367. Chapter 367 entrance 1

Chapter 367 entrance 1

The slightest footsteps continue to wander slowly within the town.

After a circle, Tangen, three heads, has been hungry for two eyes.

He endured hunger, curtailed his own shock to eat energy. Continue to patrol the town.

“Before the fog arrives, a new diet will be found. Otherwise, I will have to starve for a long time. ”

He was silent in thinking that he took another crossroads, moving towards the fog sheet in the direction.

“In such a place, we can find living things only if there is little way of fog. Because the fog is corrosion, the general population is unwilling or unable to insist on it for a long time. "

The head analysis on the left.

“That makes sense.”Tangen, "But didn't you just want to eat?”

“hehe, don't you want tofu corrupt?"

“Just the appetite, like now?”Tangen smiled.

“You look so thick, Tangen.”Another man has no word.

“Not yet you trained.”Tangen would also like to say what, suddenly, it's a little bit of a sudden, and it's a sense of feedback from a living.

“Wait! Eat! ”He's a little excited. “I didn't expect to meet the two monsters just now! Looks like today is our lucky day. ”

“Don't meet that kind of freak again."On the right side, watch your head.

“Not afraid, this is a little more threatening than the last time we tried.”Tangen, get rid of it.

He stretched right hand, hands slowed up and started to split the next red meat.

pā tà.

The flesh fell on the ground, quickly wore, grew up with four red dogs' legs, stretched their body and turned into a red hunting dog without the head.


The dogs broke their heads and grew up with a big, big white mouth.

“Go ahead.”Tangen fingers ahead.


The blood color hounds are all loud, running all the way into the fog.

In a distance of about 100 metres across the fog, the dogs will soon appear a little older and two slowly moving activists.

Two men picked up their heads, looking for the dogs. There's a slight color on your face.

Oldman walked in front of the old man, looking at the freaking dogs that rushed fast, and suddenly smiled on his face.

He lifts his hand and flies lightly.

Three heads, Tangen, look far in the direction of the dogs.

“It must be a good meat this time! I want fresh, blood-cycle full place! ”

“Hands and feet better eat!”

“No! Snow, nose better eat! ”

“The tongue is Wang Road. All right, stop it. I'll give you referee! Let me eat every part of my life and know where it's best to eat! ”

Tangen's in the face of said with a smile.

“Again, hehe.”

“Told us to eat again!”

“I'm here to settle the dispute for you, and there's only three of us left. What else is so noisy? Everybody and morale, you give me a bite of humor… "bang!

It's not over. Tangen's tall body, just like being hit by a train head, dropped out of the air.


He hit a corrupt van back there and hit the car on the side of the hole and turned it down.

He himself, like a ping-pong ball, flew up with a collision, high on a perfect thread, spilled red blood on the next road.


Tangen's entire man fell down again and hit a red print on the ground of the Bermuda road. Stay on the ground.

He's full of pain, looks like he's gonna cry out. I don't know what I just met.

“I think I'm dying…”He's full of cold sweat.

Unfortunately, there was no sound on the other side of the two partners.

Tangen looked around, and his companions on both sides were playing his face crazy, so he wouldn't say anything.

“What are you doing? Is your face cramped? "Tangen's weird.

And then he looked up, and it was just on the left, and he was slowing down the two silhouette steps.

A redheaded woman, and a black hair tall man. That's the two perverts he just met!

Tangen doubled his eyes and fainted for a second.

“Someone's provoking us…" Black hair man looks at Tangen on the ground, said with a slight smile.

“Just an accident.”Red woman hit a debt.

“Are you sure it was an accident?”

“Well, it's okay, accident.”Red girl answered.

Lin Sheng looked at the skyscrapers and seemed to understand her thoughts. I don't care. Keep following her all the way to the fog depth.

This guy doesn't seem to think much of a job. Or want to do it again forever.

Lin Sheng, however, has set the test strength target for astronomy. So how to operate, that's her own business.

He's just following the observation in the back.

Both were completely when Tangen did not exist and moved towards the rest of the region on the road. Not in the fog soon.

Three heads behind Tangen just left, and one of them climbed up and pulled his legs off.

Lin Sheng heard the line, watched the eyeballs, didn't talk anymore.

Two men went all the way to the front of the garage shop.

Suddenly, the Skyscrapers stopped, looking for the right side of the ground.

“Somebody, you want to save?”She looked back at Lin Sheng. No talking, just passing a question with a soul.

“A living man?”Lin Sheng, as she sees it, is experiencing rapid expansion.

Right away, he also felt that there seemed to be cats in the ground.

Both looked at it, and Lin Sheng went that way.

This is the Miga border and, strictly speaking, Miga White Paper, who, while not a member of White Paper, is not hesitant to help.

After all, Miga was a good teacher, and school was good for him. No, no, no.

In addition, Benne University graduated from the cantonment force and students who took over the assignment.

Otherwise, Benne University will not be able to receive information on what happened here so soon.

The two people took a circle of empty ground opposite the repair plant, and soon found a slide.

“Underground?”Lin Sheng noticed the location.

“Well, deep underground.”Tianxia Point.



Underground safe havens.

The town and the cantonment forces, who have lived for half a month, have left their own living room and come to the middle of the assembly hall.

A total of over one hundred and thirty people.

These include tripartite groups.

On the one hand, the First Nations, under the command of a civil denomination called the Last Day, gathered together, at a time when words were read and what seemed to be praying for.

The chief is a strong black man named Bob, with white robes, with white masks, with a kind of weird pistol in his hand, with vigilance on both sides.

On the one hand, the remaining personnel are headed by Major Faryn, the highest rank of rank.

Just at this point, the character and force of the Major seems to have not been able to fully integrate all.

Disputes are under way within the cantonment force.

A third party, a group of expression indifference, is also vigilant among its own internal members, Demonic Ability Users.

They all heard reputation, came far from being investigated, and those who wanted to earn mission incentives were equivalent to the bounty hunters.

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