352. Chapter 352 Extension 1

Chapter 352 Extension 1

Canpas's condition was curtailed, and a few days later, the wounds were effectively starting to alleviate.

However, he did not immediately approve the application of the Temple for weapons research, so Lin Sheng was not able to pretend to be an ordinary member of the Temple to travel to the school Demonic Ability weapons depot to select weapons.

The claim given by the Temple is not sufficient for any weapons, but only for a few days to rest in the arsenal.

It is said to be a noble concession for a weapons-enthusiastic lover.

But no one will believe that word. Up to that kid that's all.

Canpas is well aware of the weapons in the Demonic Ability weapons arsenal, the size of formidable power, which, once lost, is extremely vulnerable to massive killing and injury. So he doesn't believe in the purpose of the Temple as pure.

So he dragged back.

But Saint Force's role is bigger than he imagined.

Not long ago, Lin Sheng came this way to Margaret's news. And received Demonic Ability Users, a new member of the Temple.

The sister did not return, but continued to travel in several nearby cities and implicitly recruited people to join the temple.

The Temple of Notre Saint Force, which is very stimulating to Demonic Ability, is mutually reinforcing, and the pace of study can be multiplied by several times.

This is unbelievable for the decentralized Demonic Ability Users. So every chance to come forward, Demonic Ability Users, is very happy to choose to join.

Time's over.

Soon, it was the first time that the Temple gathered and passed Ash Seal.

Even Madlain, Margaret, and the former crew, Melissa. Even Demonic Ability Users was rushed from elsewhere.

All of us, put down everything in their hands and go to the place of assembly.

The Temporary Temple, gathered, was chosen by Lin Sheng in a private plantation in Madlain.

The garden is situated outside the city, and there is also a broad underground space.

7 December, afternoon, clear. The sky is cloudless.

Within the Black Mei Park, in the lobby.

A red Warrior stood on both sides, and those forces were only close to ordinary soldiers at the level of Superman, but were highly disciplined and impressed by the memory of those who had already arrived.

In the lobby, Heyhee, look at it, at least 20.

The weakest of these individuals have the strength of at least two wings.

“This is Miga, strong, complex, but free.”

Lin Sheng and Margaret, Madlain, as well as Campos, four people stand together, standing on the second floor in a single glass room, beneath the bottom.

“In fact, there is no freedom.”Margaret shakes his head, "A lot of them are being forced by White Paper's forces, and now it's almost extinct."

“Civic self-learning, it's good to be able to reach this standard."Madlain said with a smile.

“Without these words, the Temple is in line with my Benjamin's interests, and I hope that the Temple will work openly with me to suppress the spread of Black Tide.”Canpas is recovering very well.

Saint Force on his body has clearly reached 3rd Level.

Referring to Black Tide, he looked beyond Lin Sheng.

Lin Sheng, wearing white armor, with green crystal masks on his head, with a high body, continues to spread a circle of pounds, strong Saint Force.

“Stricting Black Tide, we have no obligation to resist, but now Miga's shrines are too few. We have to absorb a few, so that we can swiftly transform and stimulate each other through cultivation base. To enable Saint Force to quickly complete its initial accumulation. ”

Lin Sheng calmly said. His voice was deliberately used as a specialized change technique to cover the original voice.

He doesn't want his true identity to be seen by the old foxes of Canpas, not afraid to be discovered, just to be in trouble.

“7 Locks Tower's raid has resulted in a number of urban areas where seals in schools have been damaged and significant black Tide breaths have been discharged. We must suppress it as soon as possible. ”Canpas, let's talk low.

“What else do you say?”Lin Sheng Hitdly said.

“Forget it. I'll see you later.”Campus suddenly sighed, no more.

After the old president did not speak, Margaret went after Lin Sheng and started reporting what she did after she left.

Package, investigation, early identification of development planning for the Holy Mosque, while implicitly spending money spreading Saint Light is the only one against Black Tide.

Lin Sheng, listen to what Margaret did, feels like this guy's better than he's got to run the temple.

“If there is no accident, this time we will set up a formal branch here.”Lin Sheng gave Margaret a nut. "You'll be here to preside over this everyday business. "

“I'll try!”Margaret, take it seriously.

She was not a small family, but one of the noble people on Oro's side, and the background of the family was so wide that a lot of things were infected from a little ear, and she knew what to do.

After contacting the Temple, she immediately realized the great potential in it.

Upstairs to the second floor for a while.

All those who join the Holy Mosque near here are also in place.

A total of 28 Demonic Ability Users.

It's a terrifying number. Because Demonic Ability Users is different from the general.

After they joined the temple, they learned Saint Force to start, Saint Force and Demonic Ability were stimulated by each other, and the amplification and effect was not as simple as one plus one.

That is, in the immediate future, the twenty-eight will be able to accomplish one thing in the near future, far beyond leaving the rest of their minds.

When a man is identified, the outside Red Warrior begins to close the door. At the same time, count the numbers.

The Temple is not a cult, but a secret denomination, so there is also a list of members.

At the same time, the number of people is being implicitly beaten around each other. Perhaps later, they will be connected to each other to form a community of interests.

The Temple gives them a network of relationships, giving them stronger power and faith.

Lin Sheng left them some time.

About half an hour later, he slowed up, walked out of the block on the second floor, standing downstairs to the most visible.

There's a small, sophisticated expansionist.

Lin Sheng stood in front of the alarm, swept the whole place and waited silently for people to calm down.

The noise quickly recovered, and Demonic Ability Users came here, and everyone knew the purpose of coming here.

Ash Seal.

This is what the Temple notified you at first. It's something that enables them to have new and powerful powers, apart from demonic Ability. At the same time, the rate of Saint Force cultivation can be enhanced.

It's also curious that this white armor man who walked out, perhaps the head of the Temple here.

What would he say? It is impossible for the temple to be brought here, just a little white flower, to pay no need.

So everybody's ready to pay for it.

Lin Sheng's face under the mask lightly smiled, standing in front of the flashlight, whispering low.

“I'm glad. It is possible to talk to and exchange questions about Black Tide here. ”

“My name is Tarus St., an orphan rescued by the temple from a small slum."He started to play freely again.

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