348. Chapter 348 mutation 3

Chapter 348 mutation 3


Cold wind blows from the door, blows a peach and blows a cold.

She suddenly felt wrong, and the customers who were just eating should not leave so quickly.

There's no sound around, quiet like a morgue.

Peaches don't know why they think about the morgue, but at this point she's cold, sweating in the back, feeling like she's really standing in the morgue.

Her hands are getting tighter and more painful, and her tears are coming out.

“Sister elder sister…I'm hurting…Would you please let go? ”She endured pain again.

That black hair girl in high school is still down, moving towards the table.

It's just that peaches suddenly see that each other's pale mouth, suddenly wrapped up a weird archer.

She's laughing!

A cold rush from the peach back to the back of the head.

She's got a big mouth, a cold, trying to scream. But the throat is like what's blocked up in general and doesn't sound half a bit loud.

She looked at the hands of girls in high school, slowed her hand and moved up. Grab her wrist, little arm.

And then one brown bowl, as hard as the basin, was buried on the female high school brains.


The bowl has a tremendous impact on the table and even on the ground.

A circle of fresh yellow soup spray, spreading from the edge of the big bowl.

A strong hand pressed a bowl, and a tough kid stuck a girl in high school on the table and couldn't move.

The peaches stare at that hand, and then trembling over and seeing a familiar face.

“Yes…Is that you! ”She screamed with a sound close to screaming. She recognized each other, one of the most recent customers who had eaten in the store.

“Are you okay?”Lin Sheng wore white short sleeve shirt, tea leisure pants, showing two rough arms. There's also a tea mirror on your face. Looks like Swan's got a barbaric in it.

“No…It's okay. ”The peach voice is down, which makes it possible to discover that his hand has been loosed.

It's just that there's a black print on the back wrist, which looks like a bruise, but it's more red than a bruise.

“Treatment of extremes, without any means of justice, as long as it is effective, whatever style can be used."Lin Sheng said resolutely, while looking towards the female high school students on the table.

He can't beat the monster in his dreams, can't he beat these real scumbags?

It's coincidence he didn't feel good at his heart, and this guy hit his hand. How dare you do it when he eats his face?

“But this thing, not a shadow, can even be seen by ordinary people. And at the time of the attack, it was possible to create, by itself, an independent space and isolate others.

It's not strong, but it can lead to spatial isolation.That's funny. ”

Lin Sheng is interested.

“Take it back to the experiment, see if you can figure out your history and figure it out that it's good to be used as a sacrifice."

He's got a mind to grab a girl's head of high school, drag it up, turn it over to the mobile to the shop.

Peaches are cold and dared not to stay here. They can only keep up and follow Lin Sheng, and their hands will not leave the corner of his clothes.

Two men just stepped out of the store.


The sound around is like a spring coming out, like just picking off the earring machine in your ears.

All the creatures around it, all the dynamism, all of them back to normalcy and flowing into the ears of both.

Looking at people on the streets, cars, dragons, heads and remote control aircraft broadcast leaflets. On the right side, a man walks along with two fat sand dogs.

Suddenly, peaches have a sense of isolation.

Lin Sheng, look at the female high school students in his hand, has become a screen hair yellow, with a keen old cell phone.

He looked back.

The other two consumers still sitting in the counter, Boss and Boss, are still busy, just like this.

He injected Saint Light into two eyes, and all the images before him were scattered like fantasies.

The customers in the restaurant are fine, Boss. They're all gone.

The whole restaurant is empty, cold and clear, and no one is.

There's still a hot bowl on the table, and there's also a hot pot in the kitchen that's boiling.

But it's just nobody else.

“This situation…”Lin Sheng looked around the street, and the others seemed to have found nothing weird in the restaurant.

They have been swept through the horizon, and they have crossed the hall directly like ignorance.

The peaches on the side of the house have been swearing, shaking, wrapped in their hands.

“Mom and Dad!”She went out on a step, and she was going to go back to the restaurant and find her parents.

But just a few steps out, her arm was captured by Lin Sheng and pulled back.

“Look, it's too late.”Lin Sheng said solemnly.

He shakes his hand, a slight white light flies out of his fingers, and he doesn't enter the restaurant.


Turning around, the whole store was rapidly diluted, disappearing, turning into a brown brick wall, and several film posters were posted on it.

Peaches watch the shop disappear, the door becomes a brick wall, and the whole man is completely stuck.

Lin Sheng sighed, and for the first time he was in such a situation.

If you say in Xilun, the construction worker in the rotten tail, it's just a little bit of a mess.

So this scene, even the whole shop, has been switched away, and it's already a big hand.

The most disturbing thing for him is that this cognition also seems to have been transformed.

He looked around, walked up to a little supermarket door on the right, pushed the door in.

Supermarket shops are playing games with phones.

Lin Sheng paid for something, and, by the way, he said, "Do you know what's next door? When's the door closed? ”

The salesman was more than forty years old mom, hearing this look weird to see him.

“What's next door? Haven't you ever heard of a restaurant on this street? Did you remember the wrong place? ”

“Thanks.”Lin Sheng's head, “Maybe I'm mistaken."

The peaches behind him came in, heard the two people, and she stayed there again.

Lin Sheng picked up something, turned out to be supermarket.

“Now, what are you gonna do?”Lin Sheng looked to the back of the white peach.

He can distinguish the immediate girl who lives. That's the weird place.

The restaurant became a brick wall, and the people in it came out, but they were alive.

Most importantly, Lin Sheng has eaten here for a long time, and it is clear that this is the old symbol room that has always been right here.

And now, even the restaurant is completely gone.

Peach up, two eyes sweating at Lin Sheng.

“I…I don't know.I want to find my parents! ”

“Good, I see your determination. I would also like to know what just happened, come with me. ”

Lin Sheng's heart is actually known that the Factory Boss is bode ill more than well.

The spirit of peaches is pure, and while Demonic Ability and Saint Force are not qualified, the Holy Mosque accumulates Saint Force, the most important of which is not the qualities, but the will and spirit.

Peaches may not be able to do powerful Great Sage jobs, such as Paladin, but as experimental assistants, they can help do a little bit of a small thing. Saint Force could also be accumulated for the Temple as a prayer.

And when the soul is pure, Saint Force will accumulate much faster.

Usually three to five times the normal believers.

So Lin Sheng understood why the original temple was adopted to foster orphans, starting with the first hour.

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