359. Chapter 359 confusion 2

Chapter 359 confusion 2

hua la.

silver's curtain door was brutally pulled off and covered the whole door of the store.

On the walls on the shop, the hand-held was placed on the notice of transfer, and the telephone was retained.

Lin Sheng walked on the streets of the city, where he used to be Heyhee, and he was hot on an unusually fertile journey, and it was cold and clear, and the door could be a bird.

Looking at the whole street, there's still a few shops open.

There are closed shops, curtains and stickers on all the walls that transfer the lease shop.


A little wind blows up, blows up the flowing leaf and leaflets on the ground and blows up.

“Nobody even has a cleaner?”Lin Sheng looked at the increasingly dirty trash on the eye.

Dirty clothes, broken newspapers, fragmented leaves, food packages, etc. Messy and disorderly's life trash are everywhere.

After he woke up from the dream, he received a message from Anseria, was upset by his heart, leaving, and he intended to wander in the city.

I just didn't think it was a long time ago, a big city, when it was getting cold.

I can't see a few people on the street.

All citizens, as if they were hidden in the shadows, looked at the world in silence.

Fear, fear, fear.

panic, confusion, pain.

All kinds of negative emotions, Lin Sheng, even if he walks on the streets, can feel that kind of cynical depression.

He walked peacefully through a dressing shop.

The original dressing shop was big, equivalent to three shops combined.

But at this point, the door is closed, and there is no notice of transfer on it, but someone uses red painting, and a big weird circle on the curtain door.

The circle was like a funny cartoon face, and the center wrote a line:'Hope never leaves it to the waiting man.'

The word, the sign straw, the crap, the neurology from the top to the end, plus red paint, looks like blood.

“Not right.”Lin Sheng brows slightly wrinkle, a little closer.

There's really a slight, bloody smell on the sign, and it's drilling into his nose.

“There's really blood!”He's eyebrowing, and it's getting worse.

Since an increasing number of terrifying attacks, more and more Demonic Ability Users have been wanton in the eyes of ordinary people, Slaughter.

All kinds of chaos, shocks, mysterious events, such as which they come, cannot be understood.

All these things make ordinary people increasingly frightened and helpless.

They urgently need a place where they can be given sense of security.

There's an urgent need for someone to make them Spirit Heart have a trusted place.

Lin Sheng suddenly understands why his temple has grown so fast.

This is not only a great advantage for Saint Force of the Temple, but also a change in the situation and a push for it.

He went a few more steps forward, went over the shop and walked to the front door for a washing car.

The caravan curtains were similarly down, but a single import and export was left in the corner for one person to pass.

Lin Sheng's strong five-senses, concealed to hear, a long, weird noise coming from deep depths of import and export.

"…O Lord, I am waiting for you to be given the most cherished donations. "Give me only a humble harbour to save the last life and soul…"

‘…The great Lord of the Sabbath, I pray to you, the Lord of the Great Coast, across the darkness, across the sea of souls and flesh.

A while ago, it was known that the prayers of the Sofia continued to flow slowly from the depths of import and export.

It also contains vivid shocks, broken footsteps, and the intersection of cutting flesh.

Lin Sheng Paused footsteps. Slow down to the entrance and exit door. Put your hands on it.

The doors are automatically broken.

He pulled the door, like his own family, and walked in.

He would also like to see the extent to which the city could become so short.

Go in through the door and walk through a narrow passage. Take one of those down the basement stairs.

At the end of the stairs, there's always a slight bloody breath.

On both sides of the wall, blood red symbols are painted everywhere, languages.

There's also a strange picture of the meaning of the unknown.

Lin Sheng, slow down and walk in.

To the end of the stairs, he finally saw the situation inside.

More than 10 bodies of black robe silhouette, gathered together, sat on the ground.

The middle tied up two young men, and they died long ago, and wrists and wrists were cut off, and there was a lot of blood.

But the real cause of death should be the head.

Their heads are cut in half by blunt machines.

Lin Sheng came out before, and also from Benne University intelligence, saw the state of chaos in the city.

But he didn't expect to mess up to that level.

“Is this a blood sacrifice?"He looked at those black robe people.

With his feelings, he clearly judged that these black robe people were simply ordinary people.

They don't have any superities, no anomalies, no Demonic Ability, no alienation.

On the walls around the wall, those ghosts are just pointless paintings. Even if blood was mixed, it wouldn't work.

Lin Sheng came, shocked the people in the basement who were sacrificed.

They looked up and looked at Lin Sheng with alarm. Lin Sheng is also watching them.

“Kill…Kill him! He found our blood sacrifice! Excuse me, holy ceremony! ”A wealthy middle-aged man, standing up, evil finger Lin Sheng shouting.

The rest seem to be convinced of him, standing up from the ground.

They hold more or less a sharp weapon in their hands.

More than 10 people, with dangerous and alarming eyes, stare at Lin Sheng.

You know, someone else might feel hair.

But unfortunately, they don't meet ordinary people.

Lin Sheng slight his head and suddenly fell behind a black cigarette, turned into a human body, and Hezbollah followed his red Warrior.

“Take control of the evil, and the rest of them faint."Lin Sheng, freshly ordered.

“Yes.”Red Warrior has a slight low head.

Lin Sheng didn't look much, but turned around after Red Warrior went into the basement.

There will soon be people in the temple who will take over, or the stars.

The Temple of Temple, Benne University, and Star Mang, are now gathering together and joint law enforcement is under way.

A large number of Demonic Ability Users are extraordinary and are involved in the darkness of the city that continues to sweep.

Whether Black Tide spreads the black fog or the chaos of 7 Locks Tower.

In the event of a major malicious settlement, these small parts of the turmoil, with Saint Force of the Temple, are actually very well addressed.

Lin Sheng left the washing lot and went around.

Well, not all places, it turns into chaos without order.

Government personnel have established a number of integrated supply points in cities. In order to facilitate the purchase of food and vegetables, there are other necessities of life.

More than that, Lin Sheng has also encountered several escort teams on the road that are carrying out their tasks.

They continue to walk in the streets of the city to maintain security.

In many parts of the city, the stability of terrifying before the attack is maintained, with their maintenance.

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