362. Chapter 362

Chapter 362

gā Gā Gā!

The giant birds in the sky scream from time to time.

Lin Sheng is looking away with the red woman Swordsman's eyes.

There's ice mountain range up there, and there's an ancient, sophisticated city.

One of the towers in the city is flowing into the clouds, shaking up like the woods.


a The path of blue light starts from the middle of the city, soon falling across the red woman Swordsman, becoming a path of strong weather, costly and powerful silhouette.

“Skyscrapers, you should understand that the challenge is to pay for it. Since you chose to stand here, may I understand that you intend to formally oppose my ice palace? ”

An old woman, with half the transparency of blue ribbon energy around the ring, is slowing down.

Red Woman Swordsman didn't answer, just lift up his hand and slow up silver giant sword.


The countless black giant birds on her head, a sudden shock, screamed down.

The sea's giant birds, like black floods, rushed the moved towards ancient cities.

In the romantic scream, the red hair on the woman Swordsman's head grows crazy, turning around to the waist length.

Crazy hair, like beautiful flames, jumped out of the world in ice and snow, was very awake.


A circle of pure blue terrifying cold, spreading from her.

“Go, my family, slaughter this city, sacrifice it to me…"A lowly evil demon sounds, slowly ringing in the skies' ears.


The Skyscrapers fell down.

Ice crumbling, sword's edge deep into hard ice.

“Are you…Order me? ”She slight down her head, full of red hair flies.

The bloody eyes of the hairs are like Li Li's blade, sweeping out of terrifying Killings Plans.

“Still resisting? No point…The world is collapsing, and order is chaos. Black Tide has flourished, and there has been a major trend. Whatever you do… ”Get out of here! ”

Bombling loud.

Skyscrapers, like dragons, explode countless deep blue phantom.

Every phantom goes through, everything frozen and turned into a freshblue cold.

Even the white ice floor, it's frozen under phantom, slowing down fast and getting harder.

“Don't try to control me!”Skyscrapers rise, muscles in the face twist, half normal, like dry bodies.

“You can't go back. For centuries, you've killed millions of people, no matter how you fought, the end has long been set. "That voice was calmly sealed with said with a smile.

Skyscrapers look far away from killing struggling ponds under countless birds, and red light in her eyes jumps quickly, as if there were different forces in her in the body to kill and confront.

“You can't escape. It's erosion. It's destiny!"That evil voice is ambitious, with a sense of confusion that cannot be rejected.

“hehehehehehehe…”Skyscrapers are laughing low.

Her lips are bleeding and red's disgusting color.

“You think you won?”She shakes silver giant sword, blue phantom around the dance, a path of retrenchment and flies back into her body.

“Stupid! Nobody can control me! ”

She raised giant sword, sword's edge to the sky.

“What do you want?”

“The Great Frost Sword!"

At that brake, the sword's edge flowed with countless crystal blue magic tattoos, like cracks, like wounds, slowing the flow of palm white blood.

“Dead! Hahahahahahaha! ”Skyscrapers laugh, sword lights up and stabbed themselves.


Big sword straight thrust in her chest.

There's no explosion, no cold, no anomalies.

She stood quietly in the plain place, the weird crack of her mouth, and showed a fanatical and cruel smile.

“I said, no one can control me…

Except myself. "

She fell back, fell down on the ice.

Oh, yeah.

It's weird that the thick ice layer under her body has been so wrestled, and it's easy to show up a large slide of crack.

The ice began to collapse, fall, and reveal the darkest depths down there.

Skyscrapers open their arms, and with broken ice, they fall freely into the abyss, and their eyes disappear.

Lin Sheng floats in half the air on the side, watching the screen all the time.

Skills destroyed themselves and fell into the abyss, and the crisis in the ancient cities was relentlessly removed.

Time is running fast, Hassan, ice crude melting.

The world's mountains have changed, and the original ice has evolved into plain plains, rivers, lakes.

On the ground, there has been a gradual absence and a new and large city has been established.

New civilizations, new migrants, new systems of force are being re-established.

Turn around, after decades.

The location of the landscape of the Skyscrapers is beginning to build a different building, large and small.

Most of these buildings require bases that are not deep and have little impact.

Until one day. A superman started building a high-profile tower here.

The tower needs to dig deep bases.

And during this excavation, the ground rock was dug, revealing a huge abyss underneath it.

In the abyss of the sky, there is a slight cold, and it slows out of it. Looks like there's something to start waking up…


Lin Sheng consciously recovered and returned to himself in the body.

He shakes his head, feels a little headache.

This is the first time he saw such a long memory across time.

“Tianxia…"He opened his eyes and watched the redheaded woman standing in front of him.

A stock of information feedback into his mind.

With regard to the ability of summon astronomy, the general type, substance, excellence, etc., he was transmitted to his memory in this message.

“Theoretically, my summon object is not in itself a souls, but rather a replication system that imitates them.

It's just because, in the process of replication, the gap is used to bring their own residues, their souls, all of them.

That is why it is to a great extent possible to gain the strength of the entity. ”

“Even so, such a reconstitution would trigger the souls of their own bodies, thereby bringing their souls out and integrating them with Us. Insert a rejuvenation system. "

“Such a phenomenon is a miracle.”

The original Lin Sheng did not know the principle of his summon, and now he understands how lucky he has always been.

Not anyone can summon out so many powerful subordinates with a junior interface.

He was able to summon out, to a large extent, coincided with the wishes of summon himself.

Return your head, Lin Sheng, and take care of the astronomy in front of you.

That's his first summon out, really ranker.

Unlike King of Night, the backbone is to increase the fighting force by cheating on the bloodline. Actually, realm's not ranker.

But this is different.

The power source of Skyscrapers is obsessed, and Lin Sheng's soul residues are not seen in her memory how she can fix it.

“Memory Fragments is this bad, and it's all random.”Lin Sheng turned around the skyscrapers.

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