360. Chapter 360 confusion 3

Chapter 360 confusion 3

Lin Sheng went back to his place, and while he had nothing to save the world, he saw the original living environment and suddenly turned into such a bad level.

And the heart is delicate and kind of unhappy.

It's hard to screw up ranker, not summon for now.

But the closer you see, Black Tide, Lin Sheng knows that Black Tide's attack, I'm afraid it's true.

Now Templar Knight has only one ranker, King of Night.

Only one ranker sat in town, and the Holy Mosque was far less powerful than the forces of Demonic Ability world, all of us.

“Maybe I can try to solve this by myself.”

Back to the villa basement, Lin Sheng began to take stock of the wealth of knowledge and accumulation at his disposal.

Junior Apartheir summon, who has been the largest of his men in summon's history.

The original French-based ceremony was extremely mysterious and powerful for him.

But now there is a lot of knowledge to accumulate. Primary exogenous summon, not as difficult as ever before.

Just do it when you think.

Lin Sheng, in the basement of the villa under the cover of the holy land, soon began to alter and optimize this initial pattern.

From all of the ceremony and charts he had at his disposal, he summarized a series of symbols, flowers, graphics that had the potential to trigger results.

A number of Ash Seal in the Temple system has also been added.

When Ash Seal was printed, it had only two hours of time, but within those two hours it had also had a strong effect.

Lin Sheng has all these integrates, which are collectively named the Spirit.

These spirituals can be used not only individually, but also in a free mix, in a free spell and in building different small modules.

Although they are divided into different systems, Lin Sheng doesn't matter as long as they are available.

After the consolidation of the spirit, Lin Sheng began to refine and optimize the primary interface summon.

He tried to replace some symbols or flower tattoos, and then summon had some low-power little stuff.

Like the weakest people, frogs, etc.

With experimental effects, some can replace, have no impact, others cannot be replaced.

Through this approach, Lin Sheng Point has gradually touched on the role of each symbol of flower language throughout the ceremony.

Time goes by day.

The city is slowing down the restoration of Essence Qi, and Spirit Heart Castle Manor, Lin Sheng, too often goes through to see if Mira and Melissa have problems.

In addition, it is a temple for rapid development.

A large number of Demonic Ability Users are joining. The senior Demonic Ability Users, who quickly refined Saint Force, became a Saint Force Seed distributor and distributed the sacred species to others.

First Level 1 Level 1 Level down, the superior holds the roots of the lower level of power. The entire temple system, rigorously and severally.

But as long as there is no betrayal of the Temple, Ash Seal here in Lin Sheng has been able to be used to think about it.

Indeed, the roots of power at the superior level will not have any effect.

After clear comprehension has reached this point, there is also an increasing number of people who want to go into the Holy Mosque, but more are those who want to cheat on sacred and planted methods from the Holy Mosque and then leave the fraudster.

Lin Sheng is not paying attention to this part of the population.

Without his Ash Seal, the sacred species have not been continuously strengthened, and there is no way to be self-sufficient.

Those who left the fraudsters will soon find that they will never find any Saint Force after they betray the temple.

Saint Force is not so confused by the power stemming from Spirit Heart's soul.

You're confused, but you can't fool yourself.

Not to mention, all the sacred species that are leaked are derived from Lin Sheng himself.

And actually, without any kind of sacred species, we can fix Saint Force's way, and Lin Sheng doesn't even have a pass.

Turn around, it's been another week.

Lin Sheng's improvement of the junior interface summon has reached the end of the day.

Without prejudice to summon's effectiveness and structural effects, he cut the whole ceremony, meaningless part, completely.

At the same time, a portion of the Temple Ash Seal has been added as a supporting tattoo.

To ensure that all the tattoos were available to him, he understood them.

Lin Sheng has formally optimized the whole ceremony by removing all possible risks.

Such summon ceremony, the creature of summon, is not only perfectly under his own control, but also with a layer of Ash Seal Sanctuary's defensive effect.

This ceremony improved, equivalent to all summon's creatures, with more hard-core nails.

It worked pretty well.

In this case, he finally started the formal summon ceremony.

He, summon, the redhead Swordsman!

The one who did it…

The one who did it…

Chang Rikara, the original market for construction materials.

The cold and clear construction market is deep, and a row of stores has been closed long ago, and there are only cold-storm magazines and garbage in the interior of the building and the alley.

A couple of eating wild dogs, skinny leather bones, with blood in their eyes, keep looking for food in the trash barrel.

Close to a few populated small buildings, mixed within the market.

There are occasionally silhouette in the residential building, and no one has ever made a sound.

Oh, yeah.

Suddenly, a wild dog was hit in the abdomen by stones like that.

It swallowed over a few circles, crawled up on the ground, ran away and left only fresh blood on the road.

Two strangers wearing grey clothing, with tall collars and hats, cover their faces completely.

Quiet standing in front of a closed tile shop.

“The rest of the planet's tours are too tight, and only here is safe."One of them whispered down.

“Star Mang, Temple of Temple, Benne University, three forces are being suppressed, and we are doing very hard underground activities. Not to mention the marshal… ”

Both are very upset.

7 Locks Tower's mark should have been very clear.

But I don't know why, in this city, the man with the markings is always absent and constantly disappearing.

The sensory marking instrument is not possible, nor is it possible to identify specific tracks and identities.

“Maybe, is the instrument broken?”A man touched a small mask of big and small silver boxes from his shirt, and his eyes were thinking.

“It should be that other markings are normal. Just us this way. ”

“Then fix it, and I come by myself, and before I'm at Headquarters, there's a lot of things I can fix.”The people with the box believe in themselves.

“Then try it. It's bad anyway.”

“Well, this little thing, actually, is simple.”

Ten minutes later…

“WWF…How can I get something more? ”

Retreat the instrument to the men who are packed, staring at the heart of the box.

He dismantled the instrument first and then checked the maintenance and resettled it again.

It turns out there's more than a chip, and I don't know where to put it…

“Can you do it?”The companions on the side show suspicious eyes.

“Isn't that good already? This thing is the real reason it's broken inside. ”Maintenance of men's face is bleak, psychologically too hard to get out of that thing and put it in the coat.

“This instrument, more than the other instrument, has a spare parts. Are you saying the scanning function is bad? "

And he stood up and believed not in himself.

Speaking of, he stretched his hand off the button of the instrument, which was really nice to face and completely restored the normal functioning of the scanning.

“Really? Awesome! Dude! "My companion was surprised to put a thumb on him.

“All right, fix a scanner, that's self-confidence I still have.”Maintenance of men indifferently said. The heart is dark and comfortable.

He decided to come back and buy another good one from Headquarters.

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