373. Chapter 373

Chapter 373

The buzzer…

The building in the city is shaking and shaking in a trembling shock.

Three Tangen is sitting on the table eating the monster body that was picked up.

Yes, he's hungry, and monster bodies, though not good, are better than hungry.

Just picked up the fork, and he was going down, and the shock broke his food.

“What's going on?”Tangen's vigilance is extremely high, and if it is said to be in this dangerous, mysterious town, who is likely to live the longest.

So he Tangen must be the first to be ashamed of.

“There may be someone fighting outside. I feel energy fluctuations! ”One of those heads said solemnly.

“Aren't you the two guys who used to be?"Tangen doesn't think much more, it won't work, but he can't.

Put down the fork, and he moves fast and packs it down in the house, and then bumpes into the door and strengthens it.

Just when he just got out, he looked up and saw an exaggerated screen on his head.

Those two giant phantom, like real entity monsters, cannot even see their position without some kind of cultivation base and strength.

Tangen, naturally, is one of those who can see this scene.

He swept his head off the big monster who was struggling, and his heart was running horses, and his face was calm.

“The fog is coming…But this time there are these two big guys on the top. Should be a short time? "

He looked at the deepest part of the town, where he was slowing down a wave of silver ashes.

Silver grey fog spreads rapidly and starts to be integrated around white fog so that the entire fog can reach more than five fingers.

“Here it comes!”

“Get out!”

Tangen's two brains quickly warned that there were some disturbances in terms of language.

“This time is both a danger and an opportunity, and if lucky, perhaps we can follow the two big guys out of here."

Tangen was strong, and this time he came out, it was a real decision to gamble.

Think of it here, he swiftly moved the fog to the opposite direction, and soon disappeared in the white fog.



Crazy ice blue giant sword, like a meteor, fell on a single giant tree, cutting off a path of deep wounds.

There are countless winds around the sword, like a giant sharp sharp blade, and everything will be easily cut off by them.

Skyscrapers float in the middle of the sky, with five giant sword switching like a wheel, and they swing around and down.

The huge assassination cut off a paint black Sword on the ground of the town. It's like re-mapping new tracks in this abandoned place.

On the ground, that old man ran as fast as a monkey, and he did not stand in the way of an attack by the Skyscrapers, and only if he could not.

The fog on the ground was blown up by two enormous forces, one building was cut off by giant sword, and one wall was shattered by shock waves.

Skills are staring at where giant sword is going to fall, and then it becomes a ruin.

If the previous towns were to be abandoned only, then half of the town now became completely ruined.

The walls are broken, the dust is dancing, with the exception of debris and garbage, and there is hardly any complete object on the ground.

Sometimes the ashes can conceal the body of the monster.

These wrecked remains are the ranks of Lin Sheng et al., prepared by the previous three presidents.

Regrettably, the fish were destroyed and all solved.


There was a little golden fireworks on the ground, two heavy terrifying ultravages and dozens of hits at the top of the brake.

The shock waves that erupt between strikes have resulted in the same sub-voice and ultrasound as the earthquake in general.

all around the square kilometre, a large number of rocks are split and crushed by intangible shock waves.

“I'm 7 Locks Tower ranker locks, Jeff brakes! This time it's our estimate. We've planted it! If you want to stop, I'll wait for all your moral and material losses! ”

oldman escaped from giant sword on the ground at a highly sensitive rate that was totally incompatible with age.

His heart is also dark inwardly shouted. If at first he could fight that maniac against a few tricks, then the more it was wrong.

That crazy woman was beaten up more than a sword, and all sword bombardments were positive, formidable power terrifying, accompanied by drastic cold poisoning.

After the extinguishment of the natural power field at ranker level, the two genuinely confronted, the shocking discovery of the lockdown of Jeff, whose real strength is far from the opposing side.

After hundreds of interceptions, he was lightly repressed and unable to resist.

Hundreds of adults, which should sound like a long time, give the impression that the battle is painful and that it has been a long time to win.

But if it's based on the speed of a second fifty-sixty, it's just a few seconds.

Simply speaking, old man feels like winning, old man A, up, old man hits GG…

Five seconds after struggling, the spiritual lock felt that it had reached the peak of life.

In the context of the death crisis, he almost realized his full potential.

Regrettably, they continue to be beaten up, and they can only surround the ground in order to prolong the fighting and get breathed.

a The path of blue sword shadow has fallen from heaven and remains deeply traced on the ground.

Skyscrapers laugh, the cold is getting stronger and stronger.

The red light in her eyes is also getting brighter and more like wild beast.

a The path of sword shadow formidable power is once again upgraded.

The locker Jeff was afraid to pick up, and now he's even afraid of touching.

There is occasional evasion, and only the use of equal sea isotopes to force the transfer of attacks against each other.

But equal sea isolated energy is not used at any time by high intensity.

Since formidable power is enormous, it can be instantaneously upgraded to a level of suicide injury, such recruitment, once excessive, can cause different degrees of physical injury.

For a long time, this dark wound will accumulate and eventually become the last straw to crush camels.

Two minutes after the war.

The locker Jeff was finally unable to carry out, relentlessly sending the last seven rainbow lights, blocking the final death of the Skywalker.

His face was bleak, and the single giant tree on top of his head was two thirds smaller.

Look at the speed of flying over there, and it's intended to continue with the chopping of the Skyscrapers.

The lockward Jeff decided not to hesitate, more important than his face, or his life.

He's acting fast, bringing a few people from a distance, moving fast to the outside of town.

This runaway is not slow, but because the location itself is close to town, the process has culminated in some kind of mutation.

A lot of blue cold on the ground, starting with a lot of finger claws, stretched out the legs and boots that grabbed him running and tried to leave him behind.

When he was about to leave town, he was trembling, screaming on his back, and it seemed hard to block the attack.

The cold on the ground has begun to become invisible monsters, and continues to attack around him.

But the more it is, the faster he runs.

Just as soon as we left town, the lockdown of Jeff's feet accelerated the lifting of a blurred silver light.

(This chapter is over)

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