370. Chapter 370

Chapter 370

Saffredi came from the home of a diplomat in White Paper, father, mother, Grandfather, grandfather, all of whom worked in the diplomatic service and held high positions.

She himself was infected from a little ear, innate talent, with five exaggerations except in her own language. Humans are a little proud, but their eyes are amazing.

At this point, she was following Lin Sheng carefully, and her heart had hidden a verdict.

“Doesn't it look like a rescue man from the Japanese crown?"She was cautious.

“The Japanese crown?”Lin Sheng is a little bit different. "Is the problem here already flattered? So fast? ”

“Well, this town is not just an unusual Black Tide incident.

The ordinary Black Tide incident will typically be presided over by one to three odds and can be completely resolved once these creeps are broken. "Saffredi completely ignored the rest of the people who hit a mess and said it quickly.

These people have long been hiding in underground shelters, lack of diet, insufficient energy, and are also soft and inactive to start up with Demonic Ability.

But there are too many bullies, and at least 80 per cent of these people, Demonic Ability Users, are surrounding Olba and Ian.

The power of both people is too strong to defend themselves and beat one by one. It appears that, although it is tragic and badly injured, the situation has in fact been slowed down with the efforts of both.

“I'm sorry. Ian just moved some, and his essence wasn't bad. ”

Saffredi couldn't stop looking at Ian, and that person was actually trying to benefit her, so she couldn't, in any case, leave it alone.

“What can I do to let you go of him?”She made her own request directly.

Oh, yeah.

Olba is no longer in a position to hold, and his body was attacked by one person, and he was able to roll up, fall down the ground and roll a couple of circles.

He's been throwing blood in his mouth, and his ears seem to have been pushed out of his ear. I don't know who Demonic Ability sneaked.

Lin Sheng looked at the next day of work, and this guy is hitting, and it's obviously not going to take care of the little thing before the Council.

“It's easy for me to let that man go.”He thought, “Tell me why he's protecting you, what's your secret?”

“No!”The Ian on the side screamed, “Never say! If 7 Locks Tower knew, all of us would die!

Not just us, the families behind us, relatives, friends, all dead! ”He has a distorted face, carrying the Demonic Ability tongue of the first two, and he has to turn back and yell at Lin Sheng.

“Yes, you are. He killed me! Saffredi, absolutely, don't say it! ”

“But…You're dead and I can't bring this secret back. ”Saffredi, calm down.

“You know…Those things won't let me go. ”She sees calm, not disguised calm, but really will die and look at the dessert quality.

Lin Sheng doesn't have to look too much at this woman.

Two people, too speaking, the divine Ian and Olba, were finally under siege and were beaten by stopped Demonic Ability.

The two people, Demonic Ability's old hawks and leopard, were wiped out alive and demonic Ability's defense was dizzy and could not be seen. It just looks thin like it's not.

Oh, yeah.

A decent black man, a punch on Olba's head. Knock it out.

And then he looked for the men who didn't do it in his eyes.

“Hey, hey, look at both of these shit! Just borrow the machine to learn. "

The head of the army is also a black man, and expression is staring at this guy cold like he's going to swallow his life.

“What the hell is the secret, just say it. My patience is limited, and I don't want to be wasted here anymore. ”Lin Sheng is a little impatient, straight.

Saffredi no longer speaks, opens up his mouth, grows green, and his head is gradually transformed into a python shape.

Then her tongue threw out, slowed out of her throat a perfume bottle purple potion.

purple potion has only one finger so long, with a rough degree of gravity and a big thumb.

At this point, in Saffredi's hand, purple liquids inside this thing are like floating a lot of phosphorus and shaking.

This potion just came out, and the surrounding environment suddenly slowed down.

It seems there's something that's coming from all around void, and the source is bringing together here.

“What is it?”Lin Sheng lost his face and replaced it with odd and serious.

He's got all around the corner.

The shadow around the corner of the wall, at the moment potion was taken out, like a living creature, was expanding.

There seems to be some inconceivable fear that is slowing down.

Saffredi holds potion and looks at Lin Sheng.

“That's the key I have. It's called entrance. ”

“The entrance?”Lin Sheng was staring at that potion, feeling it was a living thing, just being hit in a bottle.

“Yes. The entrance. As long as this is opened, the liquid in it pours out. You can soon come up with a whole new dust world entrance! "Saffredi said resolutely.

A lot of people around her talk don't understand. Only a very few of the top members understand what the dust world means.

A few of these people have also changed their faces and turned back.

“This thing is a great murderous tool. Once it's leaked out, no matter how many people around, how many people die!

If not these people can't give up the message, there's no way they can only support the protection! "

Lin Sheng, too, has some color.

A dust world entrance needs a secret border to suppress. And now that the world is truly able to repress it firmly, it's three big secrets.

You can imagine the horror of the world entrance to dust.

But now, here, there's one import and export. And potion form.

“This is the will of God. Open the door to hope, it's the end of the target. ”

In the elevator next to the elevator, once again, came out of a couple of gray robe's vagina silhouette.

Talk about a skinny old man full of faces.

He had a white eye, and he seemed blind, and the other eye had a terrible light. Straight looking towards Lin Sheng.

“For hope, take them!”This old man waved his hand, pointing to Lin Sheng.

In the elevator behind him, four gray robe people swiftly went up, and the robe flew and showed up the strong body of broken black.

“Kill!"Four people are dark, only eyes are red, and there's a rush of black smoke in their hands, turning into a half-metre long knife.

Four people are fascinating, almost instantaneous, and are headed towards Saffredi, who stands in the crowd.

Saffredi's face remained unchanged, and it seemed premature to anticipate, step forward, leaving potion in his hand to Lin Sheng.

“You decide.”She no longer resists, close her eyes and wait for death.

People around the military department, Demonic Ability Users from the College, and Demonic Ability Users from civil society, have not been able to help. Only eyes open, death staring at the bottle rolling over in half the sky potion.

If this potion is not accidentally crushed on the ground, there may be no one here who can survive.

No one knows that in this mysterious town where the signal was blocked, a new dust world entrance potion emerged.

At this point, people have also understood Ian's passion.

Anyone who knows that Saffredi has such terrifying stuff on her, who's the first time to protect this big sister from an accident.

Unfortunately, everyone now understands it too late.

Four blade light, from a strange point of view, drilled moved to a half-empty potion bottle of potion.

Their purpose is clearly to break the potion bottle and open the dust world corridor here.

But unfortunately. A sweaty arm, not knowing when to stretch out, squeeze potion bottles and hold them in control.

Four blade light, accompanied by black fog, was cut around his arm.

dng Dng Dng Dng Dng Dng!

Shortly, blade light dispersed, and two sweats on his arm slowed down. It means that a knife has just arrived.

(This chapter is over)

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