358. Chapter 358 confusion 1

Chapter 358 confusion 1

The flames come fast and go fast.

Until Lin Sheng came back to God, the white flame before him had disappeared completely.

He was still hiding in a ruin hole near the black crater, all around gray-black bricks.

“Anseria…Black Feather City? There may be a starting point for everything… ”Lin Sheng expressionless.

“Return memory has never been a problem before. But this time, there was an accident. The redhead in that memory, Swordsman, really realized his existence. ”

When he thought about it, he suddenly had a feeling that summon's woman Swordsman wouldn't mind.

“No rush first…Find the other summon target first, and this guy can't summon for the time being until it's clear. "

His heart decided to come down and walk out of hiding.

The neighborhood doesn't know when to come out with an extra gray skin, a tall single giant.

This single giant has a low head, two metres tall, beneath his waist, and keeps looking for something on the ground, and keeps turning things over to his mouth.

Shattered chewing sounds like some kind of confusion in quiet city ruins.

It seems to have seen Lin Sheng's present, the single giant turned his head over, a bad white pencil staring directly at Lin Sheng.

Oh, come on.

It's weird to laugh at your mouth, to reveal the socks of the mouths, and there's a lot of dirt in the teeth.

“You laughed so ugly.”Lin Sheng expressionless, stretch your hand off the ground and scratch a piece of debris.


And he threw the stones in his hand forward.

Stone packages, in pure Saint Force, are transformed into white stars, blowing your face on the door of a single giant.

Pu pu!

I can't help it. A one-eyed giant's head is beaten up.

It's thick, it's just broken by these rocks.

It seems to be a discovery of Lin Sheng's misfortune, a single-eyed giant yelling, holding a grey bag hanging between his waist, grabbing one of the same pieces of rocks, brutally moving towards Lin Sheng's head.


Large quantities of rubbish come along with enormous strengths, just as brutal as Lin Sheng.

But this time, with Lin Sheng's dawn reprocessing defense, all the pieces just caused a little bit of nails.

The uniquely eyewitnessed giants were shocked and ran away, and Lin Sheng was chasing up, and suddenly he turned his head and bent on picking up a rock from the ground.

“This rock…A little familiar… "He felt like he'd seen the rock somewhere.

The stone conceals the mysterious and familiar breath.

Lin Sheng remembers carefully, and suddenly he's nervous.

“This is Anseria's legend!”

He remembered the last time in the snowwind Castle Manor, he got such a rock before he got a new Ash Seal.

“Well, what I'm missing now is Ash Seal."Lin Sheng said no, return quickly to the former hiding place, then move to the rocks in hand and inject Saint Force.

Soon, a silk white Saint Force crack out of the rocks, moving towards all around.

Lin Sheng looked at these cracks and drowned all of them in his sight.

His consciousness begins to shake, turbulence, like a passenger in a car dizzy, and his body goes fast, sweeping like a soft mask, with no strength.

I don't know how long it took.

Time seems meaningless.

Lin Sheng has once again slowed down his eyes.

“Only one message?”

He's got a lot of information from this rock. There is only one letter less than a word. It's just a little bit of a thunderstorm.

Leave a message, it's Anseria.

The Wishing of Hope, who was the head of the Church in Black Feather City.

‘…Glad someone could open the message here.

Thank you, stranger.

It's my only wish to be able to keep more marks in my lifetime. "

The content of the letter, whether speaking or implicit, can make sense that nothing is wrong.

It's a freshness, a sense of despair.

Lin Sheng continues to look down.

‘How many days have I forgotten since the last time I hid from Black Tide?

Once, once, once, I have no other way but to escape. The polluter is good, and the distortor is just a slight marginal monster in Black Tide. Real trouble, the deepest.

Those terrifying lives that cannot be sensed, but actually exist.

I cannot record anything about them, because any reference to them would be a source of accommodation and strength.

I'm here, just a simple word. Don't look at Black Tide!

Don't look at everything hidden in Black Tide. Why is the world so strong, so powerful that countless strong people can't be spared?

I've been looking for answers.

Maybe the legend is as tall as it is, the mysterious God, will answer me… "

Lin Sheng sees here, and there's already a very bad feeling, but he's still patient, keep looking down.

‘…Black Tide eroded the world, with fixed signs. Typically, small infiltration takes place and a small number of agents are selected from the world.

Most of the agents have been distorted and think that releasing everything is the right way to save. It's one of the features.

The second feature, Black Tide, was the world's final struggle, before the massive raid, with a large number of returnees returning to the general population.

Thousands of isomers flourish, and countless potential seeds emerge. They're the last self-help in the world.

Triple three, the sky will appear in darkness, and the Vortex will appear in the center, along with the huge entrance of Black Tide.

If you can see the third step, then it means that your world is almost over. "

Anseria's tone came here, very freshly.

‘Of course, by the third step, the whole world is trapped in a massive black Tide, with countless intangible fog covering everything, and at this point, if you can find four distortions in intangible fog.

So everything could be hopeful.

Destroying nodes that can extend the world's lifespan. "

To get here, the contents of the letter disappear. It seems that the follow-up has not been completed, but Lin Sheng wants to know a lot about it.

Three steps before the Black Tide attack, Lin Sheng felt the first, almost the same as the current reality.

7 Locks Tower, the dominant cult, is entirely targeted at the release of all. They seem to be trying to rescue the country in a different way to confront the threat.

But in fact, it's more like they've been invaded by unknown forces.

“It's really…Enough excitement. ”Lin Sheng went back to God and looked at the ruins before him and couldn't recover for a long time.

“The three features, however, are in fact carefully identified, and the two remaining are not sufficiently identifiable except for the last one.

That kind of cult, many times will appear. There is also a large influx of dissidents or something, and it is not necessarily Black Tide that leads to such an influx. "

Oh, my God.

Soon familiar second needle sounds coming.

Lin Sheng knew it was time again.

He slowed down and waited for his dreams to be removed.

Slowly, everything at hand starts to distort, bluff, diligent, diligent, disappear.

Finally, it's completely dark.

(This chapter is over)

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