368. Chapter 368 Entry 2

Chapter 368 Entry 2

At this point, there is a presence within the force.

A group of people, because they should not try again before the next fog, to open the door to flee and to argue loud.

The military, the two major universities, were stationed within the force, divided into three battalions.

The components of the Force are mainly predominantly Demonic Ability Users, sent by the military and university colleges.

After all, Demonic Ability Users is divided around the world into only two types of school factions and civilian departures.

And the College has an absolute advantage.

So here we are joining the teams sent by universities, and they belong to very normal configurations today.

It's just this configuration, normally in good shape, with the highest officer of the military pressuring and not going to happen.

But now it's different.

The supreme officer died in an accident in the context of several previous breakthroughs.

Without a unified voice, no one will obey, and at this time it will lead to a breakdown of the entire presence of troops, with ideas.

Together, the rest of the civil society and the people of the cult have been given the climate.

Because there's no one who can fit them together.

The campus here, apart from the University of Skoler in the north, and the Rainbow Institute, has a relatively weak cadre of institutions, which can only be narrowed in the corner and wait for results.

These miscellaneous academy forces, which are hiding in the corner, have troops belonging to Benne University.

The captain of Benne University, Leyli, was a new Moon Pool who graduated from school for two years. At this point, she was also upset to see a gang in front of her.

“Now we don't know anything about the outside! We have to send someone outside to look into the situation! ”

Captain Ian of the Rainbow Institute loud.

“I don't care how you arrange it, my request is that Miss Saffredi be taken away safely!"

“Saffredi can't go! She has the most important secret information, even her own bloodline, which is the greatest value.

Once she gets out, our value here will fall considerably. There will be a substantial decline in external relief by now! ”Captain Olba of the University of Scorrer in the north smiled.

“Do you want us all to bury Saffredi?”He played a silver pistol with purple flowers in his hand, if there was no match for the rainbow light school.

“Then send someone out to look into the situation! If the environment permits, we will separate our hands from the press. ”Ian said coldy at the Rainlight School.

“I agree with that. But it doesn't make sense to send people out. So… ”Orba in Skoller, north of the country, is not seen by autonomous flowing towards a magazine academy team.

Those folk Demonic Ability Users, who are able to live now, are powerful fierce people, not at all they can call.

On the side of the town, the cult of the end of the day seems to have some evil doors. Previously, Demonic Ability Users had coerced those ordinary people before, and the following day no silhouette was lost.

It was a coincidence, but twice, three times, the same thing happened many times, and it was extremely disdain about this cult.

So, now the only one who chooses is these magazines…

Ian and Olba exchanged their eyes in secret and silent ways, while transferring sight and staring at members of the magazine academy in the corner.

In a previous trial, the ashes that can be sent have been drained.

Now we can only start sending Demonic Ability Users.

“Sleeping Lotus College, Benne University, you two look at it, two out of each house. Go out and try. ”Rainlight Ian said solemnly.

“Lord Ian, our people have been out twice. This is in the interest of everyone. Can't we always do it? ”The Leyli of Bene is strong in anger, arguing earlier.

“We slept with Lotus, and we did it again. Shouldn't it be time to turn again? Fair and fair. All those present should be involved! ”Guzeland, the captain of the Sharon School, is equally depressed.

“This is the Department of Military Affairs! You've joined the military and become part of the interim control, and you think it's in your own school? Can we bargain?

Get out of here. It's an order!

It's unreasonable. It's something we need to consider, but now you have to obey orders! ”

Demonic Ability Users, the military side, was also a high number of people from the Rainbow School, and a senior black man came out with bad news.

“This is not an order! It's for us to die! ”Leyli was angry, and he hid the green light.

Benne University is four people now. Two more. That's really dying!

“There is no absolute order to die! It's just you guys can't catch the time! ”Rainbow's Ian.

“Either go, or now I will kill you in geography without obedience to the command of the military."Alba, Northern Skoller, grabbed a pistol against Leyli et al.

Leyli and Guzeland were still unable to reach Olba and Ian, under no control, and both decided to fight, bringing together a total of seven people, leaving the ground together, going to the ground and trying to break.

Before he walked, Leyli looked cold at Olba and Ian, the people here, everybody, he remembered.

“Don't forget to bring the explorer!”Ian smiled and threw it over a silver badge.

Leyli picked up, don't put it in his own coat.

“I will not be so mean as you, Miss Saffredi, in any case, must be sent out."

She left a last sentence, turning around and leaving.

The remaining three Benne University participants were also cold in face following closely behind.

Guzeland of the Sleeping School, with the two remaining people, follows the back, don't go up to the explorer, don't keep up.

A team of seven people, with a flashlight assigned to them, with light, flying fast, on the ground elevator.

seven people in the Wu Wu's elevator sound are cold, and nobody says anything, waiting for the elevator to end.



Lin Sheng and Skyscrapers soon found key positions.

In an audition room at a garment store, there is an entrance on the ground where there are suspicions of underground passage.

“Are you going in?”Skyscrapers looking towards Lin Sheng.

It was him who had to decide, and she was only responsible for addressing the risks.

“No rush…”Lin Sheng was about to speak, and suddenly he heard a slight voice in his ear.

He looked for the day to work, and this guy seemed to hear quiet, step back and get out of space.


The earth has a slight shock, a slight shock.

There is no way to detect this slight silence if it is not very powerful for both.

Less than ten seconds.

The test room is in the middle of the ground, slowly separates and builds a positive form of entry and exit.

In the black paint entrance, an elevator quickly rises, turning his eyes out of the ground, up to two metres above altitude.

The subway of the elevator, Kāchā, fired four underpinnings to prevent the entire elevator from dying in balance.


The elevator doors are slowly open, with a bunch of young men and women with stinky acid, white color, and a simple green bullet in armor.

“Who?”Guzeland in the elevator is out there, the first reaction.

She suddenly flames green flames on her hair, and her eyes shine up silver, and she stares at this side.

Just one moment when she saw Lin Sheng and Skyscrapers, she had a slight face.

“Living man!”

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