374. Chapter 374

Chapter 374

silver light looks like a lot of complex Rune, blinking eyes like ropes, upwards, covering Jeff's entire body, even with him disciple.

silver light shines, the spiritual lock Jeff finally big relaxed.

He went back, and disciple bathed in silver light, looking for a halfway back in the air.

“This is old man's idea. Anyway, next time, I'll remember you, find you. ”

The locker Jeff looked deep at the Skywalker's eyes.

Along with ranker, he shouldn't have been so much. But the reality is so cruel.

If this is not the pre-prepared withdrawal method, he fears that this trip will really be a serious loss.

“So this is going to run?”The astronomy is far away from recovering the giant sword so that it can be combined and integrated into one.

She's got some troubling eyes on two people in silver light, stretching her hand to hold the sword.

“So…"The red light in her eyes is getting more glamorous.

“White fee, I've been with you for so long.”

Suddenly, she took the sword, and the red hair behind her was like a flame and danced.


A silver sword light, like a mysterious drama coming from the sky in the night, far away from moving towards the spiritual lockdown of Jeff.

the sword light swing rapidly at the top, bringing together countless white snow and forming a huge twisted turf.

As the distance is getting closer, it's getting faster.

There was only one sold light of giant sword, and soon a white dragon of more than 10 metres was brought together.

“The snow collapses!”

Silhouette was packed in White Dragon, like lightning, straight thrust locked Jeff to the ground.


Dragons fell from the sky, crashed on the surface of silver light.

“Give up, this silver light is just a sign, and in fact we've already crossed the shuttle space in half the way to the destination."

Jeff Set down and watch White Dragons down.

“hehe, what kind of blood are you throwing?”in the White Dragon volume, countless cold ice socks surrounded by the Skills said with a sneer.

“…"Lock Jeff's face, stretch your hand and touch your mouth, and it's, uh, full of blood.

“Stupid man, I don't want to think, what if I really don't use it?”Skyscrapers shake their swords, their arms shake.


silver light is fine, White Dragon is fine, all energy is gradually melting and melting in this instant shock.

silver light was locked in Jeff's face and died staring at Skywood.

silver light is disappearing, and his shape is also disappearing, just as unlike just now, his body is slowly covering a thin blue ice layer.

“I'll remember you.”He's the last one.

“hehe, weak.”Stabbing giant sword into the ground and laughing.

“Next time I see you, it's your death!”Jeff's eyes are cold and poisoned.

“hehe, weak.”

“It's not just me when I get here…I hope you can talk by then! ”

“hehe, weak.”

“You bastard!”silver light, in the last moment of desalination, looked at Jeff with his ear in his hand, bored his heart, and one old blood was stuck in his throat.


silver light is dispersed, and there is only a vast deep pit of more than 10 metres of diameter on the ground.

Silver giant sword was inserted in front of a man standing in a deep pit.

Not far away, the white wind slowed down from the sky, the snow covered, and all the fog vanished automatically.

The fog and the snow are clear and intrusive.

“Better run fast.”

Lin Sheng, who hid in a ruin, confirmed that he had not moved, came out slowly.

He grabbed a man with a rotten coat, deep and shallow, and walked towards a sword on the ground.

Within the sword, the source is constantly releasing the chill.

Nearly something around, all covered a blue frost.

Lin Sheng stretched his feet and slight on a black metal article on the ground.

hua la loud.

Metals are like frozen beans, easily crushed by his feet.

“Great…"Lin Sheng's heart.

Although it has been killed many times in a dream, in reality, it is the first time that this terrifying symptom has been seen.

This is the most difficult thing to understand in the calibration of Skyscrapers.

“The lower the temperature metal, according to reason, shouldn't it be harder? How did this happen? ”Lin Sheng cannot understand that power.

This is the product of some kind of special realm drive by Skyscrapers themselves.

He's not that realm, there's no way to understand.

Skyscrapers are like a black box. A black box belonging to Lin Sheng himself.

Throw it into beans and brains, can you make it into beans?

This is science!

Lin Sheng stood by the sword and checked the concentration of deadly cold in it.

Wait for more than ten minutes. He felt that there was a slight reduction in the cold in it.

He looked up and looked at the sky.

Throughout the town, the sky is bleak, thick clouds flow, and white snow slows down.

Lin Sheng looks like he's going to look for something, like, a little bit of a sky looking for it.

But hard to see where this snow floats from.

white snow, almost half of the town's area.

Half of the towns are snowing, half of them still maintain the status quo, full of growing fog.

Wind snow and fog are like two invisible forces fighting each other for land.

Lin Sheng, White light flashed, Skyscrapers come out with sword lazy.

“I'm sorry, not kill.”

“It's okay, ranker, if it's so easy to kill, then countless Demonic Ability Users doesn't want to get into that realm so hot."Lin Sheng indifferently said.

“But why should I explain it to you? I'm not you, are you me? ”Skills are suddenly on the road.

“That's right, but don't you think this conversation is more like that?”

Lin Sheng is down, looking at the blue crystal, which is gradually coming together at the bottom of the sword.

“hehe/she.”Skyscrapers feel like they might be sick. The brain is sick.

It is only clear that the memory needs to be searched, not to speak.

“How long does your cold sword usually last?"Lin Sheng suddenly asked.

“Look at consumption, right now, for a few days. The fog in there is very strong. "The fog that looks like looking towards the wind is fighting, and the eyebrows are wrinkling.

“Enough.”Lin Sheng's heart is probably estimated, and the level of Skyscrapers is known.

“If that ranker's opponent gets two more, can you hold it?"He asked.

Skyscrapers twisted their heads.

“I don't know, ranker's equal ocean capabilities are different for everyone. That old man's ability, honestly, is not strong. It is only the decoration of human wood.

If both are as weak as he is, and two more, I can sustain it.

But if other ranker has some difficult abilities, the victory will be hard to say. "

“That's hardly enough."Lin Sheng's head.

He looked at the group of people who just hid, standing up.

“Come on, it's time to go back. I feel like something bad might happen in a while. ”

“Well.”Skyscrapers have responded, and she feels it. In the fog, it's like there's something in the pregnancy, growing up.

They turn around fast moving towards Saffredi et al.

Not later, a white snow pack with a bunch of silhouette, fast moved towards far away.

(This chapter is over)

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