347. Chapter 347 mutation 2

Chapter 347 mutation 2

The Temple wants to develop, and the moment is the best.

All the top hands in the school are out of line, and only a few people are stationed.

And this man, who guarded the town, was suddenly rebuilt by cult organizations. At this point, Saint Force's therapeutic role will definitely be extremely effective.

Considering here, Lin Sheng slowed down and began to foster the mental weakness that had just been caused by the killing.

So far, he died once in a state of mental weakness and could recover for up to two hours. But the cooling of dreams takes only one day.

A night of silence, Lin Sheng was completely buried into the state of meditation, Ash Seal.

Next few days.

Lin Sheng occasionally went back to school and to the factory to look at the situation, but most of the time was collecting ways to try to fight that redheaded woman.

What makes him very difficult is that he buries a lot of explosives, which can't flash under the very cold air of redhead women.

Chemical poisoning, too, he tried, totally null and void.

Even he tried to convert guns from the school warehouse, using Demonic Ability of Large formidable Power.

These transformed firearms, with ordinary guns, cannot be more effective than they are, that is, killing and injuring Superman.

Regrettably, however, the bullets fired by the gun, which were not close to the woman's two metres, were crushed by several swords.

Two more days.

Lin Sheng himself went to the hard fight and was killed in successive seconds after dozens of hits. It's finally decided, big tickets.

However, the effectiveness of weapons in general has been weak against those who are superfluous, especially those who are extremely powerful.

Lin Sheng would therefore have deliberately hit the large formidable power Demonic Ability weapon in the school reserve.

The general Demonic Ability has transformed weapons and is also open to students. But the real weapons of mass destruction of formidable power, even as general mentors, need to be submitted in advance.

It's hard to reach.

So, it needs to be from the long run.

A week later.

Lin Sheng investigated the information required. At the same time, the entire residential villa area has been transformed into a holy land.

Outside the villa, large lights of power are also masked to avoid the distribution of freshfluorescent fluorescents in the holy land and to attract the attention of foreigners.

Everything is ready, and Lin Sheng's spirit is a bit tired.

Long periods of tension, constant death, killing, successive times. He also needs a little relaxation and a little spirit.

Get out of the basement and give three prisoners a diet.

Lin Sheng arranged a few red Warrior guards, and he walked around for a while, looking for a familiar restaurant.

Huang Family Factory.

Lin Sheng is the old customer here. When you're hungry, you'll come and fix lunch.

Lunch meals have largely become Lin Sheng's latest habit.

The bakery is small, with only six yellow tables, a long chair can still be two people's types, and there's some crack in the wood.

In the lengthy shop, the walls on both sides of the wall contain menu and the price of all kinds of food on the top.

Lin Sheng was skilled at that table at the door.

“Boss, a bowl of acid beef, with hot eggs."

“No problem.”Boss is more than 40 years old, with a white hat on the soft ground, with a clean white dress and plastic gloves on his hands. Looks like a face to be honest.

His wife helped in the shop with a dozen years old daughter.

Young, beautiful girls are always a freshly blue shop uniform, little ass's tight, packed in white jeans, and the legs are closed without a slide of stitches. Very impressive.

Men sitting at the store often can't stand to sneak at girls.

But it belonged to the city's luxury, and no one dared to really harass anyone. Instead, because of this beautiful landscape, a slight addition to the stores' morale was added.

Only Lin Sheng and Boss are familiar enough to know how difficult this family is.

Boss's wife was subsequently remarried, and his ex-wife owed a gambling debt to his debtors to follow the door, and there was no way that a family could only walk away from his country and come to Miga.

Unfortunately, they are not familiar with their lives, not even language. Not to mention written language or anything.

daughter barely entered school for several years, and then was completely inaccessible, bullied by the campus and left without hindrance.

Who else would have been more than ten years old to help in the store?

Lin Sheng drew a pair of chopsticks from a chopstick, which originated in the face of Xiling and was one of the sources of his sense of belonging to Xiling.

Because the meal is one of his favorite food in his last life.

Soon, the adolescent girl comes around with a brown bowl, which accounts for half the size of the table, slowly walking around and putting it on Lin Sheng's desk.

“Your face is here. It's very big. ”

Lin Sheng nodded, insert chopsticks from the hot perfume soup juice, wrap up a bunch of faces, mix them up on the chopsticks and put them in your mouth.

There's a lot of people in the store who eat, except for him.

In general, Lin Sheng does not pay attention to other consumers in the store, but one of the three today, one of them, has attracted his attention.

It's a grown girl in high school girls' school uniform.

She sat lonely in the corner of the wall, she had a long hair, and her clothes seemed to be wet, and it looked like she was spreading, and some wolves.

People eat their faces low while they're hot, chopsticks are stuck in their mouth.

But she was sitting in position, holding a bowl with her hands, not moving, just like the mirror in the bowl, looking at herself in it.

“Peach, table three, come on over."It's the voice of the Boss wife.

The daughter of Boss at the Facebook called Peach, she was born in response, ran over to face and sent to table 3. At the time of return, she passed that long hairdresser high school.

Peaches are jealous of these girls who can go to school and see this girl look down at the bowl and listen to crying.

“This elder sister, when sad, has nothing to be more comfortable than eating a bowl of hot noodles."

She was comfortable and gently touched a towel from her shirt and put it on the side of a female high school student.


Grassly her hands were caught.

The white hands of female high school students hold the peach's hand tightly, and the bracelet on her back shows up, and it looks scary.

Peaches were scared and shaking. But soon she pushed down, stabilized her emotions.

“This elder sister…No…It's okay. It's okay.Everything's going to pass…Want to open up a little…It's gonna be all right… ”

She felt her hand tightened by the hands of each other, and the temperature of the other was very cold, like ice.

Suddenly, female high school students began to weep low.

She cried very little, and at first only mosquitoes screamed, and the back slowly became clear.

Peaches see her tears in a bowl. It's not for me to feel the same.

She's constantly comforting girls, just saying a few words, and peaches suddenly feel something wrong.

The light in the counter seems to be bleak, and there are some voices around it, and now there's no sound.

father mother would have called her face every second, but now there's at least five minutes or so.

“elder sister, I have to help, you eat slowly. I'll be back later. ”Peach's got a bit of a panic.

She looked around her eyes.

The kitchen at the end is dark, and the light inside seems to be dark. Brilliant light bulbs.

The mother who sat at the kitchen door to collect money had not been traced, and there was only one red chair left alone.

Dad's busy voice is still, but I just don't know what's going on. Those normally familiar DU Dāng Dāng Dāng's bowl collisions sound like, at this point, a little bit of a heart.

Peaches are low and see girls in high school again.

The other guy black hair's down, hidden her face, sat in a position, and that hand was holding her hand tighter and more painful.

“elder sister…Can you let go? You hurt my hand… ”Peach shouting.

Female high school students don't move, just sit there quietly, even crying. It's like a real wax.

(This chapter is over)

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