365. Category:Municipalities disappearing

Category:Municipalities disappearing

“Yes.”Tianxia Point. A big step forward, Lin Sheng follow closely from behind, and the two swiftly did not enter the fog and lost their eyes.

Just when the two people disappeared, there were two men behind them, a short one, slowly standing at Lin Sheng's station before they disappeared.

These two people, one of them, are a big old man. Another Swan, wearing glasses, looks more like a college teacher.

“Here it comes…"Older people have some sense of despair in front of the fog, with a whisper in their voices.

“What's the matter, teacher?”Young men whisper down.

“Here, not where ordinary people can come. On the previous day, the three major Secrets were stationed here, and thousands of troops responsible for the blockade disappeared overnight.

While we are on our way out, we declare ourselves responsible for this. But in fact, it is clear at the senior level that this is only a means of adding our terrifying and strength.

Here, we didn't get it out.

Even ranker, if it's not a full type of capacity, it's quite troubling to come here. ”Old man wrinkles.

“So, are we going in? Teacher? "Young men whisper down. There's a lot of tension in the wire.

“Did you bring the instrument?”

“Take it. It's the latest version. ”Young men take out a large and small laptop from them, slight over it, with a sophisticated button and electronic screen.

He swiftly pushed a few buttons, but the reactions to the laptop made him desperate.

A little bit of light on the electronic screen, but soon it blew down and lost reaction.

“Is it useless?”Old man sighs.

“Yes, teacher.”Young men are busy.

“Forget it, you let the recipients wait outside, we go in and follow up.”Old people think about it, make decisions.

It's hard to catch the mark's whereabouts, and if this guy escapes again, it's in trouble.

After all, this person can kill the organization's six Wings high hand. To deal with a six Wings, be a little more careful and normal.

“Good teacher.”Young men respond quickly.

“This is a problem, and you better pray not to fall in my hands."The old man lifted his feet and threw a lot of very ruthless in his eyes, slowly moving towards the town.



Tangen and several of his associates have been trapped in this fog for three days.

They just came in from the woods and broke into the ass friends here.

But since they got into this fog, they're acting weird, all electronics on their body, all lost.

Even more troubling, no matter how far they go, they can't get out of this flying town.

As a result, several people were forced to go unhindered and could only be found in the town, looking for an open, unknown house, temporarily living in.

Sophie belts eat a lot. Many of these high-energy compressed foods, together with some other food around them, are hardly enough to sustain.

It's just the rest of the food that can support up to two days. If they don't get out of here, they'll all be in a food crisis.

“Tangen, I just went to the end of the streets and walked out there was a much more fog."

In the same room as in the lobby, the crew was quiet and quiet.

“It's okay, I can't find a way out. I just saw a trace of someone's activities. There must be a way out here, and the trace I saw was just left behind. "

Tangen tore a towel with water, squeezed it on his face, cleaned it up.

“I went to the town mayor's house, and I didn't see anything valuable. It seems that this place has been abandoned long ago. ”Another member of the team, Bellian, followed the sound.

“Really? Then another try? ”Tangen, naked, put down the towel.

“All right, I'll go to the mayor's house tomorrow.”Bellian answered.

“There are few rations, and we must find a way out as soon as possible.”Tangen checked again the compressed energy stick in the backpack, with only five left.

“According to the frequency of one stop, only two and a half days can be supported."

He's bleeding out on it.

It's already the last food for the team.

“Forget it, I'll go out and turn around, and maybe I'll find some way out.”He stood up, picked up the shotgun on the wooden chair, moved towards the outside.

“You two are right here and wait, take a break. I'll just go alone. ”As captain, there are things that have to be a priest.

“All right.”

“Got it.”

Two team members will soon answer.

Tangen switched the door, saw more fog outside the eye room, no doubt, and walked out.

The door slows down, boom down, automatically closes up.

The fog in the house is slowly spreading. It's empty inside.

Except Tangen, there are no second people here.

Whether it's Bellian or Iana.

The one who did it…

The one who did it…

The fog is in the air.

The old man walked slowly on the streets of town, followed his student – the young man of the metaphor.

Within the range of several meters around the two, there is an invisible force that isolates all their fog around them and is not close.

“You've reached the five-Wings limit, and it's time to learn more about it.”The old man walks on the other side, whispering.

“Your question before, I can now have time to answer. This fog has a certain blockade effect, and they can't walk away anyway. "

Young men watched the barred white fog, and the heart pressed down the slightest cruelty on the unknown here.

At this point, when he heard the promise of the teacher, he was happy at his head, and finally had the opportunity to ask him about the superspecifications he was very interested in.

“Thank the teachers for their confusion.”And he humbly congratulates the voices.

The old man laughed, went on a step forward, exploring the whole town.

“The question before you, ask about ranker, what exactly does it belong to? What are the specific signs of identification and division of power for all of us? ”

“This question is quite precise.”The old man stopped, the low head looked at the footprints left on the ground, and continued to keep up.

“ranker, by cutting its own strength, its own Demonic Ability, at a very high level, then stimulating its positive soul strength, thus striking a balance and forming the Sea Gate presence.

Sea Gate, you can split from size to size, from quality, into total remorse, grey, magic, to moon, to four levels.

Sea Gate's size, solid level, determines how much ranker can communicate with the sea of equality, how much power and formidable power are released.

This is the real focus of rankers, and you're going to connect to the conscious sea, and you have to make as much stronger Sea Gate as possible. "

“The teacher, how old is your Sea Gate?”Young men can't keep curious asking.

“This question, the teacher won't answer you. Nor will I answer you. "Old man said with a slight smile. "By the way, you know ranker, in the other world, there's another name? ”

“What's your name?”

Old people put their voices down, their eyes up, looking towards the front together to slow down the emergence of silhouette.

“Night Flower."

“Demonic Ability Users, at the senior level, named it the Night Flower.

From the glory to the moon, they represent the world's response at four levels. And the same is true, four levels of powerful monsters. ”

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