349. Chapter 349 Extension 1

Chapter 349 Extension 1

Bring the peaches back to the villa, Lin Sheng taught her some of her bases of superordinary world knowledge, and then found a set of hidden movement technique that was better suited to women's learning, a little bit to guide her and practice her.

When peaches get up from their homes every day, they come to Lin Sheng to learn to practice, and then the rest of the time is to pray for Saint Light's closing potential under Lin Sheng's instructions. Building faith, hammer will. Preparation for the investigation of the disappearance of their parents.

Le Sheng finally found the breakthrough of the weapons of great formidable power Demonic Ability.

Benne University has also accumulated large quantities of heavy weapons in the territory of Benne University because of the entrance to the dust world.

It is only these heavy weapons, all of which are stored in the territory of the Secretariat, and two school mentors are headed by a professor.

This professor is the key to Lin Sheng's ability to reach Demonic Ability's weapons.

The professor, Calvin Dean, is more than 80 years old and is only mid-year among the superheroes. The strength itself is solid at the six Wings level, and normally, in addition to having a little drink, does not even smoke.

No gambling, no good girl, every day, except for the maintenance of weapons, is the promotion of Demonic Ability cultivation base. It's just an unscrupulous egg, nothing.

Lin Sheng, this information is received from the receptive logistics professor, Madlain Ice Bell.

Madlain's body improved one day after receiving Saint Force cultivation, and his wounds in the body were further healed as Demonic Ability was inspired by Saint Force.

This has made him more grateful to the Temple and has reached a peak in its insistence and pursuit of Saint Force.

In particular, the Holy Mosque is really like being born to suppress Black Tide, and Saint Force has a very strong pressure on black liquid spreading.

This is Madlain's own test.

In such a case, Lin Sheng has been instructed to do the small thing of gathering information, which is essentially easy to do.

Lin Sheng thought about him for half a day after receiving information from the weapons warehouse administrator, Calvin Dean. Finally found breakthrough.

Kevin Dean himself has nothing to do with it, but he has a biological son named Besberg, just a common man.

Beisburg is now a high level of record company and has a good cause, but recently he was implicated in a major corruption bribery case, suspected of hiring superman in darkness and forcing a good girl to sleep with important figures.

Besbourg is now under review, and Calvin Dean is constantly looking for relationships and trying to hold his son's case down.

“with breakthrough.”

Lin Sheng stood downstairs at the Lion Records Corporation Building, showing a strange smile on his face.

He's now using a red Warrior body, not a body.

According to the investigation, Lin Sheng raised the look for the tenth 9-Layer of the building, where Besberg's office is here.

This is the result of his continued pursuit of Red Warrior in the days.

“In fact, there's nothing too big on this guy. But there's no fragmentation, that makes one of them. "

Lin Sheng didn't walk into the building, but light up his hand and hit a ring.


The underground parking lot on the right side of the building, with the sound of the sound, is slowing down a little white tie in the suit.

This little white collar is pale, low, no one around can see him. Just like he doesn't exist.

The security guard who guarded the underground park smoked cigarettes and was talking to another security guard, and that little white tie just walked less than two metres before them.

And they were blind, and they couldn't see anything.

Lin Sheng walked to a café opposite the street, searched for the seat of the window, spotted a hot black coffee, pretended to be a free magazine in the store.

In fact, his eyeballs don't move on the white collar.

That little white lead step out of the parking lot, moved towards the Lion record building entrance.

He's a step, he's shaking from the beginning to the back, and he's getting steady and getting heavy.

Slowly, the top half of the little white collar starts to drum up quickly and grows up a fist big and small tumor.

But for more than a dozen seconds, his whole body has grown up a big circle. Looks unusual.


As he gets closer to the building.

White collaborators are becoming increasingly deformed and expanding. The tumor on his body is growing, becoming the size of his head.

He's been in the top half of his body, far away, like a dozen brains squeezing in a body, fighting for a body.


He shouted in the sky and walked into the entrance of the building. And no one around here can see him, and no one can hear him yelling.

Lin Sheng's face is calm, still watching the magazine.

“This is the first souls that I formally tested to transform, which, according to the presumption, should have a natural invisible character and a two-wing steel bone."

With the knowledge of the Institute's transformative souls technology, a complete set of equipment is now available.

Lin Sheng is not hard to replicate the technology of reverting souls. And after absorbing a large number of technical knowledge memories, he began to improve the special character of the community that studied the souls.

Shadows, simple words, are, in fact, residual transformers.

They cannot be identified at all because they are too weak and fragmented and do not have physical loads.

But the souls also have their own peculiarities, that is, when they attack, they can bite their souls from their lives.

So the physical assaults of the shadow, although weak, are almost as strong as ordinary adults, are very strong in type of attack. And there's a short distance capacity.

Lin Sheng looks at this.

He sat in the café position, and he started drinking the coffee lightly. Eyes are occasionally directed towards the building on the side.

In front of his seat, a brown blonde, wearing bright yellow sweater and white skirts, and opposite OLbosom friend, challenged a new quarterly dress that had recently been laid out at a store.

Just when Lin Sheng started drinking coffee cups, he suddenly saw a half-tall brown boy behind her hair.

Boys are wearing grey shirts and white sports pants, filthy everywhere.

His face is pale, his mouth is ridiculous, and his hands are slowly lifted with a hairy girl, moved towards each other.

Worldwide, bosom friend, sitting opposite a hairdresser, there are guests in other places, everyone, no one sees this little boy.

“Not the soul.”Lin Sheng, look at this little boy, and he wants to see what each other wants.

Before the peaches' bakery, there was trouble with a café.

This world seems increasingly chaotic.

And most importantly, the Facebook thing, he then investigated the whole street store, and no one remembered that there was a restaurant in that place.

Everyone still deserves a life, a job that works.

Lin Sheng didn't have a bullet, just looking at that little boy picking her hair off the back, and then the whole body slowed down to fit in the back of the beauty.


Long beauty speaks, suddenly put down glasses, coffee cups and glass tables, and shook.

She's down and she doesn't know how much, slowly starts crying.

bosom friend met and seemed to have thought about something, and was constantly starting to comfort her.

The harder she cries, the more sad she cries.

Suddenly, she grabbed a few pieces of steel forks and punched her eyes hard.


The steel violent force stabbed in the eyeball, and most of it didn't reach the depths of the eye.

Blood and syrup spilled out, spilled in the coffee cup on the table.

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