355. Chapter 355 Memory 1 (Thank Teacher Old Li for his well-nourished alliance lord)

Chapter 355 Memory 1 (Thank Teacher Old Li for his well-nourished alliance lord)

Lin Sheng put a white grenade on the left side of the street, under a archaeological window.

And then he went forward.

His location is about a kilometre from that redhead woman.

There's already a slight white cream on the ground.

Lin Sheng looked around, and white ‘granny' in the back pocket, light moved towards the right.

The streets are divided into two blocks, up there is a minibus road, down the highway, and there's a metal sign on the side of the road that's slowing down.

Lin Sheng turned around the street and put a grenade at every point.

Until all grenades are scattered and surrounded by a great circle, he grabs the empty pocket, sits on the bottom of a road lamp, slows down the breath.

“More than one hundred and thirty white foam storms, this time you're not dead!"Lin Sheng's hands hold on the ground and touch a thing with his hands.

He grabbed it and looked at it, it was a plastic little green board, and it painted a weird letter of flower.

There's also a small wallet on the tattoo.

“The bakery? That's what's happening here? ”Lin Sheng left the board with her hands and looked up towards the redheaded woman.

The air is cold, the top clouds, and sometimes flies through a silk arc.

“This ghost dream is getting real…Maybe that's what I did to the other world? ”Lin Sheng's heart slipped through that idea.

Take a little break, he climbs up from the ground.

Walk to the skewed building door, light stop under your feet.

Oh, yeah.

The whole man jumped up, jumped seven or eight meters, lookin 'on the top of the building.

There was a black instrument on the rocks that was slowing down.

He stretched his hand to hold the instrument, one hit.


‘Procedural activation. Proliferation wave scanning starts…Subsidiary operating system starts. ’

Under the instrument, as in the black box of the nest, an automatic extension of a tight long spear tube, while the rest of the place flies automatically.

Turn around and turn into a light machine gun.

“Come on, let me see where you are now.”Lin Sheng, get down and put your eyes in front of the red glasses.

red's target mirror, far away from that redhead woman, is moving, sitting on the ground, giant sword sticking around.

Same as Lin Sheng saw her first.

“Let you see the power of science and technology.”

Lin Sheng's against the woman who hasn't known how many times he died. At last, there is a chance to pay off your wishes, and there is a little bit of excitement in your mind.

“This bomb formidable power, not even King of Night, is much stronger than that. Is there some waste? ”Lin Sheng suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.

These bombs can only be replicated once in a dream, and if this is done, then the next time we get into trouble, that's all.

After all, such layers of bombs are difficult to find again.

Think about it. He's still released.

“Forget it, just keep it steady, get rid of this guy.”

Red hair women can stabilize the repression of him now. And a little bit of a big trick, it's a second kill.

So this guy's probably at ranker level.

For the present temple, many ranker would certainly be very helpful.

Lin Sheng is determined to stay together, to refocus attention on the mirror, and look to the redheaded woman far away.

His hand was swift and precise, slowing down a bullet with a short hand and pushing it into a gun.

kächā loud.

The bullet entered, and the whole surface of the gun suddenly slipped through a golden flour like roses.

‘The bullets are ready, the auxiliary system starts.’

"Start with armoured models, open through enhanced passage."

‘One layer strengthened, two Layer strengthened, three Layer strengthened, and the second paragraph accelerated completion.’

‘Everything's ready. Ready to finish. ’

Lower electronic synthesis slows down.

Lin Sheng's hand is on the trigger, ready to pull it. He looked closely at the redheaded woman sitting in the place of origin, with a high mental concentration.


Lightly pulling the trigger, Lin Sheng just felt the whole gun shaking.

A pure flame of blue spreads out of a gunpipe, and blinks like a sword disappear without a trace.

In the mirror, the redheaded woman saw it, grabbed his sword and stood in the front.


A giant collision hit her hard in the middle of the sword she was blocking.

Long-growth bullets swing high, like electric drilling, crazy attempts to cross giant sword, shoot women.

But red women scream down, release large white fog, quickly stick around, cover giant sword, and increase resistance.

Don't wait for her to finish, Lin Sheng, this way, move quickly, and take out two more bullets.

peng peng peng was struck by two separate flames of blue fire.

This redhead woman can't handle it. The hard-born was shot on the right shoulder by two bullets.

Just let Lin Sheng go, two bullets hit each other's shoulders, and there's only a little bit of black blood flowing. And then the bullet was blown up.

“Great!”He's heartfelt.

The gun, known as Severas, was intended to be an assassin of the Fire, and he enquired about the information that the gun was equivalent to a full-blown shot at at at least six Wings peak.

Only one gun can be fired three times.

So this gun has been abandoned.

More than that, in the Demonic Ability weapons arsenal, the President of the Republic of Canpas was so reassured to let Lin Sheng in here.

That is because all the armaments here are covered by the blockade set by the principal himself.

As long as, within the arsenal, no weapons will appear, explosions, chemical reactions, etc., dangerous accidents.

In order to take out the armoury, the principal must be personally locked and approved.

So, let's not say if he can bring it out, even if he takes it out of the armoury, the so-called armaments will turn into irons, and they can't be used at all.

Six Wings formidable power's powerful gun like a fire god, worth it, and the whole armoury is like that.

The school installed the most sophisticated technology that could now be applied to it, with a large array of modules. It's the treasure of the entire armoury.

But, unfortunately, the blast of the fire is still a loss of effort, under the raid, and only a slight wound on the shoulder of the redhead woman.

Red hair women can't afford to get hurt, and black leaps out of their eyes with black smoke.

She opened her mouth with a silent shock. The ground under your feet was blown up, and the shape disappeared in the land.

Lin Sheng brakes that feel full of hair straight, behind the back of the head.

He was patient with the instinct of fleeing, standing in the ground and waiting. Calm down and wait for each other to get close.

A mile away, how far for a ranker.

Lin Sheng will soon know.

The answer is.

Ten seconds.

He looked at silhouette, which was frozen, like a meteor, coming from a distance.

Right in front of him.

Just as the redheaded woman has a small and a half distance left.

Lin Sheng suddenly pushed a remote control button in the underwear.


In the electronics, one second later.


The sky and the earth are blown apart.

Lin Sheng only felt spinning, and the body was blown out of the ground like clouds.

His body turned around at half an air high speed, just like rotting, far away from the roof, mixed up in the air with countless pieces of debris.

(This chapter is over)

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