357. Chapter 357 Memory 3 (Thanks to Old Li for his well-nourished alliance lord)

Chapter 357 Memory 3 (Thanks to Old Li for his well-nourished alliance lord)

A red woman had an exciting look, dumbfounded.

She stayed and looked at her hands and then looked for both women.

“Sister, Miss Two, I'm not…I'm not… ”She looks white, quickly trying to explain it.

“I'm sure you didn't mean it. Xiao. ""The elegant woman is gentle and gentle."It's all right, though you're not from the Beyond family, but you're my most trusted bodyguard.

If it were you, I'd believe it. ”

She's really looking at the redhead girl.

“Ling, do you know what you're talking about?”The sleepy girl next door wrinkles. "The sword is under the control of the family! This is iron law! "

“I believe in Xia, she will never betray me!"The elegant woman is serious.

“Oh, how do you explain that to the elder yard?”

“I'll tell them myself!”

“Do you think you can succeed?”

“Big deal, I'll move mother, get out of the horse myself!”

The Yuan woman turned back, looking towards the redheaded woman.

“But before that, Shia, please wait a little bit here. This sword is important, and once you leave this seal, that sword spirit will be completely printed into your soul. So… ”

The red woman is touched by tears, hearing here, making a difference to nodded.

“Don't worry! I'll wait here for you first! Never leave! ”

“I trust you!”Beautiful women are seriously looking at redheaded women.

Lin Sheng was around and looked at the lower palace, and two of the three quickly withdrew. The stone door is reopened.

There's only a redheaded woman left alone.

She's a quiet face, she's got a place to sit down and wait.

Time passes a little bit.

One day soon passed, and there was no response outside.

The red woman's face is a little worried.

“Big sister must have been in trouble! You must hold on! ”She's starting to worry in her head.

Lin Sheng can hear her heart and thoughts. It's like saying it in person.

He was standing so quiet at the corner of the palace, looking at the redheaded woman, Xiaoxia, continuing to wait in peace.

Soon, the next day too.

She's hungry. The spirit is a little bad, but the eyes are still bright and hopeful.

“Sister's not here yet. It must have been the elder yard. I hope ten thousand won't happen… ”She's worried more and more.

It's just that she's got some confusion, and even if she stays here, how can she even have a guy who gave food?

Time passes a little bit.

Lin Sheng, look at her getting thin and starving.

Her lips began to split, her skin became pale, without gloomy, and her limbs were losing their strength, and only sitting in the corner quietly.

One day, one day.

Wait as if it became no limit.

Red women are becoming weaker and more spiritual.

But she still had a glimmer of hope, and Sisters must have been imprisoned in the elder yard. Otherwise, it would never even be a drink.

She understands big sister, she's so kind, so gentle, she doesn't have herself around her, but she has to face so many wily old fox hungry wolves in the elder yard.

You have to hold on! Miss!

Xiao feels weaker and weak. Even strong cultivation base could not insist on it for too long without drinking.

She hasn't remembered how many days she's been here.

The original strong and extremely strong cultivation base, also under time, is becoming weaker and weaker.

One more day, she felt like she was dying.

At this point, her covenant seems to hear the opening sound.


“No, but soon.”

“Why are you hungry for so many days?”

“She cultivation base is very high, the strongest among your waitress. So it'll last so long. "

“Forget it. I can't wait. Start the sacrifice now."

“This voice? Is that Sister? ”Xiao's brain floats familiar memories.

But she can't move, she's too hungry, and all the energy on her body is consumed on basic survival.

“Sister, are you finally back?”She had a glimpse of joy in her heart, and it was nice to meet you, Sister.

Oh, yeah.

A sword light was planned.

Her hands were cut off, but she had no feelings of pain. It's just a stubborn lie on the ground, thin like diesel.

Soon, silver giant sword was taken out of the basement by some mysterious means, using her blood and hands.

The door is slowing down.

There's only one left of her here again.

Lin Sheng is right next to her, watching her quietly, looking at her getting thin every day and her body getting dark.

No clock, no sun, no idea how many days have passed.

Lin Sheng just watched there like that.

Suddenly one day.

The body was slow, shaking, holding the wall, standing up again.

Her hands grew up again, then slowed down, stepped forward to the door, and her hands were tight, and her eyes were like white spider eyes, with a strong desire to look outside the door.

It's like you can see the outside through the door.




Sister… "

A long time ago, as a dream voice, repeated in her mind.

Lin Sheng looked far away at that dry body, and she was shooting at the door.

Take a second, slow down, but it looks like you can always do this.

She may be dying or believing in what she heard.

Lin Sheng's heart sighs, and when hope and heart insist are crushed, it is the most painful time for humankind.

Just like this china.

He suddenly remembered those who had experienced similar situations in their memories. All of that kind of despair that fell on the bottom of the bottom of it.

Go back to God.

Lin Sheng continues to look at the door.

And suddenly there was no silhouette.

“Out?”Lin Sheng, turn around looking for the rest of the world.


He's standing on his right side with a black shadow!

It's the body of the redheaded woman!

She opened her eyes, expressionless, staring at Lin Sheng.

The distance between the two is less than one metre away.

Lin Sheng is cold. Hold on to the impulse of hands, and look at each other.

He remembers himself now, it's supposed to be looking at the memory of this redheaded woman, who, in any case, will not find himself.

No matter what, I won't…

Suddenly, he saw a slight smile in the chin of Xia's mouth.

A weird smile.

“Are you looking at me?”


The brake, a bright Saint Light of pure-white colored, was lifted from the feet of Lin Sheng and packed all of it.

Thousands of holy songs singing, singing in glory, glorifying!

The roaring of the lion, the roaring of the cow, and the giants are screaming.

The screams of the countless beasts are mixed and integrated with the burning sound of Saint Force, creating a great intangible impact.

In the big shock, White Saint Force burned up and turned into a flame. Separate everything.

Lin Sheng seems to have seen a kind of familiar silhouette, with his back, standing silent in the flame of burning, blocking all evil intentions for him.

“Wishing of Hope…Anseria? ”He remembered this silhouette name.

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