379. Chapter 379 Establishment of a system

Chapter 379 Establishment of a system

Lin Sheng carefully packed the pure holy land of the just branch with a little tube, and then all absorbed in the bottom of the metal boots that were prepared before.

And then in metal constellation boots, make a leak of soft air slippers.

The shoe mattresses hit the air hole, which could be used to sweat and put sweat directly on the holy soil.

After all this, Lin Sheng picked up a portable sticker, lightly hitting a layer at the bottom of a joint boot.

“All right.”He took the blonde boots up, put them on the ground, put them in and tried.

It's like stepping on some cold wet blankets. It feels weird.

But the bottom of your feet, hidden, can feel that there is a pure Saint Force, which is slowly infiltrating from the bottom of your feet and spreading to the whole body.

Lin Sheng felt more and more about Saint Force under his feet as he stepped on a long step.

Soon the body starts heating, the whole body has some instincts, and the brain seems to be much clearer.

At the same time, the legs are lighter, and more amplification doesn't feel it.

But that's it, Lin Sheng, too, is very pleased.

“It is true that even in shoes, the holy land will be useful."Lin Sheng didn't take it off again, so Sophistication was wearing it.

He needs to test how long this thing can last in the context of the continuous use of holy land.

Complete a little experiment, Lin Sheng went to the separate room and looked at it.

The three prisoners are also in their respective cultivation Demonic Ability, three of whom occupy the corner of the room without interference.

“It's time to build the Demonic Spirits Gate."Lin Sheng went to several other separate rooms, where a number of different evils, Demonic Ability Users, were held.

Under his orders, the Holy Mosque sent a great deal of extraordinary people to patrol the urban areas of the city of Hindrikara and to arrest all those suspected of being superfluous. These are all captured people.

This, of course, does not mean that the capture will bring it as a sacrifice.

Those arrested were reviewed through the Benne University database, as well as screening of the Star Mang and Moon Pool databases. At the same time, make sure they have evil intentions and so on.

After a series of reviews, the Temple will invite them to join and become a member of St. Warrior.

If each other wishes to join, then the treatment is natural and material, with a focus on Ash Seal cultivation.

Demonic Ability Users, once they have obtained Ash Seal cultivation law, began cultivation of Saint Force, will, in a very short period of time, significantly increase their strength to one or two stages.

Concrete strength increases, depending on the spiritual potential of the interns themselves.

The most, even three days to upgrade three Wings.

A Demonic Ability Users, who was just one Wing.

He was just a superman of civil strife, and three days after joining the Holy Mosque, from one Wing to the Suppression Level, the pace of escalation, the speed of speed and even the concern of Lin Sheng.

Such a huge power amplification has also led to many captured Demonic Ability Users, willing to join the family of the Temple.

And those who insist on not joining, and the archives do not find a problem, then deport.

Under Lin Sheng's advice, the Temple is more stringent than the three Secretaries.

After all the prisoners were examined, Lin Sheng returned to the Gate of Demonic Spirits, which had just been divided.

It's an open room about 60 square metres.

In the lobby, with hard silver consortium, a ceremony tattoo embezzled on the ground, is taking lights and shooting fresh light.

Lin Sheng turned around the tattoo and looked after one after another to check if there were any errors in it.

“Demonic Spirits' summon, as long as it becomes sustainable, then sends the summon Demonic Spirits signal to the operational module. It's almost all right.

Thereafter, stable energy sources can be obtained only after the Saint Force pool is activated. And then put a defense mechanism in Saint Force to guard Demonic Spirits against accidents… "

Lin Sheng's mind is constantly flashing all kinds of summon Demonic Spirits' preparations.

He's still up with cultivation, slowing up.

But it's not as fast as it was.

It seems that the six Wings level has reached the limit of Rock Dragon Bloodline.

This makes Lin Sheng a little uncomfortable, King of Night's shadow dragon bloodline too much stronger than he did.

It's the Dragon King bloodline. He's so strong…

“Saint Force and Demonic Ability, while still stimulating each other, escalate rapidly, have also tended to stabilize. Far from the beginning.

Obviously, either my soul is very limited, and the transformed Saint Force can reach that level. Either breakthrough ranker level, other special conditions are required. ”

Lin Sheng preferred the latter.

ranker is obviously not the realm that can be achieved by accumulation.

However, he was not in a hurry, since it was provisionally impossible to reach ranker. He was also moving forward in accordance with the plan.


Suddenly there was a slight, sharp doorbell, ranging from the basement research centre.

“Didn't I say that the test time was not allowed to disturb me?"Lin Sheng's heart is unsatisfactory, walking through a series of experimental instruments, coming to the door and opening the thick doors of the 3rd-layer defense.

pā tà.

black metal doors were slowly opened and two St. Warrior who were wearing white armor outside.

“Tary, Vance, you're not staying in your own area. What am I doing here?”Lin Sheng wrinkles.

These two persons were the former inspector who had been promoted, and the jurisdiction covered half of the permanent Rikara.

The two were strong, but only three Wings and four Wings before joining the Temple.

But after joining the Temple, their strength advanced by leaps and bounds has increased to five Wings in terms of Demonic Ability's quality and volume.

It also makes them truly sad and loyal to the Temple.

The two people had been only mentors of two primary schools and had been informed of the existence of the church by investigating their students' admission to the temple.

These two decades of life have long been made clear to them that they can no longer break through this altitude without the Temple Saint Force stimulus.

And now, once Saint Force is completely eliminated, Demonic Ability will quickly shrink to the original level, even worse.

That's what makes them afraid to have a heart.

“My lord, on the border line of our jurisdiction, there has been an unsolved case in which both of us cannot resolve and, as appropriate, decide to report it to you."On the left, a little bit of Tari said solemnly.

“Unsolvable? No combat alarm, that is, not type of battle? "Lin Sheng asked.

“Yes, not a fight, but a new thing has emerged in Black Tide. We're not afraid to move. "Tary's on the road. The face is a little dizzy.

“Walk around and say.”Lin Sheng's got a little interest. Grab the jacket on your body and walk out.



Henrikara Red Card.

A building linked to a link, the whole body covered the mirror shell.

There's also a piece of advertising outside the building that varies from size to size.

red white purple, all colored advertising plates, marked the luxury of the past.

At an Y-word crossing, dozens of inspectors, led by St. Warrior, will be surrounded by 100 metres and will not be able to leak.

On the road road, a bunch of private cars of various types were squeezed, and a bus was mixed in the middle.

At this point, all cars are out of fire, and there's no sound in it.

(This chapter is over)

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