361. Chapter 361

Chapter 361

Red's ceremony formula slows down fluorescent on the ground.

ceremony is like a huge circle, with three triangles embedded in the middle.

Each triangle's tip is embedded in a different circle. In the circle, there is a spirit that represents different meanings.

At the center of the whole ceremony, a slower loop of fingers, like a clock for recording time.

In the summon room in the basement, Lin Sheng remained silent in front of the ceremony formula, placing all the material in hand at one after another's counterpart in the form of a matrix.

The improved ceremony formula no longer contains any additional steps that were previously unseen, many of which are replaced in a simpler and more up-to-date fashion.

Like the burning water and the candles for some animal oil resin, these two steps. Lin Sheng was replaced by an innovative cooking of blood.

Careful to put a pot in the boiling fur and put it in the front line.

Lin Sheng picked up another night floating soap, a good material used to simplify the opening words and to stabilize the ceremony process.

The night float soap was lightly lost to the Frente POLISARIO.

The positive soap, like falling into the surface, is not in the right direction and disappears.

Lin Sheng was busy down and started to slow down summon's opening tone.

In a low start-up voice, the slowdown around the ceremony formula has created a weak transparency barrier.

This was designed by Lin Sheng to prevent summon from being interrupted and disrupted, with a voice and a certain defense capability.

As the initiation rhetoric continues, the fingerprints are moving faster and more urgent within the Frente France ceremony.

Soon, three red light lights were spreading out of the surroundings of the Front, as much as possible into Lin Sheng's eyes.

His eyes were instantly turned into blood red, and his vision was blackened and entered the summon souls space.

In the dark soul space, a different globe floats out, slowly floating in front of Lin Sheng.

There are too many light balls, and multi-colored has everything, big and small, like stars in the sky.

Lin Sheng had a slight mind, beginning to imagine the image of that redheaded woman Swordsman.

Time, all the lights slowly disappear, with the rest of the deep blue light, slowly floating near.

The globe is small, it's small, but it's like a bunch of black worms that are constantly trying to get rid of the control of the globe.

After the globe approached Lin Sheng, the bugs were struggling harder.

As if you smell delicious food, these bugs are crazy and trying to get rid of it, pointing to Lin Sheng.

“It's true…It's contaminated… ”Lin Sheng has a heart.

Well, in this case, he's already predicted.

Since contamination is possible, it will be purified.

“By my own strength, purifying natural power has no arrests, but I'm not alone to bear…"

Lin Sheng took a deep breath, spiritual consciousness swiftly contacted the creepy parts of Xilun.

To be sure, it is not a part, nor is the thunderbolt there, and his consciousness and soul, and he can return to both places at any time.

Like two game interfaces on a computer screen.

He's been taking control of both sides at the same time.

It's just thunderbolts who have been guarding the sanctuary of the Temple, who is in charge of the Saint Force pool.

Saint Force pool, this is Lin Sheng's biggest reliance.

His improved ceremony formula also has a role to play in supporting him in moving Saint Force away and purifying the monsters from summon.

He's afraid of the redheaded woman Swordsman at the summon ranker level, and that's what's going on.

“So…Let's go. ”Lin Sheng saw this deep blue light ball. in the body Saint Force, we started to communicate with Xilun's thunder from a distance.

The transmission of Saint Force through the nexus of the Sovereign Front will be very expensive, but it's not much for the Saint Force pool that has already accumulated.

Lin Sheng, this is the first time to communicate far away from the Temple.

In the original world of Black Feather City, the Temple will be able to communicate the power of all the branches of the Temple at once. This is also one of the great terrifying plates of the Temple.

After all, there are many places, tough paperwork, and there are few people who need to consume a lot of Saint Force if they want to build a temple in those places.

Without the means of remote support, the Holy Mosque has no control over so many places of influence.

‘Spirit connections, connections are established.'

‘The passage's open.’

‘Saint Force Guidance starts.’

‘coordinates are fixed, transmission starts.’

As a link of the RUF continues to be successful. Lin Sheng is getting the beginning of the comedy and the point of pure light.

A lot of white light is like a fireworm, and it spreads out of him.

The number and intensity of light spots are increasing. In less than ten seconds, the whole summon room is spread, almost turning it into a pure ocean.

The heavier concentration of Saint Force and the holy earth under Lin Sheng's feet echoed and the vast and hegemonic holy forces began to expel and eliminate any other forces.

With the continuous transmission of Saint Force, Lin Sheng began to take care of the manipulation of his demonic Ability as much as possible to avoid being completely purified by a Saint Force brain.

The concentration of Saint Force in this room has reached the point of thought of a banditry, and the amount of Saint Force in the sea has begun to exclude and eliminate all the variable energy that exists here.

The red woman Swordsman's spiritual globe has also begun to be eroded.

In Lin Sheng's vision, the deep blue globe surrounded by a little white light.

Over time, lights are getting more and more.

The improved ceremony did not have a time limit for summon to choose, and it would remain at this stage as long as a little energy was consumed.

Just Lin Sheng won't be able to control it soon.

An increasing number of Saint Forces are gradually operating the extreme nature of hegemony, which, like flames, are beginning to burn and pack on the surface of the deep blue globe.

Lin Sheng can even hear the globe ringing in the burning of si si.

The ball in the body's black bugs, too, started to move.

They're like having a dead opponent, a crazy dancing turmoil, and making an intangible noise that's troubling.

Progressively, Saint Force infiltrated into the deep blue globe, and began to get in positive contact with those black worms.

Lin Sheng cannot see a specific process.

All he can see is that black worms are being packed in a large number of Saint Force packages, like worms falling into the lipid, struggling and moving.

More than 10 minutes later, the globe was completely clean.

The black worms in it were packed by Saint Force, and they were becoming smaller and eventually dissolved in Saint Force.

Lin Sheng had no idea, and waited a little longer until there was no other change in the globe. He's slowing his mind down, moving forward, approaching the globe.

One moment of contact with the globe, like a glacible water fog in the face.

Lin Sheng came to a cold white ice.

There's no margin in the ice plains. A snow white spot.

The sky is spinning with countless black birds, and they have sharp teeth and sharp lengths.

The wings of wings are not feathers, but metal feathers of yellow copper.

All the giant birds swing in the sky, forming a huge black vortex.

The bottom of the vortex, the center, stood by the redheaded woman Swordsman.

Her face is calm, her eyes shine, and she's got the silver giant sword in her hand.

The cold is like the tide, centred on her, moved towards all around the world.

(This chapter is over)

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