381. Chapter 381 Establishment of a system 3

Chapter 381 Establishment of a system 3

Shortly after Lin Sheng received the sample, he quickly resolved the cases of the followers found.

Back to the underground research centre, he checked the components and nature of the sample. And then thought about a way.

He will have a lot of holy land, and when it comes out, he will be strong, using machines, and he will crush a piece of mud.

Then make a simple reservoir with these mud plates.

In this reservoir, a large amount of bacteria have been injected into clean water.

It's using the characteristics of Saint Force in Lin Sheng's memory.

In the temple of dreams, Templar Knight used to be buried in the pool for a long time in cultivation.

As a result, after Templar Knight left the pool, the water in that pool also showed the characteristics of Saint Force for a short time.

Although this short period of Saint Force characteristic is of little intensity and time is a few days. But that gives Lin Sheng a better sense of inspiration.

When he produces the holy water tank, he turns around to determine the surrounding situation.

The activation of the Temple is, this time again, possible to pass on Ash Seal. Make a book of Inheritance.

Lin Sheng is also considering which kind of Ash Seal is to be produced this time.

He used to summon out Holy Priest, in the memory of Holy Priest, with specific images of other Ash Seal.

Just without Book of Inheritance, with these Ash Seal Holy Priest, it is not possible to pass Ash Seal to others.

Manufacturing Book of Inheritance, this part of the process was also recorded on the previous holy palace.

So there's not much difficulty with Lin Sheng.

Two hours later, he returned to his place, standing on the edge of the sacred water tank, stretching his hand with some water in it.

Crystal pearls, slight rolling on Lin Sheng's fingers, blanket golden light.

golden light is very weak, but look carefully, it's still possible to discover the difference.

Those golden are like countless graves floating, scattered in the water, gathered and scattered.

“It's true…It's done. ”Lin Sheng took a bottle of water into the water tank.

A black cigarette hangs behind him, turns into a red Warrior, stretches through Lin Sheng's water bottle.

“Take it 100 times as rare as it is distributed to 100 core believers. Let the Inspectors decide their own quotas. Give me the feedback tomorrow. "

The Red Warrior responded and quickly left the research centre with a water bottle.

Lin Sheng took a little sample and then re-loaded the water tank.

This is the water that he produces, including Saint Force, which can be maintained for at least a week, at the rate of Saint Force's break-up.

He named this thing the Holy Water.

The longer the time has elapsed, the stronger Saint Force in the Holy Water is to show a recession.

Lin Sheng came up with this thing for the purpose of overcoming the kind of hypocritical special monster that had been encountered before, and the dormitor.

The temple in the dream is a great number of saints who injected Saint Force into the body and inspected and tortured the followers of it.

This approach is very effective, but it is extremely inefficient. Lin Sheng doesn't intend to use it.

Good for him to have the special capacity of the holy land, the writing of the holy land, which, for him, consumes a little Saint Force and time that's all.

Under the manipulation of Rock Dragon Bloodline, the holy land can be fully resourced and sustained.

And the role of the holy water is to feed people. Expulsion of a boarder from within the country.

As Lin Sheng tested the full new use of the holy land, two special Demonic Ability Users would be arrested by the inspector and sent to the Research Centre.

“Lord Saints, this is the suspect Demonic Ability Users that was captured from the city area. As a result of our verification, these two are internationally famous Mercenary and do not die in two groups. ”

The inspector who sent people here gave a brief introduction. He was behind him a black rough metal cage, laying on the side of it two niggers that cut into a bunch of skins.

These two people seem to have been arrested, and they seem to have suffered a lot of inhumane torture and bullying, and they seem to be exhausted.

“Their resilience is strong, so I drive them out of the body's Demonic Ability every 10 minutes with Saint Force, and then use high-intensity electricity.

And their eyes and tongues I dug, and the waist cuts through gold, nails in cages, and prevents escape.

Four limbs have also undergone deep carbon sequestration to prevent the resurgence from going too fast. "

The inspector explained it carefully.

“Now looks like, it's still good.”

It's so bad…

Lin Sheng has nothing to say.

“Bring it in, throw it in the cellar and say it.”

“Understand.”The inspector said, “Well, the men will give it to you. There's something else in the management area.”

“You go to work.”Lin Sheng's head.

The current Temple Division of the Temple of Erica has absorbed too many Demonic Ability Users and has established a well-developed hierarchy from above.

Lin Sheng was able to carry out such a lengthy study on his own, mainly because most of the tasks were pressed on the inspector.

With the inspector leaving, Lin Sheng allowed Red Warrior to pick up two people in the cage and return to the research centre.

Throw two people into the separate room.

He opens the computer, and up there is showing the whole city control system.

The screen shows the entire topographic map of Hindrikara, the whole map is white, with red flash only occasionally in different places.

But these flash red positions quickly disappeared, a case being resolved by the patrols.

The entire security situation in Hindrikara, through the locating devices carried by the patrols, is now clear here.

“The urban area is not very problematic. Well, look outside of town. ”

Lin Sheng operates mice and opens a peri-urban area at any point.

Outside the screen, there's a sudden expansion of the show.

There's at least one third out of town, and there's a dizziness that's getting red.

Only a few regions remain white.

“Has the situation deteriorated so badly?”Lin Sheng's eyebrows locked.

Black Tide's erosion has brought about a large influx of all sorts of monsters.

Between cities and cities, within these days Miga has experienced difficulties in transportation.

A large part of the dry land between cities has emerged, and a large number of unknown monsters have emerged.

And Demonic Ability Users, who alone maintain security in the city, have done everything in their power not to take into account the perimeter.

“The most troubling thing is that the nearby airport has also been disconnected. It's estimated that there's been a fall… "

Without the airport, he wanted to go back to Xilun, so he could only take a boat, but the ocean today, the risk factor for a ship, might be bigger than the land.

He had previously heard several reports of the disappearance of maritime patrol vessels.

The message came from Benne University's network.

“Forget it, the situation is becoming more dangerous and the Temple is activated first.”

The activation of a small temple will spread with a gradual increase in purification power. That is the core of the establishment of the Base of Operations.

Lin Sheng is ready to open the door to Demonic Spirits at the Research Centre with the silence of the spread of this purification field.

Otherwise, opening the Demonic Spirits Gate in the urban areas would certainly attract the attention of Star Moon Pool.

“Plus, there's that potion…”Lin Sheng remembered the bottle of special drugs that came to hand before.


Suddenly, there was a reminder framework on the computer screen. A communication link has been requested.

Lin Sheng has made sure that the Canpas sound will soon be passed out of the computer.

“Your Excellency, the Japanese crown is here, asking for direct meetings with you to discuss the options for the potion."

“The Japanese crown?”Lin Sheng's heart is over, and he came out with potion from the entrance, without killing, in order to take advantage of this for himself.

The potion of the entrance, though valuable, is not too useful for him.

More of this is the need to protect 7 Locks Tower from looting, and it must be strictly protected.

“What level of people?”Lin Sheng asked directly. This relates to the Japanese crown's treatment of potion at the entrance, as well as the attitude towards the Temple.

“President of the Royal Night Mechanics School, Head of the Miga Demonic Ability Research Centre, Graduate of the Miga Supernatural Institute."Campus says a bunch of titles. "The simple point is, one ranker, two six Wings limits. ”

Lin Sheng, the heart of his heart, knows that he is not good.

Saint Force was so powerful that it could be compatible with Demonic Ability, and he was not convinced that Miga's height would remain unsettled.

So potion at the entrance, maybe it's just an excuse attachment.

The real purpose of each other is extremely likely to be Saint Force.

(This chapter is over)

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