely with violent force, with counterproductive power accelerating rapidly.

The eyes fled thousands of metres, and the rear saw no silhouette of the redhead woman.

Just when Lin Sheng is going to relaxed.

The sky above the head, where the clouds were empty, quickly brought together a circle of clouds.

The clouds fell in a huge snow White Eagle claw.

The eagle's claws are thorny, like half-transparency, wide over thirty meters, across two blocks, like a giant hammer.

hong long!

With Lin Sheng at the centre, a large number of buildings around them collapsed.

Ground shocks, moved towards all around conveyed a wave of shock surpluses.

Eagle claws are deep into the surface and a clear black claw is printed on the ruins of the city.

Large hawk claws have slowly deteriorated, leaving only a deep pit of claws of more than 20 metres deep depths of the land.

Looking down from the pit, you can only see a paint.

Suddenly, a sample fell out of the sky and seemed to be something that had just been struck by great forces.

pā tà.

And it fell over the pit, and it fell on thick dust stones. It's a crumbling hand full of dark yellow dragons.



In the basement.

Lin Sheng's face hurts. Open your eyes.

“It is clear that I only breakthrough, with more strength, stabilized at the six Wings level. Why do you still feel like no breakthrough before? ”

He died quite simply.

At a moment when the eagle claws fell, the vast cold ice stalled, slowing down at least half of his power in the body.

At that rush, he would have left only a little Saint Force hanging, entirely on Rock Dragon Bloodline.

So much luck with this claw down, one hand left.

“This guy, this time it's a little hard…"Lin Sheng, put your eyes up and think about it.

“Unlike King of Night and King of Steel, they really want to die, so negative resistance, or oppression. But this guy's different. "

Lin Sheng can feel the fanatic desire of each other to fight.

Once I met, a sword was cut off, with no exchange of ideas and belonging to a rare proactive offensive.

And formidable power is strong.

In particular, at the end of the day, formidable power went wild and didn't know how many levels.

“Slowly, from a long story…"Lin Sheng's eyes shine, but it's still a long time, and he's slowly trying it. Those souls that have been absorbed during this period are not necessary, stored, waiting for this woman to be tortured, immediately summon.

This would also prevent a lack of souls from summon. He's going to have more summon help out this time.

After all, even if it's working, it's a little higher than Rock Dragon Bloodline, reaching a total of 60 per cent. But this is not a big improvement in his operational capacity.

Why don't you come out with more summon leaders?

“Now take a break, go to school tomorrow, see if there's a chance to take some more good hands…”

(This chapter is over)

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