376. Chapter 376

Chapter 376


After returning to school, Lin Sheng went to the campus to see, and the school was still cold.

A number of participants have returned temporarily to their homes.

There are no monsters in Black Tide as a result of the outbreak of war attacks around the country, leading many Demonic Ability Users to express their concerns about their homeland.

So Demonic Ability Users, who returned home, dominated the majority. A lot of them left without even completing their studies.

Recurrent broadcasts of up-to-date warfare news throughout schools, while informing the members of the team who landed, have returned to the assembly sites as soon as possible to complete their tasks.

It is clear that the team that took over the mission in schools has begun to support the outside.

From school, Lin Sheng started a situation statistical analysis after practicing Demonic Ability and completing every day's necessary work.

Statistical analysis is the most commonly used method of shaping the situation in the Temple Miga section of today.

Simply speaking, it is to collect information from most of the faiths, which is summarized in the statistical classifications.

Finally, conclusions have been reached in a different category of areas.

This concludes that the Temple will make programmatic adjustments to the corresponding areas.

That is how many powerful people under Lin Sheng are loyal to do so.

The rights are completely decentralized and intelligence management is completely decentralized.

The strength and interests of the Temple are linked to all members.

“About the presence of Black Tide's fog near Hindrikara. We have informed Benne University and Starman managers. "

Within the lobby of the Temple Division.

Lin Sheng was sitting at the forefront, listening to the heads of the major leaders who reported on the overall situation in Sirikara.

The conversation is taking place, even Margaret, and the Spirit Heart Castle Manor, who has not returned to his family, Margaret.

It's also Lin Sheng's Senior Sister in his name.

“I have urgently mobilized 10 tons of reserve food through the resources of my family, but it is basically a water truck salary for current urban needs.”She's eyebrowing. She's sloppy.

“I've mobilized nearly 20 tons of rice over here. But this is the last inventory of the surrounding food dealers. ”A former large group of wealthy traders are equally untouched.

“According to a daily consumption of 200 grams of rice per person, the Holy Mosque is now a core believer of around 30,000 people.

Once a war occurs and affects surrounding farmland, we need at least enough food to save the core believers to live. "

“How long does the supply time take? Don't you need us to keep supplying? It's not realistic. The best way is to ensure the safety of surrounding farmlands. Establish a comprehensive geographical defence line. "

“That's the trouble of Miga's government, and we shouldn't buy the bill."

“But at least the core believers can't give up, and the survival of the short time must be guaranteed.”

“So, according to the calculation, ensuring that 30,000 people consume food reserves for a period of at least 1,000 tons of food, which does not count as much as other vegetable meat needs."

“Sounds like a lot of numbers, but really got it up, not a lot of stocks. A hundred yards of warehouse can be stored. ”Another wealthy dealer beside indifferently said. "I've been working on food and oil, and I can handle it. ”

“Yes, then you take over the food reserve, and the temple allocates funds directly to the past.”Lin Sheng's head.

His identity today is Sacred and belongs to this sacred branch of the Temple, with the status of the second big man, who is followed only by the Skyscrapers.

In the case of Skyscrapers who are lazy enough to care about these things, he's basically a hammer.

Many of us here, although they know that there is also a post-screen holy emperor that will take over the whole spectrum, it is clear that, at least, Skyscrapers, who are actually the top strong man, will be able to suppress the whole field.

There are rumours that Skyscrapers have formally met with Principal Benne University and that both sides are engaged in and fully explored with regard to deep cooperation.

“Half a year may not be enough, and I need you to keep your share of a year, vegetables and meat, all of which are easily stored bacon and dry meat, vegetable dry and fast-freezing."

The rich man should hurry up.

“I understand. It's not really hard to do, it's more than double. ”

“Then double it again!”Lin Sheng is on the way.

“…"The rich dealer was just about to show his loyalty to the stalemate.

If it were usual, it was not much money, but in the current period of chaos, food prices had risen rapidly, which had been more than twice as expensive as ever.

I really need to take care of myself.

“Money is allocated from the Temple, and the believers' contributions are sufficient. Next, I need feedback from the whole city now. "Lin Sheng told me.

“Also, monster anomalies in urban areas should be dealt with now.”

“It's okay now.”Madlain from Benne University is low.

“Well, I need to be ready for some materials, while mobilizing a few engineering teams, working all night and night.”Lin Sheng explained.

“Don't worry, whatever material you need, you can find it. After all, Erikara was also a gathering site for various material institutes. There are many types of material, all of which are stored. ”

Madlain, head.

“That's good.”Lin Sheng knocked on the table, picked up the pen and wrote it on the book, and soon it was full of writing, and he pulled it off with his hand and pushed it to Madlain.

“This is the list of materials, and the weight is in it.”

Madlain, take a look, frowned, but no talking.

These materials, although biased, are still in place in Henrikara.

Lin Sheng's request material is actually two parts.

Some are materials for the construction of the Saint Force pool and others for the construction of the Demonic Spirits Gate. A lot of confused audio-visual miscellaneous material.

“Are you okay?”Lin Sheng asked.

“No problem.”Madlain, slow down.

Only through the establishment of the Saint Force pool, the prayers of so many believers on the ground, will not be completely wasted.

Although this is less than Xilun, it is possible to convince so many people in a city that there are environmental factors in addition to the ability of the Temple itself.

The construction of the Saint Force pool was established, and Lin Sheng examined the various situations reported by the crowd. When you hold the big deal, you go back to the basement research centre.

Madlain said that the following day, the materials for the construction of the Saint Force pool were made available to the Research Centre.

Lin Sheng has had an experience, and this time, in line with the steps taken at Xilun, he went to the processing factory to create four special-purpose rock balloons, followed by Saint Force's pool.

Saint Force pool, Lin Sheng chose to be placed under the premises of the branch.

There, he was once again isolated from a region used as an independent temple church.

There's a prayer room in the church.

Following the determination of the location and size of the Saint Force pool, Lin Sheng took the material and went to a metal processing plant in Benne University.

Lin Sheng spent only half a day there because of Demonic Ability's technology and was allowed to finish the shell in the Saint Force pool.

The completion of the shell and the completion of the core stone ball will require only a final step, the selection of core kidnappers, and the rapid completion of the construction of the Saint Force pool.

Each Saint Force pool, in fact at its very core, relies on the kidnapping of persons to be present as a Saint Force converter.

Without the kidnapping, then the Saint Force pool has no way of diversifying and purifying access to Saint Force.

By the end of the period, Saint Force's pool capacity has become larger or, once a new model has emerged, may be removed from the situation of the resident population.

At first, however, the presence must be supported.

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