354. Chapter 354 Extension 3

Chapter 354 Extension 3

Lin Sheng, alone, is gradually spreading Saint Force Seed. Too many people.

So he identified Madlain and Margaret as the core, so they started spreading Saint Force Seed for others.

Turn around for a few more days.

Disbanded members of the Temple who returned to all parts of the country, began to work hard to help the people around the stars, to suppress the manifold black Tide black fog and to do a lot.

Nor will the Temple be hidden, but it is coming out of the light and putting it on the table for everyone to observe.

Madlain, one of Miga's agents, has given rise to his own Black Mel Garden and has transformed it into a Temple Division. A large number of members are allowed to interact.

In the broader context of the seven Locks Tower raids on the three main Secrets. Miga White Paper was somewhat excluded from the sudden appearance of the Temple Division, but the follow-up survey showed that the Temple had not incited chaos, had no evil bloody sacrifice, and had no shadow.

On the contrary, members of the Temple, one of them is jealous, and in order for the light to take everything out, there is an incredible enthusiasm.

If that's all, it's not a problem.

During the follow-up period, the strength of the members of the temple was too fast.

Their Saint Force strengths, at a rate that makes people look at their tongues, jumps up faster, like no money. One day.

So Miga politicians can't stand it. You can be bright. The question is, don't be too much.

Others just want to steal some bacon at the door in the middle of the night, and they get hit as heavy wounds.

The guy who touched the ceramic car on the halfway, the man had not fallen down, and was immediately taken off by the members of the Temple to prepare for kidney, saying he was going to dedicate his internal dirty to the more needy and do good work!

The bus was stolen by a bunch of wallet gangs who were killed and scared of a fool. The remaining one was broken and pulled to prepare for Saint Light's reminder.

If it were not near Benne University itself, it would have been an attack, like a war. Attacks have been rampant.

In times of peace, such cases have been characterized as vicious incidents.

In response, Lin Sheng had reconvened the members at the top of the group and had conveyed the three main principles of excitement, inaction, unrest and unrest.

The atmosphere of the Temple fell rapidly.

But that is the case, and there is an increasing number of people joining the Temple. A lot of people actually don't have the power to fix Saint Force. But they are willing to become members of the Temple.

With the increasing number of people, the impact is increasing.

From an original clandestine denomination, the Holy Mosque has gradually begun to become a preacher to the Church in the region.

That is when Benne University Demonic Ability's application was finally approved.

Canpas has completely figured out.

The pace of cultivation among the members of the Temple is fascinating, although it is far less than Lin Sheng for reasons of physical intensity, most members are two to four times faster than their original cultivation.

This is the cultivation speed on Saint Force.

Even a number of people have been given the first innate talent magic — evil detection.

With evil detections, some of them want to fake identity, to mix the spy into the followers of the Temple, almost on one basis, with heavy casualties.

And all the members of the Temple, also due to the emergence of the innate talent mythology, are becoming increasingly mindful of the sanctity of the Temple.

Lin Sheng, at this time, also began to teach the holy Warrior Saint Light.

Because Saint Light has a very strong and amplification effect on the human body, it can also quickly heal the wounds.

So the Temple Warrior is mostly dominated by extremely heavy armor and weapons.

Anyway, Saint Light's strengthened body will be stronger and stronger. And as long as the defense is strong enough to significantly weaken external harm, it can be quickly cured even if it is physically injured.

In this way, almost every temple Warrior will be moving small tanks. You can fight your own grandmother. It is not possible to crush the second of the typhoon, but to wait for the abyss of the war to be dragged into a long time.

Lin Sheng passed this Saint Light course down, and the members below are not the first boiling ones.

The real boiling is the mid and low rank Demonic Ability Users in nearby cities.

At this age, the bulletproof clothing, the tattoo, is all very thin. Just a little bit more hard armor, more defensive than ancient cans.

Such a defense, coupled with Saint Light's enhanced body, can cure the wounds.

This has risen to an exaggerated level for mid and low rank Demonic Ability Users.

So the temple, and at an incredible rate of exaggeration, is spreading fast, opening up throughout Benne University.



Benne University Secret.

Demonic Ability weapons depot.

Lin Sheng stood in front of the big, cold garage gates. Looking forward to the deep blue metal gate.

There's a snowcake in the door with the same spiral upward, and there's a covert flow of freshpurple fluorescent.

Calvin Dean is tired, standing by Lin Sheng.

Lin Sheng, although his own, was wearing white armor, with helmets and masks, and also covered a thick layer of Saint Force on the skin of the armor to isolate the search.

He came here to visit the study in a holy capacity.

Saint-jin was so jealous that he had put rays of light in the 7 Locks Tower raid and saved a lot of Benne University people.

For such a man, such a strong man. There is also a commitment not to bring any weapons.

Kevin Dean also responded very briefly to the arrangements of the Temple. Bring Lin Sheng here.

Not by Campus, but by Kevin Dean's consent.

“Voice:starvation and greed."

Calvin Dean is low in a language that Lin Sheng has never heard, reading a phrase.

Soon, the whole door began to slow down from the middle to the second.

Behind the door, it's a huge container duplicate, and countless cold gases form white fog, like entering a large cold-tank.

“We can go in. Are you sure you're gonna stay in there for three days? ”Calvin Dean reconfirmed again, looking weird.

“Sure.”Lin Sheng's head.

“Weapons here are specially marked and statistically stationed, and none of them are allowed to come out of their arsenals, can you agree?”Calvin Dean reconfirmed.

“Agree!"Lin Sheng's head.

“All right. Well, you go, three days later, I'll pick you up. ”Calvin Dean finally said something.

Lin Sheng said thank you, and then walked to the weapons depot.

Through more than 10 metres high, three metres thick metal gates. He went into the door and was settled by a big gang on the left.

‘Heavy radiation tank – Red Python. You can even shoot the five Wings strong in the terrifying weapon for a second. "

This tank is three metres tall, seven metres wide, thick, like a black big bull, with a solid white coat on the edge.

“formidable power is not enough.”Lin Sheng wants weapons of mass formidable power to be duplicated.

He saw a little bit of a tank, and soon he saw a tough part.

"Lightning cannon."

This is the most far-reaching type of artillery in the Demonic Ability cannon. The appearance looks like the mortars in the big edition, just more sophisticated, surrounded by fresh green demonic Ability.

“This is a little too, and I want formidable power, overlapping!”

Lin Sheng continues to search.

Like super dangerous weapons. Keep slipping through his eyes.

I don't know how long he finally stood in front of an independent deep blue container and looked at the narrative plates.

‘Heavy spider artillery, one of the strongest contemporary Demonic Ability weapons driven by spiders as a core energy source.

The most brilliant score was once in the Red Black Battle, 10 rounds of gunfire, wounding the ranker whistle of the enemy camp. "

This is the biggest formidable power ever.

Then it was a bomb.

Demonic Ability was replaced by a number of formidable power terrifying bombs, even more than strategic nuclear warheads. A strategic nuclear warhead equivalent to an extraordinary version.

Now, Lin Sheng's eyeballs are gathered on a white bomb that looks like grenades.

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The list is as follows:the powder of a wolf dog.

The pain stems from the desire.

The brains smashed the peach.

The leftovers deal with the Knights Regimental Commander.

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