351. Chapter 351 Extension 3

Chapter 351 Extension 3

“In the Temple theory, the soul of the human being is divided into five large parts.

These five are, respectively:

On behalf of all forces, courage, anger, hatred, madness, etc., called Strength's Angel.

‘Represents all wisdom, logic, memory, summary, rationality, etc., called Wisdom's Angel.

‘On behalf of all the instincts, hidden in the deepest parts of nature and desire, called Ability's Angel.

‘Enjoy the soul all right, the beautiful part, called Blazing Angel.

"and, finally, to accommodate all the negative and ugly parts of the soul, known as Dark Angel."

“The spiritual transformation between Blazing Angel and Dark Angel is most efficient and, indeed, highly relevant. Maybe under five large parts, there is a deeper mysterious connection. ”

Lin Sheng recorded this guess, and that's the next subject.

“Now, the first thing to do is to deal with Besburg."

He picked up his cell phone and sent a confirmed text to Madlain's phone.

Madlain is now gradually restoring his strength and, with healing of his body, his strength has returned to the four Wings Suppression Level peak.

And he will, in a random coincidence, expose Saint Force to each other without intent after Calvin Dean had lost his way.

It is possible to treat the son again, while also extending his own lifespan and without much demands and restrictions on him.

Such a church, it's a perfect ideal to save the Pope.

And to get Saint Light, the only condition is to pray every other time to the Temple and get a new Ash Seal.

Lin Sheng started waiting.

Time goes by day, day five afternoon.

Kevin Dean came to a pre-arranged hotel alone and rented a conference room.

Then a red Warrior, representing Lin Sheng's will, followed in.

The package was very smooth.

The Temple has no restrictions and demands on Calvin Dean, and Lin Sheng claims that their purpose is simply to leave the last fires for humanity in the gradually expanding Black Tide.

The aim of the Temple was Black Tide, not any other person or force.

Following the demonstration of Saint Force's use of black liquid production, half of Calvin Dean's letter accepted the entertainment ceremony.

The so-called ceremony is a simple oath, while accepting Saint Force Seed's admission.

Saint Force Seed was hidden by Lin Sheng in the dark and was personally attached to it. After all, Calvin Dean is also a real six-Wings strong and one of the top strongest in school.

He and the four other presidents were the strongest to dismiss the principal and vice-president, Suna.

Without Lin Sheng anticipation, Calvin Dean was a cautious man to pack directly Saint Force Seed, not meditate, nor study, but to persuade the Temple to help his son with his treatment.

Obviously, he had no doubt that Saint Force would have no purpose to cultivate Saint Force Seed into the body.

Just Lin Sheng doesn't care, so long as he shows up the possibility of healing Beebe, Calvin Dean will believe it.

Just as he planned to absorb Kevin Dean into the Temple, Madlain brought him another important good news.

During the 7 Locks Tower raids, the elder director of Benne University against the cult, Campas Warren, continued to be ineffective with several rescue treatments.

The wounds are becoming more severe and have deteriorated to the point of inability to return to the sky.

Existing medical and Demonic Ability instruments have had little effect on them.

President Campus's entire blood function began to collapse, with signs of a shrinking brain marrow. All internal filthy perverse phenomena similar to exclusionary reactions.

As one of the major figures in Benne University, Campus was one of the five seats under the two Vice-Presidents of Suna and one level in Calvin Dean.

But his rights and background are much larger than that of Calvin Dean. Power is also the six Wings level.

At this level, even in White Paper as a whole, graduating Benne University is a high-ranking person.

And now he is dying seriously, or in the absence of all means of redress.

Lin Sheng knows his chances are coming.

As long as you have this, Benne University now, at least half the right to speak, that's all he says.

What resources are needed by that time is also easy and easy to resolve.



Drop, drop, drop…

Continued cardiac screening devices, with minor electronic voices on a continuous basis.

In the first metropolitan city of Miga, the city of Pongjagrey, the 1st Level Hospital, the special room.

Heavy disorder custody mobile system, surrounded by old people's groups lying on the bed, a needle and a sensory kit, and Demonic Ability detection card, etc., densely packed connections to the elderly.

Campus needs a quiet rest. This is the best expert doctor's suggestion.

Just next to the bed at this time, standing on a pretty old man.

He's got a hat in his hand, with a sad look at Canpas in his bed.

“Don't look at me like this, Madlain.”Canpas can also speak, but it's just a low level of air, and it's obvious that there is a weakness in the mind.

“We've been together for decades, Campus, and now, like you and me, there are still too few friends.”Madlain sighs.

“What do you want to say? When I was still a kid, you didn't talk. Now they're gone, you stay alone. Say something straight. ”

Campus knows his best friend too much. And he never used to be the target.

“You want to live?”Madlain was crying.

“Bullshit.”Campas is silent. “What? What can you do to keep me alive? ”He conceived to guess Madlain had a way.

Sure, Madlain nodded.

“I don't know if I can succeed, but it's worth trying. It's better than a hopeless death, whatever it is, try hard. "

Campus opened his mouth to talk, to his mouth, and stopped.

“What are you trying to say? What can I say? The stomach has been hanging for decades, or this is the German line, and you shouldn't have been chasing Misha. "

“hehe. Believe me, I'll kill you right now. "Madlain, smile.

“You try it? It's okay to drag a three-Wings back before I die. "Campus, come back and laugh.

“Three Wings? hehe. ”Madlain smiled again, with Demonic Ability slowing down, and the quality of Demonic Ability in the suppression Level showed up, and it was possible to distinguish.

Campas was honest, and he was well aware of the seriousness of the wounds and causation on Madlain.

That's why he's in town at this time.

He opened his eyes, and even a weak breath was pushing a lot. The eyes burn at Madlain.

“You…How did you recover? It's not going to sell your ass, is it? ”

“Are you looking for hammer!"Madlain is angry. “Besides, I have a ghost connection with my wound recovery and selling my ass! "

He slowed his breath, hesitated.

For Saint Force, he was not aware of the purpose of the Temple and of the consequences of pulling his old friend under water.

But he knows that without Saint Force, Campus is really dead this time.

Anyway, let's just live.

He is determined at the moment to slow down his mouth.

“Have you ever heard of a power called Saint Force?”

“Can you fix me?”Canpas is crying.

“It's possible! Just need…A little unknown. ”

“What risk?”

“Don't know.”

“It's scared of shit!”Canpashomey laughed. “Live and say it! ”

(This chapter is over)

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