350. Chapter 350 Extension 2

Chapter 350 Extension 2

Everyone in the whole café noticed this side, and a guest stood up and was full of surprises.

The plates in the hands of several of the waiters fell on the ground without knowing themselves.

Throughout the coffee room, there were previous conversations, loud silence.


And then this is the mute screaming.

The guests are moving up and moving towards the exit.

Even the waiters are scared to run away, and the store's hair is white, and call the police immediately.

Only that OLbosom friend, trembling and shaking, galvanizing courage and stretching his hand to grab a friendly hand.

“My God! Oh, my God! Liv! Oh, my God!

She's only going to say a frightening sigh in her mouth. She tried to put bosom friend's hand off the steel fork.

But the strengths of each other are far beyond her imagination. She couldn't even shake bosom friend's wrist.

Lin Sheng sat in the back, and it was clear that that little boy was slowing out of the hair of a beauty, reshaping, moving towards the door.

He didn't do it, because this body was simply red Warrior, without that speed and reaction to stop.

On the other hand, for the first time, he saw these guys who were not shadows, which could cause such a great harm.

“Unfortunately, Red Warrior has weak physical strength and insufficient response. Otherwise, it would just be possible to capture that little boy and save lives. "

Lin Sheng is sighing.


At this point, the Lion record building on the other side was finally quiet.

Besburg's office floor, a room window blows up and floats down a large fragment of glass.


A circle of invisible spiritual shocks, from which atrocities explode, spreading rapidly around.

It was like wild beast's rage, but no one heard it.

Lin Sheng came up and went out of the café, looking forward to something going on in the building.

Soon, a weirdo with more than a dozen heads, grabbing a middle-aged man from the floor, jumping out and falling hard.


The ground floats two rough footprints.

In the eyes of the surrounding people, Besburg was caught by an invisible monster, stuck in his neck, raised up high, fell off the floor. Nothing at all.

“Here we go…”Lin Sheng pretended to run into the corner alley with other panic screamers. In fact, while people don't notice, turn it into black smoke and watch it around.

“Besburg! Give it back to me, Leah! ”More than a dozen people in the shadows show the color of anger and yell down.

At the core of his body, he was a man who loved each other and was about to be ready for marriage.

Regrettably, this was a wonderful thing, and it was over when Besburg used superpower to get obsessed with his girlfriend in a bar.

Girl's loss is not a coincidence, but it's a strange change of heart to serve Besburg and the important figures he has designated.

This puts men in extreme insanity, and shortly after that, he was unable to take the moral pressure to poison himself in his home.

And Lin Sheng was lucky, where he found the residue that he had not gone away.

So, using shadow technology to transform it into a shadow, more than 10 different souls were added to it in the experiment and a little special.

More than that.

Lin Sheng wanted to be a powerful weapon that could truly be put in the field.

As he continued to study and excavate his soul, he had begun to present new ideas on the basis of a great deal of memory knowledge and deeper into the soul.

The study of souls makes him feel more than ever that he used to use soul strength, just the smallest.

A man's soul, capable of spreading power, should be far beyond what he imagined. So he's digging the mystery of the soul now.


The souls are all weird, open their mouth, bite it hard on the left arm of Besburg, and the hard-on tear it apart.

In a terrible scream, a lot of blood spreads on the ground.

The synthetic monster didn't just do it, but started moving towards Bess's arm wounds, and the jet injected a lot of black smoke.

“This time, Starman should be coming soon."

Lin Sheng estimates the next time, and soon sees that the road has been dispersed, running very cold streets, a few green lights and rushing towards this side.

“About the breath, one wing, the other one Wing. If that's all the power you can do, why don't you join us? ”

Soon, a path of green silhouette and synthetic weirdo come together swiftly.

in the impact of the DG Däng Dāng Dāng, the combination was completely tank, surrounded by a direct breakthrough, in addition to being injured a little bit of skin.

The fence streets around the wall have been stabbed out of crack tattoos, and Beebe has been caught shaking around, and it's about to break.

The Star Manchester team has not been able to save the hostages, and even its own crew has begun to get hurt.

Their attacks fell on synthetic freaks, with only a little scar.

And here, Lin Sheng didn't keep looking, and he wanted the actual test data, and he got it, so he turned around and left.

Beebe will not die, this is an order that he has already printed in his brain.

But he'll be better off than dead and tortured.

Demonic Ability's therapeutic technology, even in combination with modern technology, has no effect on his wounds.

Only the Temple, Saint Force, is the only hope for Besbourg.

It is also the only hope for Kevin Dean, who guards the weapons arsenal.

Lin Sheng was on his way back there was another creepy ghost attack on the living. I'm glad he did it, and he took away the little boy's ghost before.

Even ordinary people often see them flying around every corner of the city.

It was also a fantastic city center, and there were no more people's vehicles at that time.

Continued cases have erupted, the streets are cold and clear, and everyone is afraid to leave and be afraid of being in some danger.

Lin Sheng traveled through some light dark places, and even felt that in these shadows there was some kind of dangerous breath that was rolling out of pregnancy.

“That's Black Tide's breath…"

Lin Sheng is very familiar with this breath.

After raising the level of knowledge to this realm now, he has made clear that his world is gradually being swallowed and swallowed by Black Tide.

He doubted that it was precisely because he could easily enter enter Dreamland so far as to enter the world tours that Black Tide had already swallowed.

Not his soul is strong enough to ignore the distance of the world.

And most likely, his world and those that have been destroyed are too close.

Take your heart back.

Lin Sheng, sitting in the basement lab, had to slow down your eyes.

“The test works well. The objectives of the mandate have also been met simultaneously. Control has also reached the perfect level. The third synthesis experiment was formally successful. "

He stood up, walked to an experimental platform, knocked on the laptop, and took note of the results of the tests and the process.

From the time of the patrol mission, he was experimenting with the rehabilitation of his soul.

By influencing and distorting the different regions of the soul. Together with the special brainwashing techniques within the Temple, and the technology available to the Institute to control the souls.

Lin Sheng has further deepened the results of the Institute's previous souls and turned them into a synthetic weirdo technology.

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