369. Chapter 369 Entry 3

Chapter 369 Entry 3

“Survivors?”Lin Sheng is a little confused.

I didn't expect to find a survivor here?

Soon he noticed a few of these people, wearing Benne University emblems.

“Benne University?”He's asking. “I'm Bene too. You're lucky. ”He showed a smile on his face.

Now he, basically, is about to see Benne University as part of his family.

At a time when the high-end forces left.

Throughout Benne University, most of the teaching staff have almost begun to practise Saint Light.

Because Saint Light did not believe in God, the real faith belonged to his Spirit Heart, which was more than the biggest Demonic Ability Users appetite for the earth.

Together with Demonic Ability Saint Force's mutual stimulus, the exaggerated pace of progress has been generated.

Although many people soon reached the limits of their souls because of their limited souls, there was no way to escalate quickly.

However, such phenomena continue to allow Demonic Ability Users, who joined the Temple, to increase their strength in a short period of time.

So the Temple expands faster than Lin Sheng imagined.

It is estimated that in the near future Benne University could also be renamed, perhaps more appropriate to call the University of the Temple.

I heard Lin Sheng say Benne University name at this time.

Leyli, the four people are trembling, showing very complex faces, looking forward to, hopeful expression.

“You…Is that from outside? ”Leyli, watch out for wings and ask.

“Not long enough to come in. But you don't have to know too much. As long as you know, I'm a Bene. It won't hurt you. ”Lin Sheng laughed.

“If you meet, if you're lucky, come out, come with me, get out of here.”

Leyli sees Lin Sheng more powerful than she is, and she doesn't crap, and quickly commands his companion to go next to Lin Sheng.

In the fog, it's quite easy to distinguish monsters and living people. As long as it's not a miracle, it's probably possible to distinguish.

“We took the assignment of the trainee, and we came here to participate in the four students who were stationed, and I'm Leyli, and this is my specialty school badge. You can find my identity information in it. ”

Leyli walked to Lin Sheng and took off his school badge.

“Put it away, I believe you.”Lin Sheng shakes his head, this place, where he comes from the device test is hypocritical.

“So we're leaving now?”He watched Guzeland et al. And that elevator coming out of the ground.

“Wait! Are you sure you can walk out? ”An urgent man's voice is coming from the other side of the audition room.

Moreover, several Lin Sheng people saw the location of the original space there, and again, there was a new underground elevator.

The elevator door opens, and a group of men and women who are equally wearing anti-armoured armor, come out and stare closely at Lin Sheng.

The lead, Huh, is the Rainlight Ian, and the Northern Skoller Olba.

“I'm sure I can walk out.”Lin Sheng, seriously affirmed.

“All right! Now, in the name of the military, I will conquer you into the army! "Ian took the first step to light his identity card, Captain Moon Pool.

“I command you to take us away immediately!”And he was struggling with the Skyscrapers.

“There will be an important person under the ground who has an extremely important identity and possesses extreme secret information, and you must do everything you can to protect each other's security…”

Lin Sheng looked at the face of the shipment, and gu lu said it was going on.

What, in the name of the military, is Moon Pool's immediate army, a man who's going to protect, what's the important bloodline, what's important and specific information…

A bunch of content is accompanied by various watch packages, special hands, exaggerated limbs.

And Lin Sheng saw that under the elevator, she soon picked up a long hair woman in purple dress.

While the other two leaders are still stressing.

Lin Sheng looked towards Leyli et al.

“Can't you walk?”

Leyli's four people are being squeezed by the rest of the military department, standing in a small area, with the color rising.

I heard Lin Sheng asking, four people were a little stubborn, and I don't know how to respond.

“What do you mean?”The Rainbow's Ian expression startled, with two eyes up, staring at Lin Sheng.

Lin Sheng doesn't look at him, just turn around moving towards Leyli.

“If you want to go, follow me.”

“You dare disobey the orders!”Ian, the color is getting angry. "Think about it! This is Miga! Any citizen has an obligation to be temporarily summoned and to execute a military order! ”

Just in the explorer, they all saw Lin Sheng call himself Benne University.

As long as Miga is a person, no cooperation is permitted in the face of temporary recruitment during the disaster period.

It's iron law.

Once there is an offender, he can be shot and killed. And after returning to peace, Moon Pool will be fully pursued.

But now this person can't ignore the summons?

Lin Sheng was lazy enough to ignore him and walk away from moved towards the outside.

“Stop it!”On the side of Olba, the color of the color, the pistol, against Lin Sheng. "If you want to go, tell us where you're going! Or I'll kill you! "

Lin Sheng looked back at him, laughed and said to others.

“As long as you can kill these two brains, I'll tell you the way out.”He pointed to Ian and Olba.

Unfortunately, a group of Demonic Ability Users did not shake, but all of their attention was concentrated on Lin Sheng.

Apart from Leyli and Guzeland et al., the rest of the demonic Ability Users, the malicious things in their eyes almost escaped.

Olba and Ian are watching Lin Sheng like a brain disability.

“Why not?”Lin Sheng questioned. That's what they do on TV?

Suddenly, he came to mind, stretched his right hand and took it lightly on the right.

At the centre of his hand, the wall on the right suddenly shines green light.

hong long!

A blast, a wall on the right, a blast, a blast on the whole wall, all of which disappears.

More than that, on the road, across the house, there is a huge gap in the circle.

The gap has been spreading to the depths of the invisible fog.

Lin Sheng's satisfaction with nodded, recovering the hands that are still smoking, looking for a bunch of scary Demonic Ability Users in front of him.

“Kill them, I'll take you out."Lin Sheng again pointed to Olba and Ian.


tone barely fell, a Demonic Ability Users behind Olba struck his back.

A sharp, cold green Breakthrough Thrust, coming through Orba's waist. Blood goes forward with huge fluctuations on the ground.

Olba dared not to believe in the hard way back, but what he saw was a very familiar face.

On the other hand, Ian almost got raided, but he had to react in a timely manner and hide in advance.

There was little delay, and the group of Demonic Ability Users, who had long been threatened with manipulation, began to form a siege against both.

“Look, this isn't done?”Lin Sheng felt that his plan had improved considerably. Very satisfied.

Then his eyes fell on that very important old woman.

The name is Saffredi's girl, who is in good spiritual condition compared to others.

So at this point, Lin Sheng was also seen with no whispering, do as one pleases.

Those who do not care about the army, do not care about power, do not care about the country, they are powerful.

Once temperament bias occur, this is a disaster.

(This chapter is over)

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