378. Chapter 378

Chapter 378

Six beasts came out of Black spot in Black Tide and immediately saw two people at the supermarket entrance.

There's no hesitation, six beasts turn at the same time, pointing at two.

“Make sure.”Blue suit up, just a little loud in your mouth.

A circle of invisible forces, centred on him, slowed down and swept around space.

Six shadow hunters are like labels embedded in glass, hung up half by invisible forces.


At this point, all shadow hunters are blown up at the same time, from the end to the end, without a little left, into black dust.

“Let's go, don't cause too much silence, let's go.”Blue suit.

“Understood!”The clown laughs off the bell.

The two people spoke, slowly moved towards the other direction, slowly disappearing in the corner.

Selina and Melissa were slow to recover until the two people were completely gone.

“It's a blue seanut and a face change!"Selina, there's a slight change in the face, some white.

These two are not any forces, but rather forcible mercenaries who are independent of them. They were almost killed in front of each other.

If Selina's life secrets erupt in a special capacity, they will be temporarily removed from the world.

Perhaps after that, there will be no more Selina and Melissa in the world.

“Why are these two monsters here?”Selina's heart hair. Looking forward to the two people leaving, although they can't see them, her heart still scares peng peng straight.

“The two monsters called the Death Consortium, and suddenly come here, there must be some incredible secret.”Melissa's next to said solemnly.

“What do you want?”Selina heard Melissa seem to have an idea. “Those two monsters are themselves wanted by Star Moon Pool, and no one can kill them for years. "

“Find someone, help!"Melissa decisively. “By us alone, it will never be the two monsters' opponent. But here, in this city, the most powerful, it's not Star Moon Pool… "

“Did you…”Selina.

“If I guess very well, the Temple patrol should be coming soon, right?"Melissa said coldy.



“May Saint Light bless you, my son."two hundred meters outside the street.

A team of patrols wearing white nails, armed with guns and blast shields, is pushing a gateway to the logistics centre and dragging out Boss who are afraid of hiding.

Loz with the team, blonde eyes, handsome, white metal armor, on the top, with excellent flower tattoos.

That's a hundred flowers, and Lin Sheng's monumental monumental flowers represent a light light for everything.

“Boy, you just cursed the temple in there? To insult Saint Light? I heard you. ”

And with mercy and smile, he took Boss's belt and dragged it up in front of himself.

“No…No, no, no.I'm not. I'm not insulting Saint Light! I swear! ”Boss was so frightened and tears were coming down, and they couldn't stop.

He was really in the house, and he yelled at a few letters, Saint Light and Saint Force, all of which were bullshit, and even if he thought it was a few walls out there, he was caught by this crowd!

“This is a lost lamb, whose soul needs to be saved, grabbed and brought back."The mule was elegant in leaving Boss behind the patrol.

Boss is preparing to send a scream for help, and immediately he gets hit by a skilled patrol on his neck and fainted. Then he was thrown in a big van followed back there.

A large 3-Layer iron cage was built behind the truck, which was filled with all kinds and sorts, or a coma or sober city citizen.

Loz filmed the light on his body, like a new white armor, which represents the most honourable sacred Warrior armor of the Holy Warrior.

Only those who possess the strength of Saint Light are eligible for this set of markings.

After he caught someone, he continued to bring the team forward.

But this time he didn't go far, and he felt someone sneaking, and that was a disgusting look.


Loz Seth is cold, quick to catch up.

Suddenly, there was a rush of footsteps in the front, and the sneakers were fast, and a little breath was not visible, and the eyes disappeared in a long way.

Loz, together with two Superman patrols, chased out a street, just bending. And I saw two silhouette dressed up, walking around them.

“Demonic Ability Users?"Loz took out the tracker in the waist, and took pictures of those two people.

Photographs will soon be sent back to the headquarters processor for search identification.

The result was a quick feedback to the locker in Loz's hand.

“Yeah? Demonic Ability Users? "His eyes are cold. Hands waved.

Four patrolmen behind them immediately took the lead and stepped up, blocking the suspicion of both.

Blue suit and clown are blocked, and only stop.

“Sir, don't we seem to have done anything?”Blue suit indifferently asked.

Loz's face shows again and Hee's smile.

“Of course not.”He stretched his hand to the golden hair on his face. "Just, as an unregistered Demonic Ability Users, you two are likely to pose a security threat to the general population of permanent Rikara. "

“So I hope you can explain the purpose of coming here and your own history.”

Blue suit and clown don't meet the same wrinkles.

They've been to a lot of places, but they've never met so much that they feel so uncomfortable.

Is this a very aggressive and proactive tour, even if it's the three big Secrets?

“We traveled from the field…”The clown opens up and intends to make an excuse to cope with the past.

“Tourism?”Loz's eyes swept two people, more than ten seconds before he slowed his head down.

“If it's just tourism, I want you to abide by the rule of law here. Customary folks. Don't let me know that you are in conflict with the law. Otherwise… ”

He watched and threatened in his eyes and warned both of them.

“Sir, have you always been so fond of threatening innocent people?”The clown opens up and reveals a strange smile.

“without evidence, without any problems, you stopped us for no reason and made threats and warnings."

Loz hearing this, staring at both. But no matter how he sees it, there is no problem between the two.

“Threats? Warning? ”He suddenly smiled.

“Forget it. You two have a problem with each other. Take it away!”His eyebrows, his hands waved.

“Take it back to the trial and say it's not possible to save the lives of innocent people in advance!"

This blue suit is two stupid eyes.

They have no idea that these fanatical new holy Warrior, which starts to hunt even their own people.

As long as there is a little doubt, especially among those who are outside the register, it is ironic to take it away without two words.

“Do it!”Knowing that they must never be taken away, the blue suit must have been forced and decided to proceed with a speedy war.

“It's an extreme!"Loz, this is the end of the day! Go back and raise a lot of medals!

How dare you resist each other? Seriously, Benne University, in cooperation with the Temple, is now under siege throughout the city, and as long as it moves in this direction, it will be possible to join the fight by suppression Level for no more than 20 seconds.

If the fighting is not over, in 20 seconds, Inspector Five Wings will come.

If this has not ended the fighting, the alarm will be sent directly to the Temple Headquarters, and by that time Lord Six Wings will come to the scene.

If not even Lord San Francisco, it is said that the director division Palace Lord will automatically do so.

No more than two minutes, the fighting is over. Perfect is also a safe and peaceful living environment for the citizens of the city of Henrikara.

(This chapter is over)

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