353. Chapter 353 Extension 2

Chapter 353 Extension 2

“My childhood, remember, was spent in a broken house of land. There's a rough little wooden horse, a packed sandbag.

That's all I had in my childhood. ”

Lin Sheng, dessert.

“I've never read, never went to school, even now, I don't even know the word. I'm really, just a normal young man.

If you abandon the refinement and leave Saint Light for my youth, I'm just a bad kid who's still playing mud now. "

He's a heartfelt scandal in the audience.

“My mom's dead.”

“…"There is nothing wrong with people.

“My dad was seriously wounded.”

“…"Next absolute silence.

“I big brother elder sister an idiot, a paralysis."

“Do you want to be so miserable…Really? ”The next person sees his eyes full of sympathy.

Lin Sheng's face is serious, as if it were shining, full of pure white light.

“From a very young age, I swear that there must be no more tragedies in the world and no more wars. There's no more chaos, no more mercy.

Yes, if the tragedy does not exist, then compassion will never begin. "He's got human rays of light, emotionally full of ways to go on.

“At that time, I was only three years old, taking care of Grandfather's grandmother, and taking care of the father who was seriously ill in bed, Big brother elder sister was not only helpless, but occasionally hit me.”

“…"There's no more words down there.

Three years old? Can you turn back? It's good if you don't piss your pants at three years old.

But look at Lin Sheng's coming in deep depths, and people don't feel real, and they have a little idea in their heart:Maybe this guy's a little special at three? After all, it was the great man chosen by the Temple to be the head of the area.

Lin Sheng's voice and silence.

“I don't know when I started thinking about what I believed in, and I just got into Saint Light of the Temple. Believe in the light of my own heart, that makes me deeply obsessed.

I was thinking, man, there was always something to support inside. So I tried my attitude, and I started studying Saint Force's career.

This study, oh, I didn't expect it to be true! When Saint Light was born, it was obviously not working!

My big brother's not stupid. I elder sister's not paralyzed! My dad's all hurt. My grandma Grandfather's sick is cured. My mom doesn't even know when to live! ”

“…”All right, what are you talking about?

The next man doesn't want to say anything. You're happy.

The more Lin Sheng says emotions are true.

“So my mom didn't actually die, and she just couldn't see hope at that time, sneaking into the field to live alone.

And then she saw hope, and she came back. So with hope, everything will be all right. Everyone says, "Right?”He's not moving, come round.

However, while some of the people below are not convinced, most people really have faith in what they mean.

Demonic Ability Users, with superficial innate talent, does not represent a certain high quality of culture. Most Demonic Ability Users, in fact, is just a strong will and soul.

So Lin Sheng picked up one of the worst people from his vast memories, picked up things that were peaceful, a little bit more exaggerated, and made people down there feel comfortable and shared.

Next, he goes on to speak deeply about his own experience and how to move from the inferior to the invisible path and to the path of successful life.

Because all of them are real events that have been experienced by themselves, which have slowly led to the fact that there is a glimmer of confidence.

Half an hour later.

Lin Sheng has been touched by tears, with some noise coming down and deep moved towards the crowd bowing.

“Glad to be together and to feel Saint Light's strength. Pray for the light of the light within your own hearts, and bring light to all mankind.

This is the purpose of my temple from the beginning to the future! Justice, perhaps late, but light, never in the face! Thank you, everyone! ”

Lin Sheng bows again.

Sounds back in the hall, not long.



The whole hall opens a drum applause.

Almost 90 per cent of people were infected by Lin Sheng's speech. Maybe someone thinks there's a case too exaggerated.

But when Lin Sheng said some personal experiences, they were able to judge that it was real.

Lin Sheng's speech has gradually gained recognition under a large number of authentic events.

Importantly, from Lin Sheng's experience of growth, they hidden Saint Light's study, the most fundamental focus being on what.

At the end of the speech, Red Warrior began to hold out the advertisements prepared in advance and send you leaflets.

“Thank you, everyone, for showering light and no more humble."

“Thank you, everyone, for showering light and no more humble."

“Thanks, thank you.”

“What kind of relatives around you encounter with a trauma that can be introduced to the temple, and we can cure it on a reimbursable basis."

“Everyone understands that, since the healer's priest, who also needs a personal life, it is impossible to waste the suffering of Saint Light on others. So compensation is sustainable. I hope you understand. ”

Lin Sheng was printed on the leaflet to draw the Ash Seal picture.

That's the most basic Sanctuary picture. Time is only two hours.

Although he has now struck the 102nd Level Saint Force level, the Ash Seal side still has no way of completely rehabilitating it.

Without Book of Inheritance, Ash Seal's longest term is two hours.

Members of the temple, exchange of identity, exchange of learning experience, conduct of Ash Seal meditation immediately, etc., are gradually warming up.

Because all human seeds come from Lin Sheng alone. So their power is actually on Lin Sheng's side of the speech.

This linkage will also be more and more closely developed with subsequent developments.

Saint Light will gradually transform the physical integrity of the interns and continue to strengthen them and transform them. Until it is completely transformed into the type of hostage that Saint Light is the subject of.

By that time, once someone betrayed the temple. After a while without Ash Seal, his entire strength will begin to decline.

Full strength, perhaps not just Saint Light, would even include all the energy that remains in the body.

That's the terrifying one.

Not dead, but in the case of Superman, such a situation is worse than death.

Of course, the present temple, which is not harmless to everyone, is still at a high rate of development, and everyone will only see its benefits and no harm.

But it won't be long. Once there is a rebellion, the terrifying place of the Temple will not be demonstrated.

Soon, this gathering was successfully completed.

All present members, when leaving the plantation, naturally have more than a layer of proximity. That's the members of the Temple, who believe in Saint Light.

With its harmless appearance, the Temple began to evolve in the vicinity of the entire Benne University only with no detrimental development.

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