366. Category:Municipalities disappearing

Category:Municipalities disappearing


In the sound of the fog, a tall gray skull, full of rotten robes, with cuts in purple light and rusty, hit two people in a big step.

bang bang bang bang!

Skulls are skinny, close to the body bone, and it looks like skull shelves pack a layer of skin.

It uplifted the knife, the chest's heart, and blows a black heart phantom.

In one brake, Skulls grew up with more than a metre of cutting knife, weighing with huge explosive power and going down to the next.


Dirty broken knife, with a huge shock, quick and heavy cut towards the old man's face.

If this knife is cut, the old man's whole head will be split into two.

But the odd thing is, cut the knife so suddenly stopped.

It stopped in the old man's forehead, less than a centimeter of air.

It's like a solidified Amber bug, a constant, static bubble.

The black heart phantom in the Skull's chest, once again, swept, jumped up, trying to get rid of that huge restraint.

But nothing.

Older people are beginning to disperse repressive, famous pressure.

This pressure is getting stronger over time.


Finally, the skull exploded into countless black powder, spreading all around the air.


Old man said with a slight smile.

“That's what you can get when you open Sea Gate.”

He didn't do anything, no weapons, even any additional action.

Just stand there, Skulls blow themselves up.

“Without ranker, other levels, we cannot even bear the Demonic Ability field, which we naturally distribute.

That's ranker.

That's power. ”



Lin Sheng and Skyscrapers are walking in town, and it's weird that they don't encounter any danger, no monsters.

Everything is a quiet, silent ruin building.

Lin Sheng has not spoken, and Tianxia has been bored and continues to wander.

There are three urban areas in which there are more than 20 blocks per town. It was also a fairly prosperous assembly nearby.

Unfortunately, there was an accident that had not known why, making this place completely a dead area.

Two people broke into a house and then checked. Break in, then check.

Except for a bunch of dust and garbage, there is no discovery.

Time, slow down.

One and a half hours later.

Lin Sheng pushed a house like a grocery, looking at the empty shelf in it, sighed without words.

“Why have you been hanging around for so long? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. That's weird. ”

Skyscrapers at one side of the silent bread. hearing that strange look at him.

“Did you just have one? Monster. ”

Lin Sheng.

“Where? Why didn't I see it? ”

“Dead before you push the door.”Skyscrapers, come in.

“How did you die?”Lin Sheng.

“Scared by me.”Tianxia answered.


“Are the monsters still scared?”Lin Sheng has nothing to say. The memory of the astronomy is immediately communicated, and it is true that there is a monster in the grocery shop.

Not just the groceries, exactly, they just walked all the way.

Skyscrapers have survived to scare hundreds of monsters.

“So much? I didn't realize? ”Lin Sheng brows frowned, feeling a little wrong.

“Because this fog has the effect of impeding perception. So you can't see very normal. ”Skyscrapers are cold.

“How do you scare the monster?”Lin Sheng swiftly looked at the memory of the Skyscrapers. Make sure she didn't do anything.

“Strong to a certain extent will naturally trigger environmental resistance. Such resistance cannot be resisted for a large part of the monsters. So they're dead. ”Tianxia's serious answer.

“All right…”Lin Sheng can tell the truth about what she said. But how can you test her strength if you don't even see the shadow of a monster?

We have to find an appropriate way to test how powerful Skyscrapers are.

He thought down, and suddenly he looked up.



It is at this point that an open two-tier building in front of it suddenly sends a clear opening door.

There's a rhythm footsteps, coming from the fog moving towards the side.

The fog is slowing down with the distance approaching, starting to melt.

Lin Sheng has also gradually seen what the nearest creature is.

That's a man.

A living man with two heads on his shoulder!

the person plus his head, has three heads.

He's got two heads on his right shoulder, and he's got a weird smile in the face, and he's facing himself, and he keeps talking about something.

Those two heads were a man and a woman, and they were white, like they erased very thick powder, and they were scary.

And their lips were as bleeding and extremely red as they were.

This is a man who faces a lot of munny.

He showed pain and stagnation in his eyes, and moved towards Lin Sheng and Skyscrapers approached.

And this is the first thing that can ignore astronomical fright and walk so close.

“Look, Tangen, we found something to eat! Fresh food? We can support a lot of time! "The people on the left laughed at the whispering tone.

“It's hard to meet two living things, and this time we have to save it, and don't eat half of it, like last time…”On the other side, the head reminds Tinker.

“You know, I said there's something good in this direction, right? Look, listen to me. I always find food.

I'll save it this time. Take it back. We can't waste it. Break your legs first, put some blood away from them. ”The middleman said blankly.


the person walked to about ten meters from the skyscrapers and suddenly stopped.

He looked at the skyscrapers and saw Lin Sheng again. Then the silent turn to a bend,

“I've been trying to eat food in recent days, and I suddenly think the beans smell good too.”

“Yeah, yeah, I like beans, too, but I like the best.”Left head fast.

“I think potato tomatoes are delicious."Right to the head and answer immediately.

“Smells good!”

“The potatoes are white!”

“Don't argue. Do you know how good beans are?"

The three heads went to the right alley and disappeared.

It's nothing, Lin Sheng. It's didn't know if you were going to cry or laugh.

He was the first time he saw a monster who wanted to live so strong. SEEMS LIKE THIS GUY IQ'S TALL, REACTING FAST.

Suddenly he had some odd look at Skyscrapers.

Isn't this guy always jealous, and you're going to chop it up when you see the opposite? Why did you just stay in love?

He passed this idea over.

Skills are not the same, and it is clear:"I am a reasonable man who never kills a man without black white.

The Holocaust is just my love, actually I cut the building, never hurt the innocent. ”

“hehe/she.”Lin Sheng has nothing to say about this face, and now he understands that the worker is so smart, that many times the pressure is wilfully pretending to be stupid or confusing.

King of Night salt, King of Steel's temper, Cardula likes to collect arms. Now there's another face of Pizzy's thick sketch.

Lin Sheng feels like this summon ceremony, isn't it a problem in key places?

(This chapter is over)

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