375. Chapter 375

Chapter 375

Until Lin Sheng et al.

A building underneath the ruin, suddenly hua la, picked up a few pathetic silhouette from the brick.

It was precisely the three giant monsters who had previously intended to surround Lin Sheng et al.

“It seems lucky to be on our side. If those two perverts moved a little bit closer to us just now, our three survival rates would never exceed 10 per cent. ”

Silhouette coughs with weapons, said solemnly.

“Although it's just a surplus wave, it's formidable power…Is that the power of ranker? ”Your wife can no longer call her a noble woman, a long dress, completely turned into a beach cave.

Worse still, when she closes her eyes, she feels like all that hiding the sky and covering the earth's white snow.

The extreme sense of powerlessness, weakness, the obvious ranker is just two big realm, but the sense of the power is more like the difference in the heavens and the earth!

The gap is so desperate!

“I want revenge… But whatever you think, I don't know how to avenge… ”She's low.

The third was on the horses of war, where the tall silhouette still surrounded in the shadow, and at that time it looked away from Lin Sheng et al.

“ranker…It's a human catastrophe… "

He's pushing horses, turning around, walking slowly towards the fog area.

“Where are you going?”Your wife, call him.

“Think about it, or feel that war is not for me. Go home and grow fields. ”The horses silhouette sounds cold.

“…Forget it.I'll go back too. "Silhouette, with weapons, also followed Sighed then said.

“I knew I was selling pork at home…"

After looking at two of them, your wife is gradually losing the fog to the distant.

Then suddenly, her heart was full of acid, and tears flowing on her eyes, and she could not see it.

“You guys have a way back, but I…There's no room for backward… ”

She's really, really. She doesn't want to go back to being a monthly sister-in-law…

Old Moon Sister, it's not what people can do!

It's not easy to spend a good time here. Go back. It's a dead man!

Where they were born, they were a straddling space area between the dust and the real world.

There's not much in there, that's, like, a Miga that big. It lives in a lot of races.

Because the environment is much worse than here, the total population is small, but there are many powerful people out there.

When the three people came out together, they came to the real side, so they came out.

But now…

Cruelty reality, breaking their dreams in their hearts.



After Lin Sheng et al., half of the buildings were destroyed once they left.

The power of cold ice, which lasted three days here, has gradually collapsed under a stronger erosion in the fog.

No one else knows what happened here except those who were rescued by Lin Sheng.

The people who were rescued, because the remaining waves of the post-war war had spread, and several others had died. In the end, only four of them returned.

Lin Sheng and the four persons, including Saffredi, have signed a confidential agreement.

After returning to the human civilization region, he sat with four people on his way back to Benne University.

It was also taken away, and Saffredi.

Lin Sheng extends as long as possible the time they have been discovered under the umbrella of the entire charter, together with the ranker level of strength.

He was relentless until the aircraft arrived at Hindrikara, where the Temple and Benne University's strong men took over four people.

At the same time, there's a new message in the school.

The principal is back.

The Bee King Sanska. No. Miga lives one of the longest rankers.

He named the head of the Temple.

Lin Sheng is not very brave, but after having the ranker level, he's a powerful man.

Many years ago, he was shy and afraid to show contact, and now he's not so clichy.

Power is the main factor in easing everything.

If the former temple, which is only a second sequence of power in the Temple of eternal Rikara, now has ranker ranker battles, has definitely become a force at a level with Benne University.

In particular, during the days of Lin Sheng's departure, the Temple expanded even more terrifying than those of the cults.

Throughout Hindrikara, at least one third or less of the more than 1.7 million survivors have joined the Temple, becoming the surrounded followers of the Temple.

Saint Light's strength, in such a chaotic and dark period, is the easiest time to bring people together and to spread hope.



A lot of toxic gas bubbles continue to jump out of the water, one after another.

Right next to the giant daily monster, that arch bridge.

The principal, Shanzlo, changed a red robe, wore old flowers, a vice scholar.

Skyscrapers, wearing the White Temple armor, put their hands on the silver giant sword, flying between their bellies, along the coast of the lake and moving towards the archaeological bridge.

It seems difficult to distinguish between the heat of the plasma that pulls her red hair, the red of the flame and the red of the hair.

She didn't go to the archer, but she left the bridge around ten meters, and she stopped.

“I'm the head of the Temple Miga, Skyscrapers. This is the first time we met, the Bee King Shanzlo. "

As a strong man at the same level as the headmaster, Skyscrapers are the one best suited to go to the front of the temple.

In this way Lin Sheng can hide himself in the dark so that he can be captured from lethal weaknesses and killed.

In the Temple, the deeper he hides, the safer he is.

In the lake of volleyball, the Skyscrapers stand on the shore and look at the principal on the bridge.

If she had no fever on her body, she would not be able to conceal it even if it was hot around the lake.

The storm and killing plan hidden in this cold atmosphere, even under Saint Force's cover, are still difficult to conceal because of the short time that the Skyscrapers study Saint Force.

Shanzlo only looked at her, and he was silent. When he knew the head of the Temple, he also had a gentle and detailed man, perhaps.

But he really saw this lady, and he felt that the previous speculation was completely distorted.

“It is true that the Temple, under the repression of the Paradise Tower, can grow further to this level now, when there is a real place of its own out of the ordinary."Shanzlo showed a gentle smile.

“I am equally pleased that Lord Bee can sit so calmly and talk to me."Calmly said.

The wrinkles on the head of the school were slight, and smiled and wrinkled into a bunch.

“Although I have not given you permission to the Temple, I have a little dissatisfaction with the Church of Hindrikara.

But this is not the time to consider these. I won't be long enough to come back here. "

“Is the situation so troubled?”Skyscrapers wrinkle.

“7 Locks Tower's power, if you really contact, you'll know their terrifying.”Bee King said solemnly, with a slice of nagging in the sound.

And he turned his back and looked forward to the immense body of the day.

“Three days ago, in Esderland, north of Xiling, there was a massive attack by the Black Horseman of grievance. The National Defence Corps are fully engaged in fighting and are simply reluctant to sustain it. "

“Yesterday morning at 8:00. The flowers of the third largest city of Oro, Goran, have been attacked by a brutal and brutal army, and if not the flame of hell in time to support ranker's journey, it is feared that the flowers are now completely gone. "

“This morning at 9:20, Miga Red Plateau, the king of the greed came, and 120,000 greedy grenades are still fighting the army."

Bee king sighs.

“The dark fog is dark, and there is a risk of war everywhere. Your temple is mysterious and powerful, and since the ranker level is now displayed, the three Secrets will certainly hope that you will also fight Black Tide. ”

“If we don't do anything, will we be targeted or cleared?”Skyscrapers are freshly asking.

“Clearance is not as much as it is, but it will only be more preventable.”"Black Tide, everything is ruined." The power of the Holy Mosque and Black Tide are more resilient to each other. ”

He paused.

“Just, the three Secrets sincerely hope that the Temple will join the battalion against 7 Locks Tower. Now we're almost using people to fill it.

One more ranker, for us, is a big promise. ”

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