364. Category:Municipalities disappearing

Category:Municipalities disappearing

White fog in the comedy.

The town of Tyngu in the morning is full of weed and vine trees.

The density of plants has removed the traces of human life throughout the town and removed thoroughly, leaving only the houses and the streets under green cover.

The whole town is like a huge circle, although there are some irregularities, but the overall shape of this round is still clear.

Lin Sheng and Skyscrapers stand on the distant grass, hoping for silent towns. There's no vibration in a while.

They have been moving to the direction of the satellite map from the lower plane.

It was thought that there was a blockade here, so access was more difficult and might require a lot of applications.

But now it seems…

“Where are the stars and Moon Pool?"Lin Sheng's heart is confused, down, grabbing a piece of mud on the ground lightly.

The mud is yellow brown, dry like powder.

There's also a densely packed azure tower on this mud, and a large and small weed bush.

Lin Sheng was a squeeze, and mud pieces were fragmented into scum.

He looked at the sketch.

“What have you found?”

“No.”Tianxia answered quite decisively. "I'm ranker, not everything. I won't do anything but cut people off. ”

Lin Sheng is silent, and Memory Fragments is less integrated, and this is a disadvantage. If there's a real complete memory of the complete soul, stand before him. Never will be anything.

After all, it was just yourself who survived an old monster who didn't know for many years.

“What are you doing here?”Skyscrapers first asked. She's Lin Sheng, but Lin Sheng's not her.

Lin Sheng is an entity that can understand her thoughts, but she can't reverse it.

“Come and try and see how powerful you are.”Lin Sheng calmly said. "If you break out, can you solve this town in front of you? ”

“If it's a general town, it's easy. Just finish the job. But it's not normal here. ”Tianxia confessed.

“You can't?”

“I don't know if I can. I don't even know before I hit you.”Skyscrapers explain.

“All right. Go inside and see. ”Lin Sheng is also afraid to do whatever he wants to do to avoid too much trouble.

After all, seven Locks Tower is fine, and three big secrets are fine, ranker's not just his family.

Speaking of this, Skyscrapers have taken the initiative to take the road towards abandoned towns. Lin Sheng follow closely from behind.

Two people's grey sweater looks like a couple.

In moving forward, Lin Sheng picked up his cell phone and sent a message to the school that Canpas, a Benne University high level, was allowed to intervene with Star Moon Pool to determine the security of their presence.

Not much. Ten minutes too. It's called over there.

“The situation is in some trouble. We can't reach out to the blockade! ”Canpas's voice on the phone is pretty tight.

“What do you mean? Can't anyone get in touch? ”Lin Sheng has a little bit of trouble, and he's been investigating the information before he came.

At least 1,000 people were stationed before the blockade line was blocked.

So many people, can you squeeze it again?

“Everyone can't get in touch! All cell phones, all cyberspace, no signal! ”Campus said solemnly. “I doubt there's a problem there. ”

“No matter what happens. I need a detailed record of this town. ”Lin Sheng just came here, wiped out his eyes, had a history file.

“This is simple, and my powers can be investigated. Wait a minute, I'll give you a pass. ”

It is of great concern, neither does Canpas dare to slow down and quickly land its account number on board, and then transfer the information that Lin Sheng needs quickly.

“…The specific case law started three days ago and from that point of time, and we found it. "Campas is serious, “The phone is not available and sends past high hands without exception.

And it's been a long time since the phone was on. But just call, there's a little noise over there, just a noise from a cell phone. "

Lin Sheng looked for the Skyscrapers. Isn't that right? The bigger the trouble, the stronger the Skyscrapers are.

“Besides, what do you ask about this town?”The campus side was confused.

“Nothing, just ask.”Lin Sheng said with a smile.

“You ask yourself, but you helped Moon Pool with a lot of help. If you hadn't asked me to apply for information from Moon Pool, there wouldn't have been any problems with the blockade. ”

Canpas is grateful.

“Forget it, you keep busy.”Lin Sheng hangs up the phone.

By the way here, the signal on the phone began to weaken.

Ming all around is just an ordinary white fog, but the cell signal has fallen from full globe to one size, and it's about to be completely cut off.

“It's not right!”Suddenly, the Skills lifted their hands and stopped Lin Sheng, and both were standing in the ground and moving.

“What?”Lin Sheng without slightest hesitation is linked to astronomical thinking.

Although he was asking, he already understood the idea of the astronomy.

Someone's close!

The two are located, one more than one hundred meters away from the real building of the city.

all around is dense grasslands and bushes, concealing some abandoned public facilities.

Like long chairs, springs, statues.

“Here, seems to be a park? A suburb park? Is there anyone else working? ”Lin Sheng, look around, get a quick judgement.

He finally looked at the signal on the eye phone, and then chose to turn off the machine.

In fact, in the absence of a cell phone, the source of continuous signals will be positioned.

This position will be repeated every other time.

If you don't notice, it's actually a mutatis mutandis channel of exposure, so it has to be curbed.

After the shuttle. The two were standing in the fog and looking forward to the town of the house.

“Is someone really there?”Lin Sheng thought about asking.

“Yes, raise your head, look at your right front, second floor window!”Skyscrapers are quite simple.

Lin Sheng, look at what she said.

There's a corridor between two buildings.

Back to the window, a window has no glass and is shaking with wind.

The wooden window, accompanied by a slight squeeze, is also confused with a lot of all around the wind blowing up the woods, making it difficult to hear other voices.

Lin Sheng didn't see anything at first.

But a little bit of a god, careful. He found out the problem at the time of his service.

In the back of that wooden box window, there is a blurred white personality.

The human face is also looking at this side, the fog is romantic, and it's not clear that it's a man or a woman, but Lin Sheng is isolated and feels cold about each other's eyes.

“What's the strength of that guy?”He had a heart asking,

Skyscrapers shake their heads.

“I don't know. I can't detect. I can only feel that guy's evil. ”

“Go see?”Lin Sheng is different now and before, and in the case of the Skyscrapers, he doesn't mind taking some initiative.

It is too difficult to think about this opportunity if Black Tide does not take the initiative to gain some information and secrets, such as when the situation deteriorates.

Remember those ruins in the dream, Lin Sheng knows more about what Black Tide stands for than anyone.

(This chapter is over)

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