372. Chapter 372

Chapter 372

The fog is slowly rolling, and it's getting stronger.

But the Skyscrapers are not affected, and the pencil moved towards a significant step forward. Not just her, but not even the people behind her. Seems to have been granted some kind of asylum.

After the siege of Olba et al., all of them are already an ant on the rope, and no one can escape.

So now they are smaller, but overall strength is stronger than before.

As they move far away, the outbreak is closer to urban exports.

Something in the fog is finally stuck.

a The path of skinny black shadow, with red light in its eyes, gradually approaching the eight sides quickly. They hide with fog, moved towards this team.

On the other hand, on the other hand, a path of black silhouette, riding the top horse, is approaching the front swiftly.

The team is behind, and it's a tall body of more than two metres tall than a cow.

They have heavy weapons in their hands, and they have stepped up.

As the fog becomes more sophisticated, the people in the team are not uncovered. Still on the way.

pā tà.

Suddenly, a trash barrel on the street moved down and seemed to be blown down by the wind.

Suddenly, Skyscrapers came up and stopped moving forward. As she stops, the whole team has stopped.

Because on the right side of the team, I don't know when two more silhouette with a short one.

That's a strange mix of old people and a youth.

Here, the fog is filled, and anyone who comes out of it is a suspicious devil.

Not to mention that the two have slowed down to the front and blocked the front direction of the team.

Upstairs on the side, with your wife, riding silhouette, Quentin silhouette, the three chief leaders standing down and down.

“When did those two come out?”Your wife's wrinkling looks down and asks.

“Who knows, maybe at first hiding there.”Horse silhouette cold lane.

“That's good, too, to avoid my blanket full search. These two, some ability. ”Your wife coldly said.

To think that she was relying on this all-round investigative capability and could even succeed in escaping under the leadership of six Wings.

These two are now able to circumvent her investigative abilities, and it is certain that they will come to light.

“Two more. Forget it. Time is almost there. ”Horse silhouette's catalyst.

“Agreed.”The third Quest silhouette said solemnly. "By the way, that old man seems to have to do it. For the woman in front of that team. ”

The other two hearing this, they all look at the line.

You see that old man picked up his hand, and you don't know when to get a black knife.

oldman, open your mouth, seems to be talking.

Red women on the ground also seem to be opening up to answer what they say.

The two people exchanged a dialogue for a while, and it seemed that the conversation had collapsed and ready to proceed.

“hehe, these two are bold and courageous to do so without a complete knowledge of the surrounding environment. It's really act recklessly. ”The noble woman on the roof is ironic.

“Hit it, wait till you two fail, we pack it up easier."

At this point, the old man and the red-handed woman in the lower, both of whom are not very slow, running around, beating up, colliding, hanging together.

black knife and silver giant sword made a sound and steady confrontation. Stay still.

The horse on the roof silhouette shakes his head.

“This level of dealer, they've been playing home…”


And suddenly there was a tremendous noise, from the lower two to the lower side, and a circle of blue light was blown out.

Where the light rings go, all frozen, turned into ice sculpture.

The three people standing on the roof have not reacted, and they feel a bloody cold flow, and the snowflowers wrapped into their faces.

Three people's hair clothes were blown crazy and pulled back. But the cold cold, too, can't change the shock of three people's minds.

What kind of wtf is this?

The snow of the skull in a brake changed the weather in the region.

blue light rings have not spread far enough, and countless deep grey vines are centred on that old man. Crazy, like tidal waves, to fight the snow.


The top of the head is a lighter light for two people down.

Three people immediately saw their lifelong memorable scenes.

The redheaded woman and the mysterious old man, the top of both heads, all floated a huge and blurred mystery.

If it wasn't lightning, the two giant films would not have been seen.

One of them is the black trees with a single eye on trees.

One of them is a human being, and the next is a magic giant in the snow.

The two mysterious shadows are surrounded by crazy killing and yelling.

The roaring spreads, all around the fog is also slowing down under this intangible influence, revealing monsters in the fog.

It's just that three people are shocked that all the monsters under them don't know when they're frozen into ice sculpture.

All around ice sculpture blinks, the Fujie spreads together with the snow, hanging around countless. There is no resistance.


Skilly craftsmen shake old man knives, and their shape is blurred, and giant sword in his hand blinks out five pieces, while cutting away from five directions.

She was surprised that old man actually followed her actions.

That black knife doesn't have a modular technique, but it just depends on a very fast pace. oldman waved a five-knife in a brake, and the exact trick was on silver giant sword.

Dang Dang Dang!

Two weapons hit the ground, spreading the fires.

“Good. It's good! ”She felt a little excited about herself.

It was not thought that after the resurrection, the era would also be able to bear her strength.

Fifteen giant sword hanging around her, like five, while moving towards old man was crazy.

It's not a fantasy, but a real five giant sword.

She doesn't know what ranker, though Lin Sheng has given her some common sense. But it doesn't work.

Power is coming out. Before that, she had nothing to care about ranker making a split.

The two people struck dramatically, with numerous dense metal interactions spreading like rain beating against a banana tree.

Skyscrapers are trying to suppress their energies at a level of each other.

Unfortunately, old man couldn't hold it.


the old man had a shock, forcibly compressed all the streets, forcing the craftsmen back to a moment, with a blood color standing on the top of the trees.


A seven rainbow light came out of its own eyes, and it was on the lower side of the sky.

Time, starting with the skyscrapers' feet, her body started to rush into trees.

“So, I hate you guys who beat up like you…”Skyscrapers watched themselves in the wooden body, showing a lot of trouble in the face.

She is not ranker, and naturally she does not have the special capacity of rankers after they enter the sea of equality.


She suddenly raised giant sword. The sword is on the brink of a lot of dark magic tattoos.

But without her special abilities, she's got a big trick.

Lin Sheng in the back saw this familiar shelf, and it felt bad when he turned around and pulled Saffredi and Leyli.

“Big crack, snow storm, six!”

The red hair in the back of the day began to grow rapidly, and her eyes flowed into blood color red light, as if she was torn apart.

Thousands of wind snow turned into giant bandages, surrounded by giant sword, and then went down to the next.

It's only her exciting laugh in the snow for a while.

(This chapter is over)

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