371. Chapter 371. War 2

Chapter 371. War 2

Lin Sheng, take your hand back. Look at the potion bottle in your hand.

“Good, this thing is mine now.”He laughed at throwing the bottle in his hand.

Evil old man's eyes are staring, turning around and running.

He sacrificed so many villagers underneath him, and now even monsters are useless to each other, and he can't think of any way to reverse the situation except to escape.

Regrettably, he didn't run far, and he was blown through the head by a green wire.

Oh, yeah.

The wire is recovered, old man's pointing forward, no breath.

At the same time, Lin Sheng was like a tattoo, and blinking blinks fired over the densely packed ten wires.

All the wires, easy passes away from Benne University and others at the Sleeping School.

The Department of Military Affairs is fine, and the four monsters of the cult are good, as are the few scattered demonic Ability Users who have just come up.

A total of more than 20 people died in an instant manner.

Lin Sheng's wire is like a tattoo needle, and it's a swift retrieval.

Every time one is recovered, one Demonic Ability Users dies.

Just when you killed a dry girl with a low head silence, Demonic Ability Users.

The woman's hands were uplifted, the sharp fingernails of black purple were shot, and the precisely precise bullets were broken by Demonic Ability.

Regrettably, she hasn't been waiting for her to continue to fight, and there's a hundred wires around her, as it smells of bloody predator fish, crazy gatherings, and the bees rush to her.

pu chi pu chi chi chi!

In constant tattoos, dry skinny women can't support a few wires, and the chest is cut through a large blood hole.

It's just that she's not dead, and she's still standing straight to her place, and he's staring at Lin Sheng, but abandoned her resistance.

“Good. Kill our darkness, and we'll meet soon. Soon…I want you to die! ”

After all, she was solved quickly, less than two seconds, and turned into a stubborn cold black liquid.

“Weak into this, and it's good to say it."Lin Sheng has nothing to say. Real tough character, never open your mouth.

You know, in Hindrikara, every day, there is no idea how many cults and civil demonic Ability Users are talking to him.

He's doing a lot of work, and there's no kung fu to learn about these chicken garlic little things.

At this time, while hearing another sentence, it will soon be left behind and will not be taken up.



Somewhere in town in the studio.

A deep painting of oil on the wall, which is broad black grass, has a grey white house on the grass.

There is a decent black skirt lady standing in front of the house.

The precious woman in the frame should have been wearing roses, smiling on the grass and sunscreening.

But then she has completely lost her original instincts.

And instead of poisoning.

“My maid! It's ruined! Damn it! ”

She walked forward and walked out the frame, standing on the ground of the studio, and the bottles of flowers in her hand fell hard on the ground.

hua la, the bottle fell on the ground, fragmented into countless pieces, and spilled out the roses inside.

“Destroy me, then pay for your body!”

Your woman's emotions have stabilized a little bit, and there's a strange smile on it.

She walked out of the studio and stood on the streets of the city, far away from moving towards Lin Sheng.

It was just a few steps out, and the legs under your mother's feet were climbed up by a purple tattoo.

Then purple's tattoos, like a purple network, keep your women stable in their places of origin.

“Who? Get out of here! ”Under your feet, an intangible force bursts purple tattoos at a time.

The fog is in the comedy.

A tall black silhouette, slowly approaching here.

“The entrance is mine. Ma'am, you should remember? ”

Your lady sneered. In the fog, a path of ambiguous black silhouette is gradually emerging.

These silhouette is a thin one, but both hands are too long to kneel, five fingernails are very long, unlike humankind.

At this point, all silhouette floats behind her now, like the Guardian.

“Madam, you want to open the table and see if there's any of this."The Quebec silhouette also sounds more and more cold.

In the fog behind him, it also slowed out a path of densely packed silhouette.

These silhouette is a little smaller than he is, but every one is more than two metres tall.

Look, the entire fog has at least 100 quantities, and confront face-to-face noble women.

“It's easier to kill those two people, but it's harder than to go to heaven if you want to do another plan. Ma'am, please be patient. ”

In another direction, black silhouette, riding the top horse, slowed down from the fog.

In the horses, accompanied by a quiet soft and male voice.

“Don't worry, there's 15 minutes to see where they move if the plan fails. If it's the madame's area, the entrance lady will take it directly.

If it's my region, don't blame me for taking the present. Of course, if that guy's area… "

Tripartite calm down for a while.

As representatives of the three forces here, there was little difference in their power, and there was some scepticism.

“What if he leaves here?”Your wife smiles.

“Then we all share. The plan failed, and then we'll do it together and kill everyone. ”Horse silhouette said coldy.



Lin Sheng and Skyscrapers took potion and did not violate their commitments, but did so with Saffredi et al., moving all the way outside.

Although the task of testing the strength of Skyscrapers has not yet been completed. But the unexpected harvest in hand is enough for Lin Sheng to drop out of here in advance.

It's good to have access to medication if it's good, whether it's good or good for him.

All have a huge role to play.

In this world, there is no other entrance than to remove three big secrets. It's just the biggest entrance to the three big Secrets.

The rest of the family, universities, or different Demonic Ability Users, have all the crossings to suppress large and small.

So now this potion, if it's in hand…A lot of interest.

Lin Sheng let Skyscrapers go ahead and follow them at the end.

One way back, one side of the mind is thinking about this unexpected harvest.

Just where he didn't notice. In the fog, there's a little bit of red eyes hidden, and it's a long way to move towards this look.

Those red eyes were extremely hidden, even if they were skyscrapers, they had not been noticed at all.

Of course, maybe she noticed that she's lazy.

Saffredi followed Ian, and Benne University Leyli et al.

In addition to opening potion, this time she has a very important thing, and if it is to return smoothly, it will naturally be very good for White Paper for the entire three Secrets.

But she was well aware that 7 Locks Tower was fine, and that the mysterious forces that were hidden would never allow her to leave so easily.

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